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Transworld 2006 Overview

Transworld Exhibits didn't allow people to take pictures this year.Upon entering the convention center I had my camera in hand, ready to take as many pictures as I could of all the great new props that the Industry had to offer (as I had done at Transworld for the past five years). Imagine my surprise as I walked in, only to see signs posted everywhere, stating “No Cameras or Videotaping Allowed”. How disappointing! Perhaps I missed this announcement? I don’t recall seeing any such rule on the registration form or anywhere else, for that matter. When was this rule put into effect and why? Were vendors complaining that people were copying their products? Is that why pictures were not allowed? Anyway, every time I had my badge scanned at the different show entrances I was warned not to take any pictures (the show staff saw the camera hanging around my neck).  I must admit that it did get a little annoying. After a full day of being “reminded” of their new rule, I went to the show office to get a Press Pass, so I wouldn’t be hassled every time someone saw my camera. I was able to get the Press Pass without any trouble so it all worked out for the best, but I wish I had known about this rule ahead of time.  Other than that minor issue, the show seemed to go off without a hitch.

Well, the Haunter’s Pavilion was a lot bigger this year and thanks to Crazy Bob Turner, there were some great activities planned (the results of which can be viewed on With the many competitions and contests going on throughout the weekend, I was often torn between sticking around the Haunter’s Pavilion to see the competitions and exploring the show floor, to see the latest items that the exhibitors had to offer. After all, I only had a couple of days to cover the entire show and my schedule was pretty tight. Regrettably, in order to cover all the show floor that I wanted to, I had to miss out on some of the Pavilion activities. The Pavilion was definitely much bigger this year and with the increased number of activities, it seemed to be a much more popular with the attendees than it had been last year. 

While the Haunter’s Pavilion had increased in size, I was a little disappointed to see that the Haunter section on the second floor of the convention center (which was one of the main reasons I attend the show in the first place) covered less area than it did last year. There just didn’t seem to be as many booths this year. The Dark Zone was also considerably smaller. I would estimate that it was only about half the size it was last year. While six vendors reserved space in the Dark Zone, the majority of real estate was occupied by The Scarefactory. That is no big surprise, as The Scarefactory has dominated the Dark Zone for as long as I can remember. The Scarefactory's Headless Horseman animation seemed to be the crowd favorite of the Dark Zone, judging by the small, informal survey that I conducted of people walking through. 

Unlike the Haunter section of the show, the Halloween section on the first floor seemed to be more densely packed with vendor booths. While there were a lot of wholesale Halloween vendors in this area, there were also a large number of companies that sold items to the Haunted Attraction Industry (Midnight Syndicate, Morbid Industries, Prop Masters, Screamline Studios and Wolfe Brothers, just to name a few). Just like in previous years, the Halloween section was a lot quieter and tamer than the Haunter side of the show. With its more relaxed business-like atmosphere, the Halloween section was quite a contrast to the clouds of fog, active animated props, loud sound effects and overall raucous conditions of the Haunter section upstairs. 

In the rest of this overview you will find eight picture galleries, containing about 400 pictures, showing you the Halloween section, the Dark Zone, and just about everything in between. But these are more than just plain, ordinary picture galleries. Many of the pictures of exhibitor booths (especially those taken in the Haunter Section) have captions and hyperlinks attached to them, to help you identify which company’s products are shown in the pictures. Many of the photos of show attendees also have captions and hyperlinks attached to them, as well. 

Also included in this overview are reviews of the Raven’s Grin and Dream Reapers, which are Haunted Attractions that were open during the weekend of the convention. The Raven’s Grin Inn is one of the most unique attractions in existence and is always fun to go through. Dream Reapers, which has been rated the number one Illinois Haunted Attraction by the staff of, is also a must-see event. 

Overall, the Transworld Halloween, Costume and Party Show was a great experience. If you haven’t attended the Transworld show in Chicago, I highly recommend it. With hundreds of suppliers featuring a wide variety of their newest and most exciting Halloween and Haunted House products, attendees get a sneak peek at the best wares that the Industry has to offer. In many cases these vendors feature their new products at Transworld well before they are featured in catalogs or on their websites. This show is where you can see it all firsthand. With the great social activities that are  scheduled, Transworld is also a great networking opportunity. 

Well, I hope you enjoy our Transworld write-up! To check out the rest of the overview, use the menu along the top of this page to navigate through the different sections. After you check out all the picture galleries and other sections, don’t forget to let us know what you thought of it. Did you like it? Did you hate it? Feel free to send me an email with your feedback. 

Happy Haunting,

Adam Drendel
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