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All 2009 Visitor Reviews Submitted by oneflowermom

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Event Reviewed: Chronicles Of The Cursed: Hades Emerges (Chicago, Illinois)
Reviewed by: oneflowermom   (Event Visited: 10/10/09 @ 8:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/11/09
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Low | Atmosphere: Poor
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Visibility/Location: Easy to find, located under several large white tents. Parking is in an adjacent lot, $10.

Wait Entertainment: We paid to skip the line, so I didn't see any wait entertainment.

Length of Event: 6 minutes

Actor Performance: Actors remained in character, which was good. But their timing was often off and due to the odd construction I saw them long before they jumped out to scare us.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Was pretty good until we got to a completely dark maze portion when we ran into two more groups of people and ended up being in a "train" of about 25 people.

Appropriate Ages: They say no one under 14, but I think grade schoolers might find it scary. There's a gross scene involving a toilet that they might appreciate.

Props / Special FX: There were several props/fx that did not seem to be working yet, including a dragon made of nylon and perhaps five bizarre "cannons" and workout equipment that no one was interacting with. There is a castle scene that you circle several times that was nicely constructed - but the giant WGN logo in the background takes away any real fear factor.

Costumes / Make-up: These seemed very random, almost as if the actors had to make up their own costumes. Most notable of all was a guy who had wrapped a flashing blacklight around himself for a costume.

Summary: I was very disappointed in this haunt. There were long periods of time where we didn't see a single actor, although the curtains they were surely to have emerged from were pulled back slightly so we could see where the actors wandered. The main scene that you keep coming back to and circling around is a haunted band with a few actors roaming around it. The band leader is supposed to be a voodoo priest or something, but none of it was remotely scary. There also seem to be several props made out of nylon, including the aforementioned non-functioning dragon head that was just sitting in an alcove and a few strange creations that looked like giant nylon barrels on roller skates with a claw sticking out. The only remotely scary part is a small series of hallways that are completely dark, but even then, I was disappointed the only people who tried to scare us in there was another group of visitors that had apparently been hanging out in the dark. Following that, there was an odd large open space where a few actors were roaming around with pieces of gym equipment sitting there, and odd cannon shapes wrapped in bandages. It made absolutely no sense. There is also a scene that looks like a workplace shooting has taken place that I just thought was tacky - although not as tacky as the guy pretending to eat the smeared contents of a toilet. I helped construct a haunted house in a gym for fifth graders before, and that's kind of how this feels to me. Maybe it will get better, as I strongly believe that there were several parts of the haunt that were not functioning and that it was severely understaffed, but it would take a lot of improvement.





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