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Halloween Industry Message Boards

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Illinois Halloween Message Boards

Here you will find several forums dedicated to Halloween, Haunted Houses, Haunt Industry Conventions and even "The Supernatural" ! There is also the place to go if you want to post feedback about Make your voice heard. Visit today!

(Hits - 34,018)
Haunted Illinois has launched this Halloween-themed online community, where Illinoisans with similar interests can share photos, journals and interests, with their growing network of mutual friends. Its a great networking tool. Join today!

(Hits - 16,452)
Sinister Space is a social community specifically for those interested in Halloween, Horror, Haunts, and Paranormal interests. Join Haunted Illinois on this great haunt/horror community!

(Hits - 864)
Haunted Illinois has launched a new online community on Join today, so you can share photos and interact with people who have similar interests. It's awesome for networking!

(Hits - 2,880)
Check out Haunted Illinois' LiveJournal page. LiveJournal is an online journal service with an emphasis on user interaction. Visit today to network with people who have similar interests.

(Hits - 8,193)
Visit Haunted Illinois' Facebook page. Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them and is very popular with Halloween and Haunted House enthusiasts.

(Hits - 4,058)
7.Haunted Connection Message Board (site:
Message Board dedicated to the Haunted Connection Actor Database, as well as the "Haunted Alliance" (an Actor's Coalition in the Chicagoland area).

(Hits - 8,940)
8.Raven's Gab Inn (site:
Welcome to the Ravens Grin Inn rest room wall!! Unfortunately only Mr. Tuxedo has the right to post here (and maybe Jim if he is good). So sit back and enjoy!!

(Hits - 2,290)
9.What is Scary?Horror Message Boards (site:
This forum, sponsored by the Trail of Screams Haunted Attraction (Rockford, IL), is a place where people can discuss horror movies, haunted houses and anything scary.

(Hits - 2,851)
10.Yahoo Group: Haunt Club Chicago
This Group is for the members & friends of the Halloween Lists who have Home or Yard Haunts in the Chicagoland Area. Who like to get together, visit spooky places, & build Halloween Props.

(Hits - 2,120)

Other Halloween Message Boards

11.Ghost Droppings Forums (site:
Various message boards to discuss Halloween, pranks, costume ideas, recipes, horror movies and more!

(Hits - 2,168)
12.Halloween Discussion Forum (site:
Several Halloween message boards where people can discuss the Halloween, props, costume ideas, horror movies/literature and more.

(Hits - 3,541)
13.Halloween-L Message Forums (site:
Forum with Halloween-L news updates and boards to discuss Halloween audio & video, costumes, make-up, yard haunts and more!

(Hits - 2,596)
14.Hallowmaster's Message Forum
A number of message boards dedicated to Halloween, horror movie reviews, ghost stories, costume and mask ideas, Halloween recipes, prop-building tips and more!

(Hits - 2,011)
15.Haunt Universe (site:
Haunt Universe - (site: is a social network where Haunt Industry owners, actors, home haunters, and enthusiasts can communicate. Vendors can directly give you updates about current projects, newest items etc.

(Hits - 2,395)
16.Haunted Attraction Magazine Message Board (site:
Haunted Attraction Magazine Message Board - (site:
A forum sponsored by Haunted Attraction Magazine where people can talk about horror movies, Haunted Houses or anything related to Halloween.

(Hits - 5,806)
17.Haunted Wisconsin Forums (site:
Several forums where people can discuss various Halloween-related topics for the state of Wisconsin.

(Hits - 2,352)
18.HauntSearch Message Board
Message board to discuss various Halloween-related topics.

(Hits - 2,002)
19.Hauntworld Forums (site:
Hauntworld Forums - (site:
Lots of Halloween-related forums to discuss Halloween, Hauntworld Magazine, acting, haunted houses and other related topics.

(Hits - 10,194)
20.Hauntworld Message Board (old) (site:
This is a message board where people can discuss various Halloween-related topics.

(Hits - 2,915)
21.Random Sanity Message Boards (site:
Several message boards where people can discuss filmmaking, horror movies, haunted attractions and more.

(Hits - 2,281)
22.Sinister Space (site:
Sinister Space is a social community specifically for those interested in Halloween, Horror, Haunts, and Paranormal interests.

(Hits - 1,273) Message Board (site:
Forum for monster movie fans

(Hits - 2,043)
24.Yahoo: Allscreamers - Chicago Screamers
Hello all you Boils and Gouls! This is a group deadicated to acting at haunted houses. Come here to share ideas, methods, and other various things (that would result in CRAZINESS).

(Hits - 2,008)
25.Yahoo: Costumers
An informal group to discuss design, construction, and wearing of costumes for theater, dance, reenacting, competition, business, Halloween or just plain fun.

(Hits - 2,249)
26.Yahoo: Destiny Unknown
This is a club devoted to fantasy,sci-fi, and horror of all types and forms. We begin our journey here in this realm beyond the fringe of reality ... and we will end we know not where, for we are headed for a Destiny Unknown.

(Hits - 1,909)
27.Yahoo: Ghosts N Ghouls
Do you want to talk and learn about Ghosts,Nightmares,Physic abilitiy.Obe's etc: or anything of the paranormal. Do you have pictures you don't understand but want to find answers to ? Well then you've joined the right group.

(Hits - 2,206)
28.Yahoo: Halloween
Halloween, Haunted Houses, Hayrides, and Theme Parks mailing list for individuals that are involved or just enjoy the Halloween entertainment industry.

(Hits - 2,267)
29.Yahoo: Halloween-Horror2
Discussions revolve around Halloween, costume, makeup, haunt and party ideas. As well as horror movies and books, the netherworld, other worlds, myths, legends, the occult and other matters of group interest.

(Hits - 2,181)
30.Yahoo: Hauntworld Group (site:
This is a Yahoo club sponsored by, where people discuss haunted houses, and various Halloween-related topics.

(Hits - 3,240)
31.Yahoo: Midnight Syndicate Chat Group
Yahoo: Midnight Syndicate Chat Group -
Midnight Syndicate are a gothic/symphonic act from Concord, Ohio, who, for the past seven years, have been creating classic horror soundtracks for your imagination.

(Hits - 2,365)
32.Yahoo: Ripper's Halloween Club
Have a HAUNTED HOUSE this year and need some ideas? Become a member and view all our scary ideas and post some of yours for others to see!

(Hits - 2,399)
33.Yahoo: The Master of Splatter
This group is dedicated to the Master of Splatter (Tom Savini) and his works!

(Hits - 1,970)

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