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2011 Midwest Haunters Convention

2011 Midwest Haunters Convention in Columbus Ohio - Haunted Illinois Review

Over the past several years, the Midwest Haunters Convention has grown to become one of the biggest and most popular events in the Haunted Attraction Industry, and for good reason. This show has a lot to offer, including a wide variety of workshops and seminars, a large trade show floor, product demos, contests and of course, the masquerade party. I also can't forget to mention the pre-show haunted attraction tour. This two day haunt tour, which filled four charter buses, included hotel accommodations, meals and access to 20 haunts in 10 different haunted attractions throughout Central/Northeast Indiana and Western Ohio. There was also a free haunt tour of Terrorfest, a local haunted attraction in Columbus, on Friday night. It was reported that there was a 50% increase in pre-show registration compared to last years' figures, which is no surprise to me, considering all that MHC has to offer.

More than 75 vendors came to the convention with practically everything you would ever need to run a haunted attraction, including props, lighting, music, make-up, special effects, and various haunt services like online ticketing, promotional services and event insurance. While walking up and down the aisles of the show floor, there were many things that caught my eye, including the following items & vendors who deserve special mention:

- Raven's Wolf had one of the most visually appealing booths at the show. One half of the booth was themed with boulders and stone arches, while the other half was decorated in an industrial style. The walls were dirty, distressed and adorned with rusty pipes. Featured in their booth were custom T-shirts, amazing wall art, distressed costumes and more. What a great way to showcase their impressive design services for the haunted attraction industry!

- Another company that did a great job of creating an elaborate, eye-catching display was Screamline Studios. The majority of their booth space was filled by a realistic-looking old tool shed, with weathered wood and a corrugated metal roof. Hanging from the walls were several "weapons" from their ever-expanding line of "Meat Mangler" tools. Additional themeing was provided by accent lighting, cobwebs, and a wooden workbench inside the shed. Great job, guys! It was like something you would see inside of a haunted house.

- Pumpkin Pulp Productions' booth really stood out, because of their eight foot tall Zombie Rocking Horse. It definitely attracted a lot of attention at the show. What is even cooler is that fact that the horse wasn't just a static prop, it was a sturdy, working display piece. PPP staff was even letting show attendees climb up on the horse and rock back & forth on it.

- At the Sinister Scents booth, there were many interesting products made by Dark Hand Designs.  The booth featured creepy hand-made ornaments, jewelry boxes, sketch books, costumes and home decor. My personal favorites were the tree ornaments and jewelry boxes with teeth. These items would be perfect for anyone with an appreciation for dark art or the macabre.

It was another great year at the Midwest Haunters Convention! MHC continues to raise the bar, making the show better and better each year, which is why it continues to be my favorite Haunt Industry Event. Special thanks to show organizers Barry Schieferstein, Kathy Schieferstein, Kelly Collins & Neena Collins for putting together such a phenomenal convention.

Throughout the next several pages, there are more than 370 pictures. I hope you enjoy this online review! 

Happy Haunting,

Adam Drendel
Webmaster of



Intro | Registration Day | Terrorfest Tour | Masquerade Party | Contests | Show Floor: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4



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