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All Visitor Reviews
All 2005 Visitor Reviews Submitted by HauntGoer

Disclaimer: Reviews on this page were supplied by an outside source. The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff of Haunted Illinois does not endorse, support, represent, or guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness, or reliability of these reviews.
Event Reviewed: Dungeon Of Decease (Lockport, Illinois)
Reviewed by: HauntGoer   (Event Visited: 10/29/05 @ 7:45 pm)
Review Posted: 11/11/05
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Medium | Atmosphere: Good
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Visibility/Location: The sign in the driveway was good, but too small and dark - it was 'washed out' by the remodeling sign behind it. Because it's a backyard attraction, it's not easy to see from the street, and took me two drives around the block to find it. Parking is on-street.

Wait Entertainment: Not applicable.

Length of Event: About 10 minutes.

Actor Performance: Highly motivated, very energetic & well-timed! (They also knew just how far to push the 'don't touch' rule.)

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Not applicable.

Appropriate Ages: A bit intense for the very young.

Props / Special FX: The props were generally very good, although a bit piled up on each other. For a free (!) backyard attraction, the props and detail were amazing! FX are, as you would expect, very limited, but well-used.

Costumes / Make-up: Quite professional and effective - better than some I have seen in large, paid-admission attractions.

Summary: This is a FREE, backyard home haunt, put on by enthusiasts. It's very small, entirely outdoors, with a small number of performers and limited effects ... so I'd have to say that in terms of bang-for-the-buck, it's one of the BEST haunts I've ever seen. I am impressed! 
Be sure to put a contribution in their 'Collection Skull'!

Event Reviewed: Dungeon of Doom (Grayslake, Illinois)
Reviewed by: HauntGoer   (Event Visited: 10/29/05 @ 9:15 pm)
Review Posted: 11/11/05
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: The Lake County Fairgrounds are easy to get to, and easy to find when you do. The Dungeon's signs were clear and easy to follow. Although the parking was, as advertised, plentiful and free, it was not paved (or marked) - so if the weather is really wet, you might want to bring the 4x4.

Wait Entertainment: The performers working the line were good, with some very elaborate costumes and makeup. They helped keep the near three hour wait interesting. The indoor waiting area was very well decorated, but could use some better line control (the strings-on-sticks weren't quite up to the crowd), and possibly a scare or two.

Length of Event: About 35 minutes.

Actor Performance: The 'Mad Butcher' performer was great - very manic and energetic. The other performers were good, though mostly just doing the 'jump out & say boo' thing.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: This haunt gets top marks for handling patron flow - the haunt itself is large and complex, and needs extra care. The woman running the entry was delightful, and the woman in charge of the Buried Alive segment was just plain excellent. Overall, exceptionally well paced and controlled.

Appropriate Ages: Teens and up. Physically a bit challenging; if you use a cane or crutches, ask before you go in.

Props / Special FX: Generally very good. Two specific things: 
The swinging objects in the dark corridors are HARD - I took a pretty good bonk in the forehead (Could you guys get some foam instead of the PVC? Thanks!) 
The Buried Alive room is one of the most unique, scary effects I've ever encountered at a haunt - and I've been doing these for a looong time. Worth the entire price of admission!

Costumes / Make-up: The performer's makeup was generally superior; some of them excellent, even artistic. The costumes were thoroughly detailed and well-executed.

Summary: This haunt gets top marks for props, decor, and handling patron flow. It is large, well-designed and well-decorated, a bargain at $11. The Buried Alive segment is unique, impressive and worth the price of entry all by itself. The performers were generally good, with some really exceptional performances and outstanding crowd-handlers. 
This is a very fine haunt! Go, and be afraid ... be very afraid.





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