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All Visitor Reviews
All 2009 Visitor Reviews Submitted by Pogo

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Event Reviewed: Dungeon of Doom Haunted House (Zion, Illinois)
Reviewed by: Pogo   (Event Visited: 10/24/09 @ 7:30 pm)
Review Posted: 10/25/09
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Medium | Atmosphere: Average
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Visibility/Location: With the use of a GPS, the haunt was fairly easy to find. Once our directions told us to go into a neighborhood there were signs in the road directing us to the haunted house. Getting closer to the haunted house there was a car with a flashing light at the entrance. The huge new building with the carnival games outside can't be missed. Parking was easy to find and close to the building.

Wait Entertainment: The actors in the wait were spectacular! They did an awesome job scaring people waiting in line. There were a few creepy clowns along with a monster covered in blood, a pirate, and a troll looking monster. All of the actors were into their role and focused on scaring people. The only thing that took away from the wait entertainment was the security guard who would shine a flashlight on the actor whenever he was scaring a group or when he constantly followed certain actors around the line.

Length of Event: We paid for the $25 ticked which was about 25-30 minutes.

Actor Performance: All of the actors stayed in character the whole time we were in their area. However, many rooms/corridors were very big and the actor/actress would only interact with us for a portion of the room. Many of the actors blew on us and growled/oinked in our ears which has become some of their only interactions with guests over the past few years. I think the actors need to get more creative with the way they interact with guests and rely less on makeup and costumes to scare people. In many rooms the actor would hold back the person in the back of our line and we would have to stop and wait for a few minutes. This got quite annoying and at one point the actress actually started pushing up on our guest and got fake blood all over them. However, when our friend tried getting past and accidentally bumped into her he was threatened to be kicked out of the house. One of the most memorable actors was the hillbilly in the cabin scene who actually got right in our faces and tried to scare each member of our group instead of the people in the front/back. I noticed many actors that simply sat underneath props and put no effort into scaring our group. Many actors/actresses didn't seem to be putting in 100%

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: We didn't run into any other groups except before/after buried alive and before entering Mercy General Hospital.

Appropriate Ages: 10+

Props / Special FX: Many of the rooms were well detailed and creative such as the kitchen which you had to go through the fridge to get to the next room. The cabin/swamp scene was also a favorite of mine because of the bridge with alligators underneath and the surprising spots the actor came out of. The new elevator was a fun start to our tour but I think if would have been better if an actor was in it with us. Many props that popped out got within inches away from us and were used very effectively.

Costumes / Make-up: As always, the costume and makeup was outstanding. I think the best costumes were in the waiting area and you could tell a lot of effort was put into their makeup as well.

Summary: Dungeon of Doom was a bit of a let down this year. Considering all of their new space, they could have done a whole lot more. There were many rooms and big corridors that were left empty without actors and even some times where we didn't see an actor for a few minutes.  
I was excited to see some of the new attractions which they advertised on their website but was disappointed when I didn't see Dead Bums Alley or Niles attack. I'm unsure if I just didn't realize it because of the lack of actors or if they were other corridors we didn't get to see. 
In the house, the acting could have been more in your face like it has been previous years. It seems like a lot of actors were overwhelmed by the large spaces that they were put in charge of. 
I think Dungeon of Doom has a lot of potential to get back up to the level they have been at in their previous years if they get more actors and put in the same effort as they did with actors entertaining in the wait line.





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