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All Visitor Reviews
All 2006 Visitor Reviews Submitted by thisguy

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Event Reviewed: Dungeon Of Doom & Internal Nightmare Haunts (Grayslake, Illinois)
Reviewed by: thisguy   (Event Visited: 10/27/06 @ 10:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/30/06
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: It was pretty dificult to see and I know where the fairgrounds are at Maybe they should invest in a light up sign I mean come on guys. It's dark out and you have a black sign.

Wait Entertainment: This was my favorite part. We spent like 2 hours in line but it felt more like 1 at most.The outside actors were a thrill for sure. The clown and the Jester which if you see the poorly lit signs of them in the alley thier names are Jerk and Dozer. Jerk who is the jester lives up to his name. These guys are the #1 reason why you dont bring your kids there. They are just insane. For example. There was a gang banger looking guy behind us with like 5 of his friends two of them were girls. The 2 clowns were acompanied by what seemed to be an endless army of gouhly charectors. the Jester and the clown were walking up and down the line only stopping when they desired they really had awsome acting abilities becouse they acted completely how they looked. They were out there to entertain us yet they seamed disinterested in the whole crowd at least that's what you think. They walked past us and I noticed that the jester had cleverly almost sly like put a maxi-pad with the word nancy boy written in blood on my brothers back and my brother had it on all the way untill he got home lol good job Jerk. so they walked up on the gang banger guys and one of em said under his breath I kick thier a## if they come over here. Well I think they both have great hearing cause they stopped dead in thier tracks and Jerk said "Who is the pansy that has raisins for nuts to say that while I'm walking away" none of them said anything infact the one that did wouldnt even make eye contact. Jerk who is extrememly intimidating looking by the way got right in to his face and asked when the last time the guy had a diaper change cause it smelled like he was way over due. These guys definately you dont want to mess with the clown is just as snotty if not intentionally trying to piss people off although he seems to enjoy every minute of it and Jerk he just seems always pissed off no matter what. Oh and Jerk despite what the guy said to you about you having bad breath I think you smelled more like cough drops lol. I love these guys and they are my favorite every year.

Length of Event: About 20 minuts???

Actor Performance: SPACTACULAR!!!! the guys inside were just as intense as the ones outside just with less lines lol.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: actually it kind of sucked but I blame the people for that the ones beihind us cought up cause they were running through and almost ran us over and the ones in front moved verry slow so we ended up being one giant groupe for a little while till the actors figure it out and split us up which they did cleverly cause they still stayed in charector.

Appropriate Ages: well if your gonna be in line and see the clowns I'd say 18+ they can get pretty crude but they are worth seeing in action, Iside the haunte dhouse probly 13+

Props / Special FX: the props were neet but I got to be honest they didnt seem to be scary or even working some of them.

Costumes / Make-up: Never seen this kind of quality make-up the clowns and other actors had on masks but they didnt seem to be like strapped on they almsot seemd glued on and like those masks were thier acutall faces. Neet by far they guys inside had severe road rash and verry good make-up I was impressed.

Summary: I have read some other reviews I gotta say I don't understand these guys changed a lot from last year and if you can't tell you need to get your eyes checked. The actors get more intense and in your face every year it's like they just pump themselves up durring the ofseason to release it for one month lol. I love it guys and I will come back again before the season and every year since.





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