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2013 Visitor Reviews of
Fear City 2013 (Morton Grove, Illinois)

Disclaimer: Reviews on this page were supplied by an outside source. The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff of Haunted Illinois does not endorse, support, represent, or guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness, or reliability of these reviews.
27 out of 31 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: BIGGUN   (Event Visited: 10/11/13 @ 7:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/13/13
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very Low | Atmosphere: Fair
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Visibility/Location: Right off Austin ave. Police car with lights flashing.

Wait Entertainment: AN awful DJ playing rap music in a haunt, and a homeless looking creature who was barely audible due to the volume of the "music"

Length of Event: 20 min

Actor Performance: Not very good. Lots of missed cues, and a very low scare factor

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Good. Did not run into another group

Appropriate Ages: 5 and up

Props / Special FX: Props were pretty good, and so were the effects

Costumes / Make-up: Very good as well, too bad they werebt utilized though

Summary: 3 strikes and your out! This is my 3rd and final year going to FC. I had a 2 for 1 deal so I dont feel too bad.  
The haunt has failed to work in 3 years, and the owners dont seem to get it. This would probably explain the small number of patrons Ive seen over the 3 years. Too much $$$$ and not enough scares.  
The wait room was awful this year. Deafening rap "music" making the 1 lone actor inaudible, but wait it gets worse.  
The first scene is a male female preacher act. The female preacher insists we all sit down in front of her and a coffin. I though for sure something would pop out of this coffin or from behind. NOTHING! ZILCH! NADA! All they did was preach the gospel and tell another patron he was poisoned. 
As I thougt of all the scenes of all the haunts Ive been to over the years, I have come to the sad conclusion that it was the worst scene Ive EVER witnessed in a haunt. AWFUL! This sadly set the mood for the haunt. 
There was the same El train scene which is decent, and the way too spaced out butcher scene. The house is too wide, and quite often what little scares there are often given away by the open space of the haunt .  
The makeup and detail in the rooms are good, but not utilized properly. The haunt isnt scary, period! 
The scene with the old man and the pregnant lady has the wonderful scare of " She eats too many pies!" The fridege full of doggy parts would have been great if there was some sort of pop out scare, but all we got was "Do you like dogs" from a sitting actor.  
The 3D rooms were decent, as well as the maze. I gave the haunt a 6 based on a scale of 5-10, but it really should be a 2 on a scale of 1-10. No bang for your buck, and many patrons seemed to have that empty feeling I had as we left, as one of the haunt workers ran up to us asking how the haunt was.

10 out of 19 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: scareme13   (Event Visited: 10/13/13 @ 8:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/16/13
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Low | Atmosphere: Good
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Visibility/Location: Easy to find with our GPS. There were signs pointing us to the right direction.

Wait Entertainment: There were a couple of actors running around entertaining people. The loud music that was playing was kind of annoying because it was more pop music than "scary" music.

Length of Event: 25 minutes.

Actor Performance: The actors were decent, I feel like they weren't trying to get you on jump scares though. Nothing jumped out at my group. Could have been better.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: We ran into the group in front of us, but I feel like they were moving slower than usual.

Appropriate Ages: 13+

Props / Special FX: The props and scenery were the best part of this house. It was one of the coolest scenery I have ever seen.

Costumes / Make-up: The costumes fit very well with each themed room. The make-up was done extremely well too.

Summary: Overall, this house was decent, but not worth the wait. After having to wait over two hours just to get in, I wish I would have spent my money elsewhere. The house has not changed at all since last year, except for maybe one or two scenes. If you are looking just for something cool to look at then go here, if you are looking for a good scare then I would avoid spending your money here. I was disappointed with this house and will probably not go back again. Could have been much scarier in the long run.

6 out of 13 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: partycentral   (Event Visited: 10/20/13 @ 8:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/21/13
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Medium | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: Easy to find, lots of signage and police presence

Wait Entertainment: We did the fast pass for an extra $10 so we didn't really experience much, but there were some in character zombies and homeless people walking around, including an actual dog dressed as a skeleton.

Length of Event: Approximately 25 minutes if you walk at a very easy pace and don't rush or snail through.

Actor Performance: Pretty good, although there wasn't a high scare factor; it was more about the quality of acting in my personal opinion.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Pretty good until we got to the 3d area where it backed up but they held us back for a minute and then let us go again. I was actually surprised that no group ran into us because we do go relatively slow. Its important not to run through this attraction because there is a lot of intricate detail in scenes.

Appropriate Ages: 10+

Props / Special FX: Very well done, except barely use of fog which I didn't like

Costumes / Make-up: nicely done

Summary: Overall, great attraction - price wise, It's a little bit high for what you get. I'd say its not worth $25. That being said, if you go, you need to get the fast pass as the line looked like it was pretty long for a night that wasn't that crowded in the parking lot. Great use of sets, costumes and actors and I really liked that no one ran into us in the back. You need to walk through each scene slowly to really see everything, but don't turn around unless you want to see the last guy that scared you right next to you again.

6 out of 18 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: cupajoe415   (Event Visited: 10/17/13 @ 10:15 pm)
Review Posted: 10/21/13
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: There are a few small signs. It kind of sneaks up on you, but when you see the police lights and attendants you are there.

Wait Entertainment: Wait entertainment, was ok. I talked to a girl with not teeth for a bit who asked me on a date, and saw a guy pull out his toungue. They were not astounding but ok. I think it would have been cool to have some more talketive actors out in the lines.

Length of Event: 35 minutes maybe.

Actor Performance: GREAT!!!!! This to me was the best acting I have seen at any haunt. There was no one at all screaming or moaning. Everyone had lines that were interactive and hillarious. I got yelled at for eating pizza, told I needed to be chopped down to size by the subway guy. I got told to watch the qvc special. It was hillariously amazing! A breath of fresh air. Not only did I laugh but I got startled 5 times in this house when that has only happened to me once in the last 20 haunt walkthroughs this year and last. Rabit man was my favorite entertaining charecter.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Ran into another group once, but we change positions in line alot at different points. No problem here.

Appropriate Ages: 10 an up

Props / Special FX: Very good. They had some of the coolest and creative rooms yet. I felt like this haunt was totaly creative and new in the way.

Costumes / Make-up: Also awesome. Great work.

Summary: I wasnt expecting much from the hype I have heard, but I was blown away. This is my favorite house of the year, just because it is so different. I travel to alot of houses every year, and the acting at this house was the best I have seen in the last 6 years of haunting. PHENOMENAL acting guys, for real. The whole atmosphere of this place has a funhouse feel. The only suggestion I would say is regarding the carvinval haunt walkthrough immediatly after fear city. It seemed to move a little slow and had alot of dull endings. While I will say the actors in this area were awesome as well, its pace kind of lost me a bit. I was not entertained enough in each room to warrent the long stay for a popout that wasnt that scary in many. Like I said the actors here were all just as great as in the fear city area, but something was lacking that kind of took the wind out of my sails after going through the fear city section. I dont regret going through both though, as it was creative and fun, but my suggestion might be to swap the order when doing both. I would have much preferred if the fear city house was what I left on.

1 out of 6 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: DragonSlayer   (Event Visited: 10/05/13 @ 8:15 pm)
Review Posted: 10/30/13
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Low | Atmosphere: Good
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Visibility/Location: This haunt is easily seen from the street as several police cars with lights on were helping to direct traffic into the lot. The building itself was lit up with various colored lights.

Wait Entertainment: While waiting in line I was greeted by several actors dressed up in hospital gowns and dirty and torn street clothes.

Length of Event: about 30 minutes.

Actor Performance: Very good actor performances. No one broke character and a lot of them interacted with you on various levels.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Not good at all. When I went there was an incident inside the haunt where someone had gotten sick and thrown up. This in turned caused a longer wait and in turn what seemed like a rushing of patrons through the attraction. We went in with a group of about 9 people and ended up having people catch us from behind forming a long conga line through the haunt with about 30 people! It definitely ruined the experience for me and some of the scares and atmosphere.

Appropriate Ages: I would say 10 and up.

Props / Special FX: Definitely top notch. Some very interesting use of animatronics and some cool set pieces as well.

Costumes / Make-up: Some costumes were very elaborate and well done while others were just okay. The makeup was fairly good but nothing memorable.

Summary: What can I say about Fear City that hasn't been said before? Fear City seems to be a haunted house that doesn't really know what it is. It tries to have a theme then it breaks into some strange and confusing universe. It tries to be scary then it lets you down with some inconsistent scene transition and confusing character. 
Fear City cannot just be branded bad altogether though as it has some interesting things about it. Being my first time there I didn't know what to expect but I wasn't necessarily let down unless I wanted to buy into its claim as being the best haunt in Chicago. Fear City features a very cool and elaborate Chicago scene and L-Train ride. They make use of very neat set pieces and lighting which I have yet to see duplicated in other attractions. They actually use what look like fluorescent light strips as partial strobes and the hallway scene in the hospital takes a neat approach of using the wall mounted lamps to dimmer, flicker, then shut off and flash on almost randomly. Combine that with the actors which get in your face and you have a very neat effect that elicits a reaction from patrons. There is also a very neat white room with a huge strobe bar and white actors.  
While much of Fear City did seem like an excuse to claim a huge set up by putting very little in some areas, others had gobs of details and actors. The problem though is that much of Fear City makes absolutely no sense. The scenes seem to go from an apocalyptic setting in Chicago to some random antique shop, home, and even a swamp like area! I think that Fear City should be given props for their level of detail and great actors but it begs the question of what haunted house is supposed to be. Being as though I typically put scarier attractions above others I will leave Fear City on a note that it is an attraction that should at least be checked out especially if you are a fan of Chicago. They have some interesting stuff and even a 3D part but overall Fear City seems to be more about sets and props than about scares and coherency. Perhaps they will continue to make changes and work into the large area that they have but for now Fear City is the haunt that is going through its growing pains.





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