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All 2008 Visitor Reviews Submitted by skeep84

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Event Reviewed: Dream Reapers Haunted House (Melrose Park, Illinois)
Reviewed by: skeep84   (Event Visited: 10/24/08 @ 8:00 pm)
Review Posted: 11/14/08
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Medium | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: The location was perfect. We were seconds away from getting lost when someone saw the sign. If it weren't for that who knows how long we would have kept going.

Wait Entertainment: A very nice feature. When you have to wait that long, you need something to keep you in the spirit and feel like you are still having the experience. They all need a raise! Having to be out there in the cold all night long. The costumes, makeup, and accessories were all perfect. The crazy clown lady who looks like Sarah Silverman was a blast.

Length of Event: I felt like I was being rushed through the house. If I'm waiting for hours, I want to be able to enjoy and have fun in the rooms (especially the clown room). But then again that would make the wait even longer for others so it's a catch 22.

Actor Performance: Fabby-fan-tabulous! It even looked like fun. I wanted to do it! I caught 2 out of character who were chit chatting in the graveyard scene, but once we fully entered they fell right back into character. The asylum room was interesting. But I have to ask..what's the deal with the guy dressed as a punkish girl...but yet not scary? Haha. The squirrely demon guy who is hunched over and scampers around was HILARIOUS! He even got in someone's car and they drove him around. Someone gave him a bag of chips and he looked confused and then emptied them into his mouth and flung them everywhere. That guy is some good talent!

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: I was disappointed to see that the lines inside winded around like an amusement park. LIKE amusement parks, once we entered to pay, it would have been nice to see a sign saying ____much more of a wait time. It wasn't a fun surprise.

Appropriate Ages: There were twins behind us who were about 6 or 7 and they seemed to be having fun. I don't know if I'd be brave enough to bring my own children though. Mainly because I like my sleep and don't want them freaked out from any nightmares.

Props / Special FX: The best! OMG the room with the alien and the stars circling around knew you were stationary but you sure didn't feel that way! I thought I was going to be sick!!!! Chainsaws are a good idea too...chain removed! I wish some of that would have been inside though. OH and the bush guy who jumps out at the end is PERFECT. You don't see that coming and the way his costume perfectly blends into the bush is just phenomenal.

Costumes / Make-up: The colored contacts really completed all of the looks. The guy with the barbed wire wrapped around his face looked so realistic! Actually, all costumes looked like they would be authentic. But I have to tell you...with these people being so gross for the event, you wonder if they are secretly hot behind the masks and makeup! You should post pics of who plays what character ;)

Summary: It was the best haunted house I have ever been to. My suggestion about the long wait: when you are outside, get some of those stationary heaters that stand up about 6' tall. You may not be able to control the wait, but you'd be able to control peoples' comfort levels a bit. When it's literally freezing outside, you begin to question spending your money there.





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