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2004 Review of Joliet Jaycees' Haunted House of Terror
( Joliet, IL )
This review was supplied by an outside source. The opinions expressed on this page do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff of Haunted Illinois does not endorse, support, represent, or guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness, or reliability of this review.
Reviewed by :hauntmonkey
Date of Review :10/22/04
Scare Factor :
Overall Score :5    (On a scale of 5-10, with 10 being the best)
Review :Alrighty... normally when i submit reviews, i tell the truth. Nothing left out, nothing left behind. The only thing i don't say is the scares itself for those who want to go there themselves. Joliet Jaycees is located in the Louis Joliet Mall off of Rt. 30 this year. There are no signs leading up to the haunted house except for the one that is right in front of the house. It doesn't even tell you what doors to go in. There is nothing whatsoever which sets the mood. But anyway, you enter through the mall doors and to the left is the entrance to the house. I got in the lobby and it was about as big as my room. About 5 feet by 6 feet... not very big. The first thing i noticed was the construction. It was safer than last year because there were some already built walls that they used. But the walls they did build lacked safety in it's construction. No bracing on the bottom and little bracing on the top. Basically one piece of plywood overlapping another piece of plywood and then screwed together. No 2X4's used to hold the walls up except for at the top. I'm surprized the house is still standing.  
Anyway... on to the rooms. There were a couple of rooms i noticed that if got caught on fire, the house would go up immidiately. Including the ever popular and unsafe visqueen or however you spell it. Black tarp that if caught on fire will send harmfull chemicals into the air and kill everyone inside the contsruct within a matter of 20 seconds. The only things i liked about this house was 2 rooms. I'm not going to tell you which rooms they are in case some of you want to visit anyway. But they were unbelievable. However one of the rooms was copied off of a movie and is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Other things i noticed (negative): No wait entertainment, actors lacked hiding space ( i could see them all) Not very much detail in the rooms except for the two i mentioned) All in all i give it a 5 out of 10. 1 Pt for the two rooms. 2 pts for somewhat safer walls than last year and the other 2 pts for just making it out alive! (no not from being scared) i feared for my safety through the whole house. If you want to pay money to risk getting yourself killed (although i don't condone it, then by all means go to this house.



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