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2011 Transworld Overview

2011 Transworld Halloween & Attractions Haunt Show St Louis Mo 

This year, Transworld was larger than it had been in years, due in part to the fact that the Halloween, Costume and Party Show had, for the first time in a number of years, reunited with the Haunt Show.  The joining of shows was beneficial to everyone involved, as both attendees and vendors alike only had to foot the bill to go to one show, not two.  What I really found interesting was that the Haunt Show really dominated the trade show floor.  The Halloween, Costume and Party side seemed to have a much more modest turn-out, in comparison.    

Regardless of which side of the show was more sizable, the convention itself was definitely a lot larger than I had originally anticipated.  When I first arrived, I started off by taking my time talking to vendors; however, I soon realized that I had better speed up, if I wanted to make my way through the entire show floor, with the limited time I had left.  By the time the show came to a close on Sunday, I was just barely able to shoot all the video and take all of the pictures that I wanted to.  

Along with the usual vendors that you would normally see at the convention every year, there seemed to be a lot of new companies that I had never seen at Transworld before, including  Four Finger Effects, Gemini Company, Grasshopper Dye Works, Haunt Tactics, Hazard Room Studios, Ministry 80 and Strega Moon Productions.   Overall, there were a lot of companies with great props on the show floor and the following were some of my personal favorites.    


To add to their existing product line, Dark Raven Designs brought some nice snake and vine animations. The snakes hissed, slithered and swung out at spectators with realistic, fluid motions.  One of the vine animations turned and twisted with a winding motion, while another popped out of holes in the wall.        

Inhabiting the Dark Zone, Dead House Designs had some nicely distressed cemetery and morgue wall panels on display.  They also had a computer programmable projection system that simulated the look of hundreds of roaches crawling on a wall.  Unlike DVD-based projection set-ups, where you are limited to projecting the content contained on the DVD, this system was fully programmable, with the capability of changing the number of roaches and even programming the movements of each individual roach, if needed.  

The tall archways and the fireplace hidden exit were some of the more prominent items seen at the Edge Designs booth.  The archways, available in both gothic and industrial styles, emitted bursts of fog as attendees walked underneath.  The faux marble fireplace had a mantle that moved upward, revealing the hidden exit underneath.  This would be great for an attraction that wanted a fireplace as a hidden exit that didn't require their patrons to duck or crawl, to get to the next scene.        

As usual, Gore Galore came to the show with a wide variety of new haunt products, including numerous actor costumes, costume sanitizer, a giant animated Goathead prop, an actor-operated Mollusk creature, oversized Rot Zombie and Village Rat costumes, spooky wall hangings and more, to enhance their ever-expanding product line.  Gore Galore has always impressed me with their innovative ideas, fine craftsmanship and attention to detail.  

Midnight Studios displayed an extensive collection of pale static figures, with characters including vampires, lycans, gremlins and assorted winged creatures.  These figures were highly-detailed and very realistic.  According to their catalog, many of them are available as static characters, animated characters and costumes, as well.   

Pale Night Productions expanded their line of props which combine the elements of video sequences played on flat screen televisions, synced with real blowing wind, blasts of air/mist and the movement of animatronic props.  "Slaughter Blades" and "Chainsaw Havoc" were effects that really caught my eye at the show.  Slaughter Blades featured a girl falling into the spinning blades of a large industrial fan and Chainsaw Havoc showed a sequence of a victim trying to escape the attack of a chainsaw wielding maniac.  Both effects featured surprising finales.        

As usual, Scarefactory filled the majority of floor space in the Dark Zone.  Some of their new animated props included a rotating bed, living Grandfather Clock, attacking German Shepard, and numerous floating spectres; however, what stood out the most was their new line of clown props, which glowed under black light.  The bright neon colors of the towering clown facade and assorted clown characters lit up the Dark Zone and were quite a departure from the drab brown and gray tones that make up the lion's share of their standard product line.      

You can see the props mentioned above, in the picture / video sections of this overview.   

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this review!  Throughout the next several pages you will find 335 pictures taken on the show floor, at the Renaissance bar and more!  The pictures taken on the show floor are labeled with company names, with hyperlinks to their websites, so you can find out more information about the products & services that they have to offer.  There are also 27 video clips of some great animatronics and visual effects that were seen at Transworld.  After checking out this review, feel free to send me an email and let me know what you thought of it.  

Happy Haunting,

Adam Drendel
Webmaster of

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