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All Visitor Reviews
All 2008 Visitor Reviews Submitted by dropbox

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Event Reviewed: Abyss Haunted House (Minooka, Illinois)
Reviewed by: dropbox   (Event Visited: 10/24/08 @ 8:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/26/08
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: There was a lit sign at the road that was fairly visible from down the road. The directions and map we got from the website where easy and a "no-brainer".

Wait Entertainment: In spite of the wet, cold weather, the actors were "working" the line with great enthusiasm. The chainsaw wielding maniac suck up on us and fired it up right behind my friends. They lost it! I personally found the silent, white ghostly figure to be quite creepy.

Length of Event: About 20 minutes

Actor Performance: The actors were all very into their parts, and didn't let up! The library scene really set the tone with it's other worldly voice and unexpected scare. There were a few other things there, but telling would give them away! 
The Freddy Kreuger room was a great scare. You were distracted enough with another actor that you never saw him coming. And , just when you think he's done with you...I don't want to give that away! 
There are a lot of unexpected scares in the mazes where the actors just wait for the exact moment you are close to them and pounce. I don't know how they knew, but they did! 
The dot room people were simply amazing, coming from above us, around us, seemingly everywhere, and then just gone! 
The butcher's "conversation" with his mother was entertaining, as well as disturbing. 
The actors in the final graveyard scene really put the finishing touches on it for our group. 
Overall, I thought the actors all did a great job staying in character, and knowing when to get out of the scene. It kept the scare factor high because there was always something coming around the next dark corner.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: This wasn't a problem at all. Despite the bad weather, there were a LOT of people in line, but we never caught a group, or were caught, which added to the feeling of isolation.

Appropriate Ages: 12+

Props / Special FX: It was obvious that they knew what they were doing. I was amazed at how much detail there was on the sets, especially when I overheard someone in the line say that they had not even gotten into the building until the middle of August! I cannot wait to see what they do next year with some time! Great use of the laser and smoke combo! The rainstorm in the jungle was very cool!

Costumes / Make-up: They looked like the make-up was pro. Everyone had really detailed make-up and great costumes.

Summary: Our group had a great time, and would highly recommend this haunt. Your senses were constantly barraged with sights, sounds, and smells that really made you believe you were immersed in the scene. The flow of scares was well done, also. There were startles, frights, and then things that just made you say,"that's cool, how did they do that?" 
They never let up on you, creating a tension that stayed with you through the whole haunt. I would highly recommend this haunt, and found the entertainment value worth more than the $14! Some other friends had paid much more somewhere else that night, and not received nearly as much of a scare as we did. They were kicking themselves for not coming with us!





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