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2013 Visitor Reviews of
Raven's Grin Inn (Mount Carroll, Illinois)

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Reviewed by: BillC   (Event Visited: Before Oct. 1st @ 7:30 pm)
Review Posted: 10/12/13
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Low | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: My GPS took me to the wrong location, so I regrouped and just followed the signs. That worked just fine.

Wait Entertainment: None.

Length of Event: Guess about an hour, or it seemed that long.

Actor Performance: Those that talked did well. Interesting and entertaining. Lots of jokes and one-liners that you had to pay attention to or youíd be lost.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: A little too fast, but that might be the fault of the group we were with. They combined two groups, mine with 5 of us and another group of 3. The group of 3 had a gal that was scared and was rushing her way. I would have rather slowed down to view the strange items on display. Take your time if you can! Lots of stuff to see!

Appropriate Ages: 12+

Props / Special FX:  
Not much on special effects, but the strange props (okay REAL strange) items that have been collected over the years were interesting. The owner has a warped sense of reality, along with a warped sense of humor. So the props ranged from comical, scary, to down right stupid, all in each room of the tour. But thatís what makes it fun.

Costumes / Make-up: The actors / workers didnít really wear much for costumes. They dressed kind of weird and strange. Part of the experience I guess.

Summary: This was my first time visiting Ravenís Grin. Itís everything Iíve been told about it, and then some. Iím not sure if the actors are strange people, or they do an excellent job of acting. My guess is a little of both, but thatís okay, kept us guessing. You will see a very strange collection of ďstuffĒ. Thatís the only way to describe it. ďStuffĒ. You will smile. You will laugh. You will shake your head and wonder why. But itís all in good fun. The two slides they have are incredible. The first one was more or less a primer, and itís at a good point in the tour to kind of get you going. That second slide scared the daylights out of me. You get wrapped up like a mummy, even your arms are bound together, then away you go. Itís only three stories down, but feels like 100 feet. Not for the squeamish. Overall, Iím glad I went and will probably make it a yearly event to kick off the Halloween season. I guess you could go any time of the year, but close to Halloween just seems better.





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