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General Halloween Links

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Illinois Websites -
Covering all things dark, gothic, horror, Halloween and haunted in Chicagoland

(Hits - 2,470)
2.Gothic Chicago
Online since Halloween night, 1996, Gothic Chicago (TM) - Chicago's Online Gothic Resource (TM) - wants to be widely recognized as a leading alternative online resource.

(Hits - 1,840)
3.Graveyards of Chicago
Photo tours of many Chicago cemeteries, with background text and historical information.

(Hits - 1,964)
4.SNS Photo (Jim Sorfleet) Chicago, IL
SNS Photo (Jim Sorfleet) - Chicago, IL
SnS-Photo (Jim Sorfleet) is a Chicago based photographer specializing in (among other things) eerie and stimulating horror themed images. He provides reliable, quality services and images to individuals and the haunt industry.

(Hits - 342)
5.Spooky Review
Spooky Review -
Spooky Review is a Haunted House Review site for Haunts in the Chicagoland area and we tour/review various houses throughout the United States during the Halloween season. We also have Halloween make up tutorials and short horror films.

(Hits - 810)

Other Websites

6.100 Halloween Cards
Send your friends a Horror Halloween Greeting Card From 100 Halloween Cards.

(Hits - 1,820)
7.Allen's Halloween Page
The main purpose of this site is not to provide fool-proof plans which can be blindly followed, but rather to provide examples of techniques for building cool stuff out of junk.

(Hits - 2,131)
8.Carrigon's Halloween Midi Jukebox
Welcome to the Halloween Midi Jukebox. Just click a link to listen to the Halloween midis.

(Hits - 1,523) Haunted Playhouse
Caryn has cute graphics on her webpage. You can read ghost stories, see her list of horror-able movies, use her links list to find Halloween clipart, visit her pumpkin patch, find links to crafts and costume tips, and more.

(Hits - 1,656)
10.Caverns of Blood
Free online games, scary graphics and spooky fun.

(Hits - 1,751)
11.Charlie's Halloween Decorations
This site has pictures and description of a home haunt in Alpharetta, GA

(Hits - 1,696)
12.Chris Riley's
List of Halloween, supernatural and Wiccan links.

(Hits - 1,638)
13.Costume Idea Zone
Tips and ideas on selecting who/what you want to dress up as, and for making your Halloween costume without spending too much money. Also lots of helpful costume links.

(Hits - 1,670)
14.Count Buddy's Halloween Page
This site is dedicated to my favorite holiday of the year. our dearly departed await to help you in exploring the site. Just rap once on their tombstones and they will guide you to the proper page.

(Hits - 1,427)
15.Dark Side of the Net
Bringing you into the darkness since 1993. Over 11,000 working, hand-picked links.

(Hits - 1,684)
16.Dracula Tour: The Vampire Vacation to Transylvania
Dracula Tour: The Vampire Vacation to Transylvania -
Tours of Terror presents the Dracula Tour: The Vampire Vacation for travelers of all ages. Join this week-long, professionally guided tour of Transylvania (Romania), land of the infamous Vlad the Impaler.

(Hits - 1,283)
17.ELVIRA - MISTRESS OF THE DARK Official web-site!
Choking with information and frightful fun about your fav fab femme-fatale!" Fan Club, Merchandise, Filmography, Discography, Music, Video and more than you could fit in the Hollywood Memorial Cemetery!

(Hits - 2,099)
18.Find a Grave
See the graves of thousands of famous people from around the world.

(Hits - 1,437)
19.Fitzgerald's Realm of Magic
Greetings seekers of the strange! Escape to the netherworld of mystery, music, and madness and enter Fitzgerald's Realm of Magic. If you're looking for something different in the world of entertainment, you just found it!

(Hits - 1,501)
20.Forbidden Crypts
Forbidden Crypts -
Halloween Home Page with links to my Free Halloween Gifs, Midis, Sounds, Links and Photos.

(Hits - 1,783)
21.Free Halloween Screen Savers
Our goal is to bring you the best Free Halloween screen savers on the Internet. We are not just another site that list free screen savers. We create, develop and distribute most of the Free Screen Savers & Wallpapers listed here.

(Hits - 1,590)
22.Garage of Evil
The Ultimate Home-Haunt How-to Network!

(Hits - 1,233)
23.Ghost Droppings
An expert's guide to Halloween and all things creepy.

(Hits - 1,652)
24.Ghostour: The Haunted Vacation to England
Ghostour: The Haunted Vacation to England -
Tours of Terror presents Ghostour: The Haunted Vacation to England. Join this week-long, professionally guided tour of Britain’s most supernatural and haunted places.

(Hits - 1,294)
25.Glen's Halloween Webpage
The past 3 years My good friends and I have been doing a kind of haunted house. This past Halloween we decided to build some scenes. In this page I will show the decorations we made and tell you how we built them.

(Hits - 1,717)
26.Halloween 24-7
This site has haunt product reviews, Halloween sound clips, Haunted House pictures, Halloween web links and more.

(Hits - 1,591)
27.Halloween 4 U Greeting Cards
Free Halloween Greetings,Free Halloween Ecards For You.

(Hits - 1,451)
28.Halloween Central
All about Halloween - Your web guide to Halloween animations, clip art, cyber greetings, spooky sounds, costumes, party ideas, recipes, pumpkin carving and virtual haunts.

(Hits - 1,559)
29.Halloween Directory
A large list of links to other Halloween websites. Categories include activities, event, costumes, food, props, safety, sounds and more.

(Hits - 1,629)
30.Halloween Ecards
Send Free Online Halloween Greeting Cards, Ecards and Greetings to your friends & loved ones. ALL Halloween Wishes cards are absolutely FREE !!!

(Hits - 1,418)
31.Halloween is Here
Nicely put together site with a low cheese factor. Costume ideas, graveyard links, graphics, history of Halloween, ghost stories and rancid recipes.

(Hits - 1,523)
32.Halloween Party Central
The source for all of your Halloween Party needs. Welcome! Here you will find a complete resource for adult Halloween parties, from food to drinks to costumes to decorations and more.

(Hits - 1,395)
33.Halloween Safety Guide
Tips for Halloween safety, including sections focusing on costumes, trick-or-treating, parties, yard haunts and more!

(Hits - 1,381)
Your online resource for Halloween construction, links, and the Halloween-L mailing list archives.

(Hits - 1,486) -
The one source for all things Halloween.

(Hits - 1,653)
36.Happy Halloween from Todd Gallina
Two really great cartoons you can watch online, "Trick or Treat" and "Trick Or Treat 2."

(Hits - 1,411)
37.Harry Houdini Halloween
Halloween magic tricks, Halloween costume ideas, Halloween links and Halloween fun!

(Hits - 1,411)
38.Haunt Night
A scary art gallery, a library of online stories, a parlor of creepy games (try the Skin Man game if you like Hangman), original music and videos available online to get you in that holiday spirit.

(Hits - 1,402)
39.Haunt World
Haunt World -
Haunt World is your destination on the World Wide Web to find haunted houses for Halloween.

(Hits - 1,495)
40.Haunter's Hangout is a member based site for Halloween and haunted house enthusiasts. Feel free to register and add your halloween related links, props, and haunts.

(Hits - 1,830)
41.History and Customs of Halloween
Halloween is an annual celebration, but just what is it actually a celebration of? And how did this peculiar custom originate? Is it, as some claim, a kind of demon worship? Or is it just a harmless vestige of some ancient pagan ritual?

(Hits - 1,615)
42.Home Haunter's Paradise
Tracy Miller’s site contains many prop ideas and things she has learned to design, make, build, use, all this and more without spending a lot of money and by using things you may have at home already. If you are a home haunter, this site is for you!

(Hits - 1,708)
43.Horror Movies & Stuff
As the title implies, this site is dedicated to movies and anything horror.

(Hits - 1,597)
44.International Association of Haunted Attractions
This is the official website for the IAHA, a worldwide network of fellow haunters. Through IAHA you can communicate with other haunters via the Internet, newsletters, educational opportunities, social functions and more.

(Hits - 1,557)
45.Larry's Halloween Page
On these pages, you will find plans to build some very effective scares. With everything from "Trash Can Trauma" to a "Jacob's Ladder", you will find the plans here.

(Hits - 1,512)
46.Monster List of Halloween Projects
The internet's largest list of Halloween Project Links. Included are more than 600 links to plans and/or drawings detailing how to build your own scares for Halloween.

(Hits - 1,637)
47.Phil's House of Not So Horrible Horror
This site has write-ups on Halloween books, recipes, pumpkin carving, make-up tips, costumes and more.

(Hits - 1,359)
48.Retrobug Halloween
This site is a salute to Halloween, including a history of the holiday.

(Hits - 1,372)
49.Salem Haunted Happenings (Salem, MA)
Salem Haunted Happenings - (Salem, MA)
You are invited to America’s most exciting Halloween festival in the bewitching seaport of Salem, Massachusetts. A month of fun for the entire family. Discover the magic of Salem at Halloween.

(Hits - 1,078)
50.Salem Massachusetts Witch Trials
A history lesson on the famous witch trials, including many pictures.

(Hits - 1,567) - Halloween Lives Here
Samhain Eve, in Erse, Oidhche Shamhna, is one of the principal festivals of the Celtic calendar, and is thought to fall on or around the 31st of October. It represents the final harvest. Here you will find lots of links to Halloween-related information.

(Hits - 1,413)
52.Scott's Halloween Page
This is a great home haunter site with how-to's, pictures and links to other Halloween-related sites.

(Hits - 1,354)
53.Spookmaster Online Pumpkin Carvings
Halloween 2004 is Here and SpookMaster Is Ready With Over 140 Unique Jack O' Lantern Designs Including the New Spook the Vote (Election 2004) Pumpkin Carving Patterns and Plenty of Other New Patterns for the 2004 Halloween Season.

(Hits - 1,470)
54.Spooky Alley Guides' Haunted House Props Projects
Hundreds of links to do-it-yourself prop projects for Haunted Houses and Home Haunts.

(Hits - 1,507)
Your portal to the best online horror.

(Hits - 1,376)
56.T-Bone's Pumpkin Carver
A virtual pumpkin carving website. All the fun and none of the mess!

(Hits - 1,354)
57.Terrible Tom's Haunted Halloween
I have now completed my second Halloween with my home yard display, and I am still coming up with lots of great ideas to make it better. This site is dedicated to my Home Halloween Haunt, and the resources I used to create it.

(Hits - 1,484)
58.The Death Clock
Welcome to the Death Clock(TM), the Internet's friendly reminder that life is slipping away... second by second. Like the hourglass of the Net, the Death Clock will remind you just how short life is.

(Hits - 1,601)
59.The Halloween Network
A large list of Halloween-related links

(Hits - 1,422)
60.The Pumpkin Nook
Read about the origin of Halloween and the History of the Jack-O-Lantern. There are also links to Halloween clip-art, jokes, pumpkin carving tips and more.

(Hits - 1,550)
61.Unpleasant Street
This is a great home haunt site. It has lots of pictures, as well as prop plans/schematics so you can build the props and special effects for your home haunt.

(Hits - 1,441)

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