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2009 Midwest Haunters Convention: 

The Haunt Tour (Page 1 of 4)

Midwest Haunters Convention MHC Bus Haunt TourThe pre-convention Haunt Tour was outstanding!  A luxury tour bus took attendees on a two day excursion through Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia,  to see some great attractions.  During the fun-filled two days, attendees got to see three haunted attractions, a dark ride in an amusement park, a Halloween museum and a former state penitentiary. 

No, the tour bus didn't go off a cliff as shown in the bus tour logo on the left (is that false advertising? LOL).  Everything went just fine, with the exception of a minor GPS glitch or two, but we made it to all of the destinations just fine.  It was definitely a great time and well worth the ticket price.


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Wells Township Haunted House 
101 Market St.
Brilliant, OH 43913

The Wells Township Haunted House was located in a large 125 year old stone building, which was once a general store.  After filing off the bus and listening to a brief introduction in the waiting room, we all went on a fully operational, self-guided tour, complete with show lighting and a full staff of actors. Most of the actors had speaking roles, with very theatrical performances. As patrons entered each scene, a vignette was acted out, with a surprise scare at the end. During the tour, most of the actors were very interactive with the patrons, which made the experience that much more interesting. The attraction had some great scenes, a fun maze and some nice scares. 

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Demon House
417 Coyle Curtain Rd
Monongahela, PA 15063

The Demon House was located in a wooded area, which really helped establish a creepy mood before you even got to the attraction. To get to the haunted house, patrons had to walk up a twisting path, bordered on each side by wrought iron fencing and rows of flame pots on top of tall posts. This attraction had some interesting and distinct characters, with great costumes and make-up. It was a combination indoor/outdoor attraction, with some great themes and nicely detailed scenes.  After making our way through the fully operational tour, we were treated to some snacks and soft drinks.  

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Hundred Acres Manor
100 Acres Dr
South Park, PA 15102

Hundred Acres Manor was located in a park. The wooded locale provided a nice creepy backdrop for the haunted attraction. Before going through the haunted house, everyone sat down to a nice catered dinner. Moving on to the haunted attraction, there were some great line actors to keep the patrons entertained.  The awesome castle facade also helped set the mood for the event. Hundred Acres Manor is advertised as one of the largest haunted attractions in the state and I believe it. It was much larger than it looked like from the outside and took a long time to walk through.  Like the other events on the haunt tour, this attraction was a self-guided, fully operational tour. Throughout the majority of the attraction there were a lot of very detailed scenes and a lot of actors. There were some great distraction scares, too. I'm sure that others who went through this haunt would agree that the tour was a real "scream"! 

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Intro | Haunt Tour: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Midsummer Bash | Masquerade Party | Contests | Show Floor: 1 | 2 | 3



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