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All Visitor Reviews
All 2008 Visitor Reviews Submitted by mark

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Event Reviewed: Fright Night (Forest City, Illinois)
Reviewed by: mark   (Event Visited: 10/11/08 @ 10:30 pm)
Review Posted: 10/12/08
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Medium | Atmosphere: Fair
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Visibility/Location: I'm not going to lie, but our group found it pretty difficult to find. We have never been around there before and there were no signs pointing the way. We still managed to get lost but we eventually saw a hayrack tractor and followed it over to the area.

Wait Entertainment: Wait wasn't long at all. It was about 10 minutes. There were not very many people around during the time we went. There were a couple of people that were hiding out and scared you so that was fun.

Length of Event: Depends on what you do. FYI, this house is different than last year, so if you are expecting the same it is not. This year it is divided into 4 sections. You have to pay for each one. There are 2 houses and I think 2 outside parts. We only did the houses because they lady at the ticket booth said she thought those were the best. I think our total time for both houses was like 20ish minutes. It felt really short.

Actor Performance: I actually think that actor performance was good, mind you I am not a haunt expert, but they seemed to get into their role. Compared to our local haunts, these actors seemed to show more emotion and got into it so that was good.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: No problem with the flow at all. The staff had good communication with walkie talkies and told the people out front when it was okay to enter. It was like 5 minutes after a group went in.

Appropriate Ages: 10+ Although the sign outfront says not recommended for children, I don't think it is THAT scary.

Props / Special FX: I must say that this was lacking a little. I wasn't expecting anything major of course because this was a small town putting a haunted house on. Most of the what you saw were the usual. Strobe lights and darkness.

Costumes / Make-up: Costumes were neat. There was this guy in a mask walking around with a marchetti knife breathing on you while you were waiting in line. The actors inside mostly had make up on which I thought was done very well. There was this one specific part where there were strobe lights, and these girls were crawling towards you with blood on their faces and that was pretty neat.

Summary: So I like how this haunted house is set up in the middle of a small town. It give the eerie feeling of a small abandoned town. When we drove here it was very creepy because we felt like we were in a scary movie passing houses and such that resembled those in scary movies. Anywho the actual house I thought was fairly short. There was nothing that was actually "scary", the house was pitch black and there were walls inside so you couldn't see where you were going. So basically you just walked ran into a wall, turn around to find a different route and someone would pop out and scare you. I dont really remember anything else because there were not really any memorable moments. If you are afraid of clowns than you will love the clown room! It freaked out my friend haha. It was 7 bucks for that house and I think that is a little overpriced for the scares. Maybe $5 is better. The other house we went to was "texas chainsaw massacre" house. You have to take a hayrack ride across the street and down some to this small house. While on the hayrack ride the lady tells you a couple of "real ghost stories" about some church. It was pretty interesting. Anywho, I thought that house was cool. If you are not a fan of chainsaws it will give you a good scare! What got me the most was that I felt very claustrophopbic because there were several chainsaw people surrounding you. The thing that bothered me was the heat from the chainsaws and the gas. I couldn't breathe and I just wanted to get out. The do use real chainsaws(without the chains of course) so you do get all the other realness factors to it. It is important to note that the actors do touch you. I was in line and some guy grabbed my head. In the chainsaw house they kind of play around your feet with the chainsaws...and yeah. Oh and also this house was not long at all. It was literally about 1 minutes and 30 seconds. Very small house, but good actors. Just nothing but chainsaws. so that was DEFFINATELY not worth $7 just for that. Overall the night I spent $14 bucks for 2 houses. I didn't feel like I got my money's worth because it was a typical haunted house that relied on darkness and strobe lights to scare you. No really "scary" actors or props that made you jump. But at the same time, I want to say great job to the staff who put this together. For a small town, I would deffinately give it some credit. It may not be something that will terrify you, but if you are looking for a few jumps and screams this is it :)





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