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All Visitor Reviews
All 2009 Visitor Reviews Submitted by scareme09

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Event Reviewed: Fear Factory Haunted House (Rantoul, Illinois)
Reviewed by: scareme09   (Event Visited: 10/09/09 @ 8:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/13/09
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very Low | Atmosphere: Good
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Visibility/Location: Easy to find based on the direction map I downloaded off Fear Factory website. The location is in the heart of downtown and on the a major route of Illinois. They had a large sign right at the entrance. Parking is huge and free. The Fear Factory is 1 min from turning onto the street. The building is location right on the street and walking from parking was about 2-3 minutes.

Wait Entertainment: They had a lame hearse with a kid inside. The sound effects coming from the hearse was o.k. As far as line entertainment, none to speak of. A lady was set up doing palm readings but she had no costume. The line wait was only 20 people deep it seemed a little slow.

Length of Event: The event lasted about 10 minutes. The pace was guided by a guide and rope. Did not run into any other groups. The length would have been shorter if we had not stopped in the room that had the big trees in it. It seemed like we were in that room for about 2 minutes standing in one place while what seemed like 2 kids in moss suites just walked around.

Actor Performance: Majority of the actors were kids especially at the end. The kids were using loud screaming techniques. Not saying anything just screaming at the top of lungs. The timing was either late centered at the last person in our group or they were to early. At times they completely missed the group so when you turned around to see why the room was empty the actor popped out.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: It flowed as good as can be expected with not many people to go through. The design of the fear factory inside was the best thing about it. You do need a guide because you are going through several rooms zig zaggin all around. Each room is not so easy to navigate if you were going in by yourself. In one room we went through a bookshelf. Make sure you were proper shoes as we went up stairs and walked over wood crates. Stepping on matresses and other uneven surfaces.

Appropriate Ages: I believe any child of the age of 8 and up could attend. Because the only scares were a few actors popping out of the wall. Other than that loud noise and screams is all they had.

Props / Special FX: Flames shooting out of pillars was good not scary but good. The flames allowed us to see the actors on stilts were wearing rubber mask again not scary. The decor was authentic with old clothes and funiture It made the fear factory seem rustic. A great bases for a haunted house. They had a plane in one room but the acting around it was weak. A man in a orange jump shoot yelling aw. In one room you saw spark but again it was after we passed it. The slide or drop was not good. Be careful when landing have your feet and knees ready for the very hard impact. True they have a mattress at the bottom. But, all that does is spring you forward to hit the wall. I saw a girl get hurt. My suggestion is to take it out the liability is not worth it.

Costumes / Make-up: All the costumes seemed to fit the room they were in. The make was painted on. We saw some mask.

Summary: Each scare was to far and between. No misdirection with one major attempt to scare you following by a very weak attempt. Which does not work after they had exposed they haunt. Very preditable with the scares or you saw them standing there. I have gone to this one several years and it seems that they are just reusing the same rooms with not major of minor changes. The direction we entered this year was the same as last year. The first 3-4 rooms were the same. The same forest, the same stairs, the same slide. The same props from last year like baby in the baby pin with the head turning around. The same maze and the same lame kids at the end part. And of course the chainsaw. Well I guess the chainsaw must be a mandatory for most haunted houses. My suggestion for the fear factory would be to change it up completely. You guys have not been the same since the 2 story one many years ago. I've read about the ticket guy being rude in the previous review. I want to mention that I too witness his attitude when that person got hurt and tried to talk to him. He presented a very rude response to her. If he is going to be with the public he needs tp get the stick out. Overall if the fear factory is going to be great again they need to start over and find the passion that they started with. Get it right next year and I will give it another try.





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