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2009 Transworld Overview: Columbia Haunt Tour
The Necropolis & Fearfest Haunted Attractions

On Friday I went on the Columbia Haunt Tour, which was a bus tour of the Necropolis and Fearfest Haunted Attractions in Columbia, Missouri.   Included in the price of admission was a foot-long sandwich, chips and a soft drink. The attractions were approximately two hours away from St. Louis, but after seeing what these haunts had to offer, I found that it was well worth the trip. Special thanks to Bill Schnell, Greg Allen and everyone else involved in organizing this haunt tour.     

The Necropolis Haunted House

One of the main things that made the Necropolis different from other haunted attractions I have been to is the fact that their actors could touch the patrons. Near the entrance of the attraction, there was a sign that clearly stated: “You will be touched.  If you do not like this, do not enter”.   

Throughout the attraction, there was a variety of themes.  One of the most memorable areas was the hillbilly house. The kitchen had blood-smeared countertops, with dirty pots and pans piled up everywhere.  Another scene that really stood out was the Texas Chainsaw Massacre area, with loud chainsaw sounds. It felt like you were part of the movie.  The house had some nice visual effects, as well.  The one that made the most dramatic impact featured shafts of green light shining through a sea of fog (see picture below).  

The actors were all pretty convincing and disturbing in their own demented way.  Their acting style, combined with their touchy-feely demeanor, definitely helped this attraction  score high on the creep-o-meter.   


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Bill Schnell  - Bill Schnell - Owner / Operator of the Necropolis Haunted House
Bill Schnell


Fearfest Haunted House

This attraction also had quite a diverse collection of scenes.  I really liked the cave with textured “rock” walls, as well as the swamp with real trees and a waterfall.  There was even an area where you had to crawl through a tunnel. One thing that I really liked about this attraction was their use of hidden entrances/exits. In one area inside the house you had to duck down and enter the kitchen through a refrigerator and in another room a fake set of stairs raised up and you had to walk underneath.  They also had a very interesting usage of the popular “claustrophobia” effect. Their waist- high version limited forward movement, while patrons were attacked from both sides by actors with chainsaws.  Throughout various areas in the Master Hospital, they utilized a very creative flicker-light effect that really added to the ambiance. 

The actors in this attraction really stayed in character and were very interactive with the patrons. They had good improvisational skills and could really think on their feet. There were also some decent pop-out scares, as well.   

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that all attendees were handed a token for a free hot dog and soda, as they got off of the bus.  


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