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Donny Dirk's Zombie Den
2027 N 2nd St
Minneapolis, MN 55411

When I heard about this place on the Rotting Flesh Radio podcast, I knew at that moment it that I would have to go see it. I mean, how often do you hear about a zombie-themed pub opening up? 

When I got there, I found the bar to be in an area where you wouldn’t expect it to be… located in the center of Minneapolis’ industrial / warehouse district. Before it was Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den, it was a bar under different ownership, called “Stand-up Franks”. It was named as such because there weren’t any bar stools and the patrons had to stand up, to drink at the bar. But hey, don’t let the building’s history or location fool you. This place has been completely revamped, both inside and out. The pub is now furnished with plush stools w/ backs, as well as comfortable booths for patrons to sit in. It’s everything you would ever want in a zombie den. 

Although it has been said, by other online reviews, that the theme of this bar was inspired by “Shaun of the Dead”, don’t expect it to be a replica of “The Winchester” (the bar featured in the movie). There is no rifle above the bar and the lay-out / décor was completely different. You will find, however, that the bartenders dress like Simon Pegg in the movie… wearing red ties and white button-up shirts, with blood-splatters on them. Above the bar was a green neon sign that read “Undead Frank Lives”, making reference to the previous owner. Near the entrance, there was glass-encased chainsaw, illuminated with a red floodlight. Printed on the glass were the words “In Case of Zombie Attack, Break Glass”. Funny! The way the bottles behind the bar were arranged and backlit, it reminded me of something you might see in a mad scientist’s laboratory. There were also various zombie references on the drink menu. 

While some of the bar’s theme was definitely zombie-related, there really wasn’t as much zombie decor as one might expect, especially for an establishment with “zombie den” in its name. With that being said, I think it’s safe to say that the zombie theme was definitely not overstated or “cheesy” in any way. The remainder of the atmosphere was created by various eclectic elements including smoked mirror-tile on the walls, tiger-striped carpeting and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. There were also stuffed deer heads mounted on the wall, one wearing a neck-tie and the other with an orange pompadour. This place is definitely unique! 

For the most part, the bar had a classy, casual atmosphere. Although they didn’t have a kitchen, food was available; frozen pizzas are prepared on the premises. For more food options, patrons could call out on the red “bat phone”, to Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge, for delivery. While I was there, all of the employees were very friendly and accommodating. This is definitely a place I would like to come back to. If you are in the Minneapolis area, be sure to check it out! 


(Click on any of the pictures below to enlarge)

When I arrived, a crowd had started to form.

The Security Staff

This sign is in reference to the previous owner of the property, Frank, when it used to be a bar called ‘Stand-up Franks’.

The tiger-striped carpet.

Patrons could use the 'Bat Phone' to order food from Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge.

Horror movies were played on the flat-screen TVs at both ends of the bar.

'Shaun of the Dead' playing on one of the flat-screen TVs above the bar.

In case of zombie attack, Break Glass... Funny!
The Bartenders

The Serving Staff
Deer wearing a tie.
Deer with an orange pompadour.

Display case of 'shivs' in the restroom.

Before it was 'Donny Dirk's Zombie Den', it was a bar called 'Stand-up Franks'.  It was given that name, because there were no bar stools and patrons had to stand up, to drink at the bar (no joke!).









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