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2013 Visitor Reviews of
Creepy Hallow's Blood Shed Haunted House, Hayride & Zombie Hunt (Frankfort, Illinois)

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Reviewed by: thecurse   (Event Visited: 10/12/13 @ 10:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/13/13
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very Low | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: If youre remotely from the area you cant miss the semi trailer with the huge signs, of the dozens of other signs pointing the way. Its a huge place, cant miss it.

Wait Entertainment: As far as actors....none. unless you mean ones on break on cell phones. But, the other stuff is great, really a great atmosphere for halloween fun. Bonfires, huge tents with food and drinks, games, loud fun music pumpkins everywhere, an animated dance scene on a huge tent. Just go there and hang out for a good time, thats worth it.

Length of Event: We did all three with a coupon from amazon local. So...maybe an hour for all three not counting wait times.

Actor Performance: Horrible, maybe some of the worst ive seen. Id say over 75% broke charachter and didnt do anything when we came near.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Since the place was near empty we didnt run into anyone.

Appropriate Ages: 4 and up. nothing scary here.

Props / Special FX: The corn maze had a cool fire scene, thats it. 
The house started awesome Simon Baskervile was awesome, funny yet creepy. He Should be featured more. The rest of the house lacks anything scary or even fun. Girls banging knives on a fence, actors can be seem in corners

Costumes / Make-up: Basic, but not bad by any means.

Summary: Well, as i said on my forum post that there would be crickets in the parking lot, and i was right. We got there on a Saturday night, beautiful weather, aroun 9:45 and the lot was empty! We thought it closed already. But we saw a sign saying were to buy tickets. But we got a deal on amazon local. After the friendly lady helped us we tried to find the paintball. well....maybe a sign or two would help but we saw nothing. I just went to a group standing and asked them and it was the right line. Well....shooting is always fun so it couldnt be bad. Well....these zombies were just goalies who got off the ice rink. Can you at least paint them to look like zombies a bit? Can they not talk to the people on the cart? For our trip zone 3 had one zombie who just kept talking to us, i was really let down. Then zone 4 happened and it was really good a bunch of zombie (goalies) never spoke a word and rushed us. They need to make all zones like that. 
Then we tried to find the haunted hay ride? well again, a lit up sign or even a worker standing there would be helpful once again we guessed. So after watching the people walk back from it, we started to wonder what was up...why are they just walking back? The tractor finally comes back and we get on. We start driving, one zombie goalie and another young actor girl came on at the last minute and started talking about the day and how its over after this. Ok, it happens. Still driving , no scenes, no actors...just dark skies and please? We fianlly stop and the Halloween theme song is playing, and.....Jason shows up. Come on now, just a small attention to detail works good but nope, you blew it. He get on walks around the cart, doesnt do much else. The young girl screams and they take her away. Maybe if they werent talking already we might have been worried. So we press on...another 3 or 4 blocks of nothing....i mean nothing. just dark skies and corn. Then we start to turn around. And we drive back the same way we just came...NOTHING AGAIN. We finally stop and i guess we just knew to get out because we all did. Here is a corn maze, ah fianlly right? Nope, the rules guy funny, but boring told his shtick. So we proceed to go on...nothing....nothing finally an actor...who just laid there and didnt move. By this point we just want to leave. Finally a women by the strobe/fog machine shack scared us a bit. and the overly hyper girl was really really good, best of the night. and the fire scene was erie, i liked it...then....Freddy, not bad at all. And over.....wait that was it? No one at the end telling us what to do. We saw every one else walk back, so we did to. Horrible, this was not a haunted hay ride at all. 
Ok now the house, again....a sign would be great!!! we just went to a strobe light and again guessed right. the ticket guy was just that nothing more. Then the best part Simon Baskerville, he needs to have a bigger role he was great! The House not so much. very low scares here if anything. Alot of store bought props and blank spots, actors kept talking to us like normal, asking "is there a lot of people outside still" was the big one...i guess they were bored and tired. The garage scene was good the dog got me, the swamp room was excellent. But nothing else sorry. Now for my biggest gripe about the house 
. at the end there is a huge animatronic and its awesome really awesome it moved with us for about 2 seconds then stopped turned off and went back to starting position, then i saw it was man operated....what are you kidding me??? why didnt you keep going and keep growling and reaching for us, thats what we paid to see?! I know you werent rushing to get the next people because it was empty i know you werent tired since i didnt see anyone in the place. What a let down. The grave scene was cool to look at though for sure. 
So,Creepy Hallow, this place is big, you can just come hang out and have fun. Music food, games, bonfires just good halloween fun. But your prices are far far to high....$50 for three, not a chance ill be back for any of them. No details, no scares from most of the actors BUT...the older people who seem to run it and own it really seem to love it and you can tell they want you to enjoy it. Just keep trying, you have the potential to be great really you do. with the space you have it can be special.  
11/10 for atmosphere and the look of the place. but 4/10 for scares, lack of an actual haunted hay ride, and talking zombies. 
Go for the place during the day, not the haunts.





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