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All Visitor Reviews
All 2006 Visitor Reviews Submitted by gravely

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Event Reviewed: Terror On The Square (Petersburg, Illinois)
Reviewed by: gravely   (Event Visited: 10/23/06 @ 7:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/24/06
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: The location is on the square in the historical town of Petersburg IL.where Abraham Lincoln onced lived.Once you drive into town it is right there.The building itself has huge lettering at the top with gargoyles on the top of the building,easy to find.Since the building is on the town square there is parking all around it.

Wait Entertainment: With the wait in line there are costumed actors that hang out of the window above and actors that walk the line to entertain.At the start of the show they drive an old hearse up to the front of the line with sirens wailing,then zombie pallbearers carry a corpse out of the hearse then set it at the entrance,while the whole time fog and spooky music protrude out of the hearse.Once inside,the stairs leading up to the top floor entrance have several spooky decorations as well as an old black and white television set that has a skeleton in a rocking chair watching old horror movies.COOL!!! Once at the top there is a waiting room with all kinds of errie portraits in it.While you sign the guest book and pay,you get the feeling that you are being watched.I think you actualy are!

Length of Event: The actual event length from the time you enter the building until you leave the haunt is about 20 minutes

Actor Performance: All of the actors were very fitting with the theme of the room,zombies in the graveyard,crazy lunatics in the hospital ect.What I was really impressed with was the roaming haunters that you would here behind the walls and pictures wispering names of people in the group.There are also hostest/guides that dress the part and play the role of your tour guide through most of the haunt until they are abducted,after that you are on your own.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Once inside you could here banging and screaming coming from beyond the wait room.Once inside the tour that was it,I never saw or heard anyone else other than the haunters.

Appropriate Ages: I would not recomend this haunted house for young kids that scare easily.Although it is not full of blood guts and gore it is spooky.I would say that 8-9 year olds could hang but I did see a teenage girl walk out in tears.

Props / Special FX: My favorite part of the haunted house,the special FX! This is what caught my attention to begin with.When I first heard of Terror on the Square from other people,they told me of the hollagrams,so I had to check it out for myself.From the ghost on the stairs to rising corpse ghosts on gurnies,all very impresive.Then as you watch the effect dissappear the actual ghost pops into the room,in the flesh,from out of nowhere!I don't know how they do this ,very cool!!!Another attraction to the haunted house that I realy was impressed with was the haunted elevator.Once inside you actually get the feeling of decending as the floor disapears,then when the door opens,you walk out into a different room all the while being taunted and spooked by haunters!

Costumes / Make-up: The costumes and actors were all very fitting for the themed haunt rooms,no street clothes,all in makeup not masks.Again a lot of the actors were also in the hollograms so they were made up to look like the actual ghosts.Great makeup and costumes!A++

Summary: Overall this has been the best haunt attraction that I have ever been to.The fact that it is in the actual old funeral home on the town square really makes it creepy .While you wait in line on the town square there are snack stands,restaraunt/bars sometimes with bands playing,and antique stores that you can visit or window shop while in line.It seems that the whole town embraces Terror on the Square and has a lot of fun with it.One other big plus for the haunted house are the Terror Girls! They are gorgous women that are dressed in goth attire,who are mascots for the haunted house.They do a lot of promotional work for the buisness in parades,fairs and festivals.Not only do you see them outside of the attraction,they actualy work there.You might see them as one of the tour guides or in the haunt rooms as one of the ghosts.After you finish the tour,you end up in the gift shop or merchandise store where you can by posters of the Terror Girls, along with other Terror on the Square items.From the begining the whole idea theme that the place is haunted with spirits sets the pace,and being in an old funeral home realy adds to that.This is my fourth year in a row to visit Terror on the Square and it gets better every year.I don't know what they could do to improve on it other than to actualy have real ghosts in the building,wich it just might since it is an OLD funeral home.What's really neat is that a lot of original decor from the funeral home is used in the haunted house,wich gives it that early 1900-1920'S creepy feeling.I would have to say with all that I experianced at Terror on the Square,from foggy graveyards with zombies in them to pitch black mazes that have monsters awaiting you,to the terror girls and the hollograms it was well worth the $7 admission price!!





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