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2017 Visitor Reviews of
Evil Intentions Haunted House (Elgin, Illinois)

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3 out of 4 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: twistedvixen   (Event Visited: 10/28/17 @ 11:15 pm)
Review Posted: 10/30/17
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: GPS will get you right to it.

Wait Entertainment: We got Fast Passes, so we skipped the entire line! It was perfect. But from what we did see, the line entertainment was good :)

Length of Event: 20 minutes to walk thru entire haunt.

Actor Performance: Some were amazing & scary, others were rude, didn't look where they were going, I got bumped HARD by the long haired medical lab guy who acts like "frankenstein"..also another male actor bashed heads with me because he too, did not look where he was walking/going!

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Horrible. Been here before, and never ran into so many other customers inside this place, both groups behind AND in front of us! The crowd flow was terrible!!! Very disappointing..

Appropriate Ages: 13+ up.

Props / Special FX: Excellent. They always set the scenes here, extremely dark & evil stuff thru out this entire haunt. They pay close attention to detail, wonderful visually stunning & creepy sets, hence our 2 hour round trip everytime we come to Evil Intentions!

Costumes / Make-up: Excellent. Top notch. Always bringing the horror (by wonderful, scary makeup jobs) on the actors faces who didn't wear masks! Costuming was equally excellent. Super dark creepy scary stuff, perfectly set for each themed room..

Summary: Buying the fast passes when seeing a pretty huge line going all the way outside, down half the street, was WELL worth every penny!!! We literally walked past hundreds of ppl in line,,and there was NOONE standing in fast pass line besides us!!! We loved that. Soon as we got up to the front, soon as the guy saw us, they let us in NEXT in the FULL line....this part was great. Now as for the haunt, the rooms were excellent. Great set pieces. Wonderful acting on 90% of the characters. With the exception of the 2 actors who rudely bumped me, and HARD. Didnt even break out of character for 1 sec to apologize, nothing. It took us a full 20 minutes to walk thru this entire haunt. I could have sworn, or remember this place taking significantly longer, to get thru Evil Intentions the years before, when we attended.....Perhaps we got tracked out another door, an earlier exit,,because I don't remember the coffin walk thru maze, being the final chapter in this haunt.! Something most def felt amiss.....But as for the rooms & actors we experienced, special mention to the live "doll" in the doll room, she was super creepy! Also loved the Monk room, cool actors in here,,,and the movie theater was scary as h--e--double-hockey-sticks (censored) to walk thru!!! Dark and unbelievably creepy. Our personal fav, special mention must be given to the library, where you have to walk up the stairs, to get thru a hole, these 2 actors were Superb!! The woman leading you to the stairwell, was awesome. & the man wearing the black mask & cowboy hat who talked in the dark evil voice while showing you his "staff" was equally amazing. We were super impressed by the whole vibe, in this particular room! Walking thru the outdoor graveyard, about halfway thru, was creepy but would've been even better had they had an actor or 2 to jump out at you! I also loved the girl who was hanging upside down from the ceiling, around the jail area, all walking thru bar maze,,she got right up in my face & her makeup was cool, too. Now, honestly, the only real complaints I got here, were what I stated above, the 2 actors who ran into me, they were both quite rude in their speaking voices too! And ofcourse, the VERY unfortunate CONGA LINING, thru-out the entire attraction.....We always have a blast at Evil Intentions, but unfortunately last night did Not live up to par, being We not only rain into the groups in front of us, (some due to actors simply keeping these ppl too long in their rooms, while talking to them!), but the groups behind us kept catching up to us, too.....There were some points, where we literally all just had to stand there. In a room, while the whole entire line of ppl were being held up, by 1 actor, taking too long, talking to the group in front of us......This made for Terrible patron flow....There honestly is nothing worse, than trying to walk thru a haunted house, when your husb pays $70 dollars for him & yourself, to end up in a never-ending conga line inside the house.....Truly disappointing, as I could see, AND hear, every single scare, that was to come ahead..! Other than this, the haunt itself was good, just couldn't enjoy many parts, due to to many ppl getting in our way.

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6 out of 9 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: PumpkinHead6   (Event Visited: 10/07/17 @ 10:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/31/17
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: High | Atmosphere: Good
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Visibility/Location: Fairly large parking lot across the street with street parking available. Not sure if there is permit parking enforced on the neighborhood streets so be aware. Lots of flashing strobes and a black bus in the front of the attraction makes it obvious to see from the street.

Wait Entertainment: Scare actors are located outside the attraction to scare you in line as well as sometimes being in the parking lot and following you to your car.

Length of Event: 40 minutes or so roughly.

Actor Performance: Actors play very convincing roles with scare timing perfect throughout the entirety.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Excellent. They let groups in individually and did not pack other groups together. We never bumped into another group throughout the walkthrough.

Appropriate Ages: 14+ Definitely not for children.

Props / Special FX: Incorporate scent in some rooms. All props and animatronics are typical of haunted houses.

Costumes / Make-up: Combination of masks and face paint. Lots of detail on the costumes, very realistic.

Summary: Starting out the haunting season on a terrorizing note, Evil Intentions, located in Elgin, Illinois brings one of the more intense haunted houses in the Chicagoland area. The 55,000 square foot, multi-level attraction possibly may be one of the best haunt attractions this year. Interestingly, the location used to be home to the Old Elgin Casket Factory, giving the location another level and jolt of spookiness. Who knows, it may be in fact haunted?  
From the get-go, once you park in the lot across the street, you’ll be greeted and/or spooked from some of the scare actors. Initially, one tried to get in my car but that was in character of course (he didn’t actually get in for fear of getting makeup in my new interior, how ironic). The entrance to Evil Intentions is decked out with a pretty killer black school bus that one could step into before entering the actual attraction itself. Even before getting in line and getting your tickets, we already were being tested and having actors jump out at us. The ticket booth was having issues reading the paper tickets I had printed out from home but others in my group used a Groupon which can get two, four or six people in for a discounted rate. One could always purchase tickets on-site of course for regular price to make the transaction easiest. 
The waiting queue/area is pretty creepy itself as there is a casket to honor the past of the building while at the same time having actors interact with the guest while they wait. This location does a really good job of letting groups in at the right time so they don’t bump into each other in addition to usually letting your group go in alone rather than grouping smaller groups together and try and get you in and out as soon as possible. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did start to bunch smaller groups together, especially later during the season when all these attractions start to hit their peak. The fact that the actors interact with everyone, makes the wait time go ‘faster’. 
Once you enter, you’ll be led down a creepy hallway in which you’ll be led to a seance room and partake in a sort of ‘ritual’ and be led to believe you’ll be sacrificed. From then on, the adrenaline factor kicks into overdrive as you’ll experience and bare witness to themed rooms such as a dark sermon, a satanic church priest, an insane dentists office, a crazy doctor with blades who’ll want to take your skin and much more. If you’re claustrophobic, this location really tests that out on its guests, more so than most of the other haunted houses as you’ll come across some hallways the get narrower and narrower in addition to having some claustrophobia tunnels. For those who don’t know the term, the tunnels are two air filled walls that press against each other and you must force yourself through it while pressing against you.  
One of the highlights of the attraction is the psychotic doctor that will attempt to convince you to donate your skin for his collection. He wields his blades and once his psychotic laugh starts, you’ll be urging to leave his quarters. Eventually you’ll hit some other areas such as the pretty cool and well-put satanic sermon or a small woodsy area that is open with trees and grave statues amidst an open-air area with no roof or ceiling and the stars and moon shine down upon the area and the cool fall-air makes it of a more realistic nature.  
Overall, this is certainly one of the major haunts in the Chicagoland area. It took my group around 45 minutes to get through it all. Perhaps those that get terrorized easier may be stuck inside a little while longer. As a veteran attendee, this location does get very busy towards the end of the month. This location also seems to be one of the few that improves year after year. Also, the parking lot tends to get full easily so there’s plenty of street parking, just be aware of any parking restrictions if you’re not from Elgin or the area. They do take both cash and credit cards and as long as you abide by the traditional rules of not touching the actors or taking out your phone, you hopefully will survive this what used to be a casket factory. Seasons Hauntings! 

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