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2008 Transworld New Product Preview

Here is a sneak-peak of some of the great new products that will be seen at the Transworld Haunt Show in Vegas.  

Abracadaver Productions
Larry Carr, Owner
(714) 526-7334

Booth #8516

10 years in business 
4 years exhibiting at Transworld

NEW for 2008: Werewolf full body suit on stilts

(click on picture to enlarge)

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Bloody Mary
Bobbie Weiner, Owner
(817) 615-8610

Booth #4627

11 years in business 
9 years exhibiting at Transworld

NEW for 2008: Bloody Mary's "Make Up To Die For" Serial Killer Kit

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BodybaG Entertainment
(313) 377-5100

Booth #5050

4 years in business 
2 years exhibiting at Transworld

BodyBaG entertainment has done something that few have done in the industry! That’s right, the gang at BodyBag entertainment has LISTENED to you, the BUYER, The HAUNTER, and as delivered what YOU asked for this season.

YOU Loved our appliances BUT you ASKED for PREPAINTED HALFMASK versions, YOU GOT IT! BodyBag is now offering PRO PAINTED thicker versions of our Appliances!

YOU Loved our ZOMBIESKINZ BUT you ASKED for a more AFFORDABLE USER FRIENDLY version, YOU GOT IT! BodyBag is now Offering ZOMBIESKINZ PONCHOS the perfect solution and add-on to your costuming needs!

YOU ASKED for a XTREME HAUNT FX DVD, YOU GOT IT!!!!! BodyBag has produced a INSTRUCTIONAL, ENTERTAINING, and EDUCATIONAL FX DVD that is sure to be your Favorite!

YOU ASKED for AFFORDABLE props, something a little smaller but under 40.00 bucks, well that's RIGHT YOU GOT IT! BODYBAG has PRODUCED ZOMBEENIEBABIES! Speaking of BABIES, YOU said that your haunted Nursery was missing something! You ASKED for something Special well YOU GOT IT! BodyBag Has produced the TERRIBLE2SIES LINEUP of Two year old ZOMBIE PROPS!

YOU ASKED for something to make the Customers go EWWWWWWWW! YOU GOT IT! BodyBag has Now produced the FETUS FLINGER COSTUME! If they don’t go EWWWWWWWWW Now they never will!

YOU asked for Those really cool skullCaps that you see Me wearing, well YOU GOT IT! but instead of just a skullcap I went one further, INTRODUCING the EXPOSED BRAIN SKULL CAP



And don’t forget to ASK us what else is NEW!

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Bone Yard Effects
Larry Bones
(800) 878-0566

Booth #3856

15 years in business 
5 years exhibiting at Transworld

New for 2008:

  • Fx Faces Prosthetics : Bat, Fish, Spider, Redesigned Troll and Redesigned

  • Rip Off Zombie

  • Fx Ears : Warty, Redesigned Elf and Double tips

(click on pictures to enlarge)

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Gina Swarr, Owner
(928) 271-0300

Booth #8920

3 months in business 
1 year exhibiting at Transworld

New Product: Custom Haunted Attraction Tokens and Scream Queen Collectables 

ChainsawChips are GREAT for promotions, ticketing, contests and marketing your haunted attraction! Priced at only 80 cents each, this unique new product will be a favorite keepsake for your patrons! Our team can customize the front, back AND edge of your 10 gram chip. There are NO artwork or setup fees.

ChainsawChips also carries a "never before seen" line of scream queen collectable chips, so please stop by booth # 8920 to check them out! :)

(click on pictures to enlarge)

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ClearCut Operations Inc.
Ken Darrigo
(845) 926-4789

Booth #8515

1 year in business 
1 year exhibiting at Transworld

ClearCut Operations Inc., the haunted attraction industry's newest software provider, unveils Point of Sale solution and Asset Management Suite at TransWorld Vegas Booth 8515.

ClearCut Point of Sale (POS) focuses on the demanding and unique accountability needs of the haunt industry. One all-inclusive system handles your Ticketing, Concession, Retail, and Online Ticketing operations.


  • Print tickets on demand at time of sale.
  • Unlimited ticket types. Sell General Admission, VIP (RIP) tickets, Free Passes, and more from one printer. No need to order custom tickets each year.
  • Full ticket layout control.
  • Track your marketing and sales by zip code collection and reporting.
  • Track ticket and product sales by the hour.
  • Accept date specific coupons and/or free passes.
  • Track refunds, voids, reissued, revoked transactions by cashier, workstation, or workstation type.
  • Temperatures and precipitation linked to sales data.
  • Ticketing, Retail, Concession, and Online ticketing feed into one condensed system.
  • You set cashier permissions until a manager's approval is needed.
  • Monitor sales in real time
  • Set nightly capacity limits.

ClearCut Asset Management Suit (AMS) allows any business to effectively track and maintain their assets with complete history, costing, maintenance, and depreciation. Track your assets by signing in/out and record any lost, stolen, or damaged items over the years in one central location.


  • Track the full inventory of your animatronics, props, costumes, tools, and more.
  • Assign a building and location to each asset. Change the location as your assets move.
  • Keeps a maintenance history of your assets including total cost.
  • Record lost, damaged, stolen, or assets that have been sold.
  • Values your asset inventory by purchase price or current depreciative value in the event of an insurance loss or possible sale.
  • Sign in and out assets along with a complete history. Great for lending costumes to actors!
  • Allows you to attach user manuals or any type of file to the asset profile for better organization.
  • Builds a hardcopy catalog of your assets according to building, vendor, asset type, or asset name.
  • Multiple reports to assist you keep track of your assets.

About ClearCut Operations, Inc.:

ClearCut Operations was introduced by Ken Darrigo in 2007. Coupling 10 years experience with point of sale software and 13 years as a multi-attraction haunted house owner, he saw the immediate need for a system that helped the outdoor entertainment industry control their events. ClearCut Operations is based out of Newburgh, New York.

For more information on ClearCut Operations visit or call 845-926-4789.

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Digital Sound & Lighting
Stan Jung, Owner
(314) 725-6415

Booth #8315

13 years in business 
12 years exhibiting at Transworld

Some of our New Products are: 

  • Digital Audio Players with Hand Programmable Relays for Animations (do it on the fly)

  • Cut your own length Step Pad Roll 30"wide X 25' long roll

  • Static Props

  • Scenic Materials

  • Weatherproof Audio Repeaters

  • LED Lighting

  • Haunted Attraction Consulting and Rehabing and MORE.

We plan on having a lot of show specials, so be sure to stop by and see us at booth #8315.

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Distortions Unlimited
Janene Johnson, Customer Service
(970) 351-0100

Booth #9215

30 years in business 
24 years exhibiting at Transworld

Krazy Kristen
Demented woman strapped to a metal rack (rack is approx. 6-6 ½' tall). She has a straight jacket on, a bite guard, and is undergoing therapy' – Very Wild Movement!! Similar in price and impact to Jolt & Bolt. She says different things between screams. 
Approx. weight: 100 – 150 pounds

Dog from Hell
Mangy, very ugly and vicious dog. Is laying down, then suddenly lifts up with wild movement and barking, spraying 'drool' as it's head turns back and forth.
Approx. weight: 100 – 150 pounds

Flying Freak
Impressive character is crouched down and saying creepy stuff with his hands covering his face then he swoops up overhead (approx. 10-12 ft.), with demon screeching. Head and hands are oversized (approx. twice normal size) and character has a long hooded 'robe'.
Approx. weight: 400 – 500 pounds

Head Squisher
Very cool illusion that makes it appear that the victim's head gets squished. Approx. 2 ft x 3 ft. 'window'. (Can be seen on our website by entering store, click on set design and then on Scarefair products.) - ONLY we will be selling it in the smaller 'window' size. Includes sound.
Approx. weight: 100 – 200 pounds

Scarecrow character is 'hanging out' with his head cocked sideways and down, approx. 2 to 3 ft. off the ground – he jumps down and forward as his head lifts up! Sound included.

Giant 4 ft. Head. Talks, eyes look right & left, head turns left & right and leans forward. Includes sound, fog, par light and strobe (optional intelligent lighting available). An impressive centerpiece attraction! Customized audio available.
Approx. weight: Heavy

The Owl
Very realistic 3 ft. Owl Prop (latex and foam filled) with lit eyes.
Approx. weight: 30 – 60 pounds

Dropping Bridge
This high strength, heavy metal bridge is designed to hold a dozen people safely, as one side drops during your scare. Rubber and metal hinged ramps move with the bridge, allowing your guests safe and east access to and from the bridge. 4 ft wide x 8 ft. bridge plus two ramps which are each 4 ft wide x 3 ft long. Includes safety handrails with metal mesh sides. The bridge is designed to sit on a flat surface, not span an open space.
Approx. weight: Heavy

New Hungry Gator
Extremely realistic movement! 12 foot Gator cast off an actual Florida Gator moves back & forth and mouth snaps open and shut as his head turns.
Approx. weight: Heavy

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Edge Designs
Matt Marich, Owner
(602) 944-7385

Booth #8208

12 years in business 
7 years exhibiting at Transworld

Be sure to stop by booth #8208 to see Edge Designs' new "Go Blow effects". These free standing animated characters move with a creepy motion, then suddenly blow a strong stream of scented smoke.

(click on pictures to enlarge)


(click on picture to watch video)

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Elswarro Productions
Jason, Editor - Commercial Production
(928) 919-1847

Booth #8920

5 years in business 
1 year exhibiting at Transworld

New Product: Elswarro Que Line Entertainment DVD Version 3

This 30 minute looped dvd is filled with horrifying video clips and images that will
get your customers in the haunting mood! Contains all footage from previous versions as well!

It's the best ambient horror dvd on the market today!

(click on picture to watch video)

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Fright Props, LLC
Doug Anderson, President
(952) 942-6700

Booths #4850 & #8908

6 years in business 
5 years exhibiting at Transworld

FrightProps will have a new line of dead animal props including; mounted horse head, slaughtered piglets, and various sea creatures.

(click on pictures to enlarge)

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Ghostride Productions
Michael J. Chaille, President
(425) 452-0400

Booths #8508 & #8608

9 years in business 
9 years exhibiting at Transworld

To get a sneak peak of what Ghostride Productions will be bringing with them to Transworld Vegas, click here.

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Gore Galore
Kevin Alvey aka "Mr. Gore"
(812) 622-0088

Booth #8808

10 years in business 
10 years exhibiting at Transworld

Transworld is almost here. I am excited because we really developed some products that I think will knock your socks off.

However, You will just have to come by our Booth # 8808 at Transworld to see everything. But don't worry. You won't miss us. Just look for the Giant Blood Splat in the sky.

And here is a run down of what you will find, and all items we bring to the show we are selling off the floor. All sold items will be marked "Sold" and we have already sold many of them.

We have added 6 new My Pet Zombies to the product line and we also have the ability to costume these Zombies any way you wish. So you need a Cowboy, Pirate, Butcher, Doctor, Chef, Red Neck, Inmate etc... Anything you want we can do.

You will see and hear the Scream Cube. Our insanely loud Portable actor worn or costume mounted multi track MP3 player system. The only thing I worry about is the Convention telling us to not activate it. It is over 90 decibels and might bother some of our neighbors.

I am very excited to announce a new product that I have wanted to do for 5 years. The Bunrakboo Puppet Illusions. This allows us to take any one of our My Pet Zombies and turn them into Life size puppets. Used in the dark with the Custom made Black velvet suit. You will completely freak out your patrons. Because they can tell it is a prop and not a person. They will never suspect it is alive. And when you combine this with the impact with the Scream Cube you will have some wetters guaranteed.

Lets not forget about the Weapons of Mass Destruction. This is a full line of latex and foam Bone handled hand hammered Hand held Actor Weapons. Say that three times fast, and they are like nothing else on the market.

And of Course we have several costumes we have developed

First of is the Scare "O" Jack. This is a 11' Scarecrow with a Jackolantern Head that turns left and right and has built in lighted eyes. It is perfect in a corn maze or any outdoor event. And it is huge.

Next is the Cathulu. It is 9' tall with a skull and moving tentacles. It should be interested to see how people react to this piece.

Lastly is the Tree Beast. This is a nod to our history. We started in this business building Parade puppets, and this is built the same way. It stands 13' tall and will make a huge impression coming out of the woods. And we have developed Scream Cube sounds exclusively for this system.

You have already heard about our revision of Art for our website and Sounds of Gore CD library. We will have our entire library available for sale at the show along with many promotional items from pens, keychains, Gore Galore t-shirts, and Gore Galore Gas attendant shirts.

Every buyer over $500 will receive a Free T-shirt, or Gas attendant shirt, keychain and pen. 
Plus all who come by our booth will Receive a Catalog with DVD for your viewing pleasure.

So, come by our Booth (#8808) and Getcha Some Gore! 

(click on pictures to enlarge)


(click on pictures to watch video)

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Joe Persampiere, President
(631) 220-3424

Booth #8512

3 years in business 
1 year exhibiting at Transworld

New items being introduced for 2008:

  • A complete line of Horror Electric Props & Horror Animatronics Excellent quality & Excellent Pricing DESIGNED EXCLUSIVELY FOR HAUNTEDPROPS.COM

  • Introducing a complete line of Haunted House Accessories Called The Severed Collection. Really Cool Stuff Designed and Created by 

  • Our most exciting new product. Introducing our own exclusive Prop sensor with timer with multiple plugs. Just plug anything that needs to be triggered by a sensor. Props, Lights, Sound, Fog Etc. NO WIRING AT ALL. VERY SIMPLE TO USE. Only $69.00.

  • The Ultimate Gore Static Props Designed by the Famous Creepy Master sold exclusively through Zombies, Jane Doe, John Doe, Severed Heads. All types of dead bodies/ Perfect for your Haunted House or Halloween Party

  • Fire Retardant Black Plastic rolls from 10 Foot x 100 Foot to 20 Foot X 100 Foot Rolls at great prices

  • Wholesale division offering super discounts on 100's of Halloween Items 

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Midnight Syndicate
Edward Douglas, President

Booth #4045

12 years in business 
10 years exhibiting at Transworld

New product: "The Rage": Official Motion Picture Soundtrack by Midnight Syndicate

Midnight Syndicate's score of Robert Kurtzman's drive-in/late-night horror show thriller, "The Rage." Signature Midnight Syndicate dark atmospherics mixed with high octane, blood-pumping action and chase themes. Being the score to an actual film, "The Rage" CD, is much more atmospheric than typical Midnight Syndicate releases and containing big, dynamic movements that follow the action in what is a very intense, high-energy horror film. (53 minutes)

Come see Dee Snider of Van Helsing's Curse at the booth on Sunday from 3pm-5pm and Monday from 11am-1pm. 

(Click on picture to enlarge) 

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Jerry Jewel, Owner
(916) 600-2295

In the Dark Zone

3 years in business 
2 years exhibiting at Transworld

Transworld - known by several other names - is the largest Haunt show in the country. This year it is in Las Vegas from March 15-19. We'll be there in the Dark Zone and also in Smoothons booth.

SkullTroniX now consists of a team of very talented and dedicated haunters from a variety of disciplines. We have Chuck Sommerville doing electronic and LED circuit design. Mike Fox does all the great voices, sound effects, music and animation. Kathryn Jewell is running production. Bryan Davis is handling design and production of the MoCap and Exorcist product lines. I, Jerry handle new product design, sales and marketing. Bryan Patterson is here on a temporary basis doing mold design and after that he will be handling production of the new Skeletron product.

It has long been our desire in our own haunt to have a totally integrated control system that would handle all lights, video, animatronics, sounds and props. We have achieved that goal and we call it "Intergated Haunt Control". With a single PC running VSA and our Exorcist system you can control up to 8 rooms in a haunt. The system has a short learning curve and the software is very easy to setup and use. No programming language to learn. Everything is controlled with simple pull-down menus. Come stop by the booth and we'll be happy to show you how it works.

So what's new for Transworld?

GhostBust - a 3D bust projection system. Includes palm size projector, bust and custom animation and voice by Mike Fox. Similar to the busts in Haunted Mansion..

SkeleTron - animated free standing 5'6" skeleton to mount our SkullTroniX on. The mechanics are hidden from view. You can walk around it while it operates and not see any wires or mechanisms. Arms move 180 in 2 directions, elbows bend 90, wrists turn 180, torso turns 180. We're hoping you will think this is the hottest product at the show! If only it could walk!

Exorcist - 8 room input system for haunts. When used with VSA it allows control of video, lights, props, and animatronics all from one PC.

MoCap - Live motion control of the SkullTroniX and other servo operated props. Let an actor control your SkullTroniX and interact with the crowd live! Mocap includes Data Capture for saving sound and animations to VSA files for later playback. It also works with other servo driven props.

Sequencer - multiple VSA routine software controller.

Board of Chuckee - 16 channel DMX fully software programmable servo and LED controller. Comes complete with cables, power supply, LED RGB lights and configuration program. This is THE most advanced servo controller on the market. The fact that it is also DMX compatible means it can be up to 1000' from the controller or even run wireless with appropriate transceiver/receiver..

Of course we'll also have the award winning SkullTroniX, Torture Cages, DMX Lighting and more!

We'll have daily product awards (see your coupon book).

And finally, if you have a Rev3 SkullTroniX and wish to upgrade to the DMX version, we are offering the upgrade for $300. If you don't have the DMX light kit then you will also need the $60 DMX adaptor for your PC.

Best regards to all - hope to see you all at Transworld!

As always - you can call me on my cell at 916 600-2295 to ask questions, complain or share jokes anytime!

Jerry Jewell
Founder of Scary U and SkullTroniX
Now just another one of the creative team

(click on picture to watch video)

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Spookywoods FX
Kersey Valley, Inc.
Tony Wohlgemuth, President
(336) 517-2442

Booth #8820

23 years in business 
1 year exhibiting at Transworld

Our Company Mission: Create high end extremely detailed costume skin that turn an actor into a creature of the night instantly.

Our goal: Bring 20 High End full body costumes skins that turn your haunt actor into a film quality monster -- No makeup -- instantly. For sale at Transworld Las Vegas Show in March 16-19 from 9:30am to 5:30pm, so make room in your suit case. This is a cash and carry show, so bring CASH!  

(click on pictures to enlarge)


(click on pictures to watch video)

Come See these awesome suits in action at the Viva Haunt Vegas 2008 Haunt Tour.  Sunday March 16th 

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Unit 70
Bo Bruns, Owner
(614) 225-0183

Unit 70 Props will be at the Haunt Auction at Circus Circus

6 years in business
6 years exhibiting at Transworld

While Unit 70 won't be exhibiting at the Sands Expo Center with the rest of the Haunt Vendors, you still will have the opportunity to see their new products if you are going to Transworld Vegas.  All of their new 2008 props will be on display at the Circus Circus FrightDome Haunt Auction on Monday March 17th starting at 5:00pm, so if you want to see Unit 70's new stuff at Transworld this year, the Haunt Auction is the place to be. 

Click here for a sneak peak! 

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Are you a 2008 Transworld exhibitor who will be debuting new products at the show, but don't see your company listed on this page?  Click here to send Haunted Illinois a press release with a full list & description off all your products & services that are new for 2008. 













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