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All 2009 Visitor Reviews Submitted by Batgirl

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Event Reviewed: Fright Night (Forest City, Illinois)
Reviewed by: Batgirl   (Event Visited: 10/31/09 @ 7:15 pm)
Review Posted: 11/02/09
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: I wish there would have been a few more signs saying fright night along the road, but otherwise it was really easy to find and the parking wasn't far away.

Wait Entertainment: At first I was in line for awhile bored then as I was next to go in the first creepy clown came out and walked by our group scaring each one of us. He rubbed my hair and said "You'll fit right in". It really freaked me out. Then the second clown with the knife popped out of nowhere and started breathing on us which was also freaky. The noises they had playing wasn't that good and annoyed us more than it scared us.

Length of Event: The church was about 40 minutes long and we weren't brave enough for the other attractions.

Actor Performance: It was really convincing and none of them dropped out of character even for a second.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Timing was good, we didn't run into any groups and groups didn't run into us.

Appropriate Ages: Probably 12 and up would be best

Costumes / Make-up: The actors makeup was well done and realistic.

Summary: After the clowns, we went inside the church. Honestly most of the first few actors I didn't see because I was screaming with my eyes shut. But when we were walking through part of it we tripped up a step which scared us and right after we tripped we heard someone say "Watch your step" and laugh at us which made us run faster. Through the next dark hallway the slide really scared us because we really didn't expect it. Then in one of the rooms I saw the actors drink and it made the monster a whole lot less scary which disappointed me. In the last room the squishy floor really scarred us as well and made it hard for us to get away, which scared us more. Then once we thought we were finally safe the clown with the knife chased us to the end of the block, which,if timed,I would have won the olympics. Then we rode the hayrack ride. We were really disappointed with it because we weren't even scared by it, we expected a monster to chase us or the headless horseman to pop out, but nothing happened. At the house we walked back to the entrance of the trail but we turned around and on the way back a monster popped over the fence and scared us again. Which made me loose my voice, so it was one of the best scares other than the clowns. Then we went to the witches cafe, which was the worst place of the night. The cashiers were sort of rude and then once we were filling out reviews my friend opened the lid to her lemon shakeup and a ladybug crawled out. She threw it away immediatley and we went to looking at the cool movie props. So overall the night was a horrifying amazing experience and I can't wait till next year.





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