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2008 Transworld Vegas: "Haunt Tour"

During Transworld weekend on March 16th, there was a Haunt Tour in Las Vegas.  Since Las Vegas doesn't really have any permanent Haunted Attractions, getting to see multiple Vegas haunts set up in the off-season was quite a treat.  For the price of admission, attendees received bus transportation to and from the event, with the opportunity to tour four fully-operational haunted attractions.  A Southwestern buffet and two drink tickets were also included, as well as a goody bag filled with Vegas information, coupons and a free copy of Hauntworld Magazine.  

The first trailer haunt, called the "Haunted Mansion", had a fantastic facade.  With the facade in place, you really couldn't tell it was a trailer haunt.  This attraction consisted of various scenes of assorted themes, including a toxic waste accident, disgusting kitchen and a mad scientist's lab.  While the scenes weren't elaborately detailed, this haunt utilized effective "back to basics" scare techniques like drop-panels and distraction scares.  Exiting the Mansion,  a ramp led you outside into a haunted graveyard, with headstones, fresh grave mounds and a surprise or two along the way.  The other trailer haunt, "Morbid Clown Manor", also had an impressive facade to help conceal the fact that it was a trailer attraction.  Before going through, patrons were handed 3D glasses to enhance the overall experience.  Inside the haunt there were blacklight-illuminated glowing paint splatters, geometric shapes and other 3D artwork.  For added effect, string, skulls and other props were hanging from the ceiling in some of the rooms.      

Of all of the Haunted Attractions there, I enjoyed the indoor haunt "Mystery House" the most.  Stone wall shaped vacu-form panels were used on the outside of the entrance to set the mood for the attraction while you were waiting in line.  Throughout the entire attraction, the ceiling was covered, which helped give the event more of a creepy, claustrophobic feel.  This attraction consisted of several highly detailed scenes, including a dungeon, a séance and a Frankenstein's monster scene. Throughout the haunted house there was a nice mix of actors and animated props. The acting style in this haunt was different from the other attractions.  Unlike the pop-out scares used in the Haunted Mansion, actors in this attraction had theatrical, speaking roles.  They did a great job of interacting with the patrons, which made the tour more entertaining.     

As advertised on the Viva Haunt Vegas website, attendees were also supposed to have "access to a trailer haunt that is under construction".  I looked around, but never did find it.  I didn't get the free t-shirt they advertised either.  Perhaps it was just an oversight? Either way, I definitely can't complain about the overall value of this event.  It was well worth the admission price to get bus transportation, tours of multiple Haunted Attractions and a dinner buffet all for only $50 (especially considering the high prices in Las Vegas!).  I can imagine planning an event as large as this for nearly 1,000 people must have been a logistical nightmare.  Kudos to everyone involved in organizing this Haunter outing.  I really enjoyed the tour and I'm glad I had the opportunity to see what haunted attractions are like on the other side of the country.   

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Transworld Haunt Tour

Intro | Haunt Tour | Auction | IAHA | Gallery: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6








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