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2004 Review of Hauntmania The Village of Darkness
( Marion, IL )
This review was supplied by an outside source. The opinions expressed on this page do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff of Haunted Illinois does not endorse, support, represent, or guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness, or reliability of this review.
Reviewed by :SIUstudent
Date of Review :10/11/04
Scare Factor :
Very Low   
Overall Score :5    (On a scale of 5-10, with 10 being the best)
Review :17 MINUTES OF SESAME STREET'S HALLOWEEN EPISODE-- Out of the many haunted houses and haunted events I have been to, Hauntmania was definately the worst. The whole experience was quite poor. First of all, I came one night when it was "open" and could not find the place. It is located at a mall, so you'd think it would be easy to find, but their opening week I could not find it.I drove all around the mall and mall area three times. This past weekend they had some lights on so I finally found it after driving around the back of the mall. 
Second, a good portion of the props were stuff you'd find at Walmart and Target. I had some of the exact props for decorating my house. Not much money was put into this event. 
Third, the event was ruined because of some little kids (about 6 and 11 years old) on the tour. I purposely went at 11:00pm on a weekend to try to avoid this. So there were 7 adults on the tour and 2 little kids. The 3 workers there had to dumb down the tour to make it less scary for them. These kids had already went through once and ruined every scare for the rest of the group. "Watch out, something comes out behind that wall!" Yeah, thanks for your help kids. The tour guide mostly ignored the adults and just centered the tour around the children. Even then, they screamed as loud as the could at every "scary" thing. I think they damaged my hearing. Well, I'm sorry to sound rude, but I do not go to a haunted house that late at night to feel like I'm in disneyland. The worst part was the brief one minute "maze" part of the tour. GO THIS WAY! and one of the kids hit me in the back. So we found the solution to get out of the maze in record time. I felt so disappointed at the end of the tour. It might not have been as bad if the little kids weren't there. If I was the tour guide lady, I would have let the adults go through again. It wasn't like the place was crowded, it was pretty dead.  
If I could rate this place a 1 I would. Which is a shame because it cost $7.00 to go through. I wish at least part of it was going to charity so at least I can feel good about the waste of money. Families with little kids, even this might be a waste of money for you, I've seen much better haunted houses for children. I just moved down south from Rockford, IL and the haunted events down here are limited. If you live in Southern Illinois, make a trip north to Dream Reapers or Raven's Grin Inn. I'm going to miss those places this year. :(



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