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All Visitor Reviews
2017 Visitor Reviews of
Fright Night Forest City (Forest City, Illinois)

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6 out of 10 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: goodinbm   (Event Visited: 10/21/17 @ 7:15 pm)
Review Posted: 10/25/17
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Medium | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: It was a little difficult to find the haunted house, so a little bit more lighting would be helpful

Wait Entertainment: The entrainment was amazing. The actors interacted with everybody waiting in line.

Length of Event: The length of all 4 houses wasn't too long or not long enough, they were just perfect.

Actor Performance: Every actor fully got into their character and made sure to tell you who they were.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: My favorite part is that the people at the doors had the timing down so that you would never run into the people before you and the people after you wouldn't ever run into you.

Appropriate Ages: 8 years up

Props / Special FX: They used the right amount of props. So many places have props take over the scare but the actors did the most scaring here.

Costumes / Make-up: The make-up looked like it was done by professionals.

Summary: The actors mingled with the guest all around the grounds. There was an amazing museum inside of a dinner that has so many cool artifacts from horror movies. The price was great for 4different houses to go to and getting to see the museum. I highly recommend this haunted house. Mr tickles definitely gave me a scare that I'll always remember, I ran out screaming only to run into Jason Voorhees! Also JoJo the crazy clown and the butcher were such good sports with all the guest there. Another thing that was really neat is having a voodoo shop. Very interesting artifacts and souvenirs there.

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Reviewed by: cryptkeeper   (Event Visited: 10/20/17 @ 9:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/21/17
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: Forest City is a small town. While signage is minimal. GPS will take you directly to this location without difficulty. This "village" adds to the creep factor of the location.

Wait Entertainment: Several favorites are still working the lines. Jojo is still looking for a BFF and the Husband Hunter hasn't found the one. The Butcher as always with his creepy laugh seems to size you up for the next cut! Music is played over speakers while you wait in the lines. Not so loud that you can't enjoy a conversation but keeps you in the mood for your scare. Something new was the window of the Skinner house has a projector with different scenes now for you to watch. Nice touch and adds to the creepiness of the old house.

Length of Event: This event has 4 gates. Each varies in length. We spent approximately 45 minutes going through them combined. This was not including our wait.

Actor Performance: I did not see an actor break from their character. Even the younger individuals did very well. They have stepped up their game this year and it shows! Seemed at times that no matter where I turned they were coming at me. All did a great job with their performance. The Bridge scene was terrifying!

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Gatekeepers/ticket takers talked with us to pass the time. At three of the gates the ticket takers had timers to move us through and at no time did we run into other customers. At the "Section 24" we felt a little hurried. But didn't run into another group.

Appropriate Ages: Due to some of the special effects I would not recommend this for children under the age of 10.

Props / Special FX: This being a non profit and obviously limited budget - they are moving up. Different lighting and scenes made big difference! Added props and use of the house for special FX in the windows was good to see. This is still a favorite haunt because the use of animatronics isn't there, this is still an "old fashioned" in your face haunt - not all electronic. You have people working the scenes. Really liked the new vortex!

Costumes / Make-up: Make-up has advanced again this year as well. Use of masks is minimal and were appropriate for the scenes they were in. Street clothes were used little and appropriate for the victims meeting their doom. Everyone involved with the haunt dresses up for the occasion.  

Summary: I enjoy coming to this location yearly. I think keeping the price the same (5.00 per gate) is reasonable and it's for a good cause. You can see that this is getting better and I would hope with that better costumes come into play.  
The standard line walkers have their act down cold and Momma Voodoo with Jojo and The Husband Hunter keep you laughing! Jason Voorhees on the porch was a great touch! We looked for the Butcher on our return trip but must have missed him.  
The Michael Myers scene - Wow and just leaving that here! If you want a great night out and not spend a fortune that goes to a great cause, this a good place. You won't be disappointed. We spent about two and half hours there taking our time and looking at everything. Loved the souvenir shop - new addition! So $80 for tickets and about $20 on food, laughs and screams money well spent! Can't wait for next year!

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