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2013 Transworld Review

Transworld 2013 Halloween and Attractions Show - Haunt Show - St. Louis MO Missouri
Once again, the staff of attended Transworld’s Halloween & Attractions Show - Featuring the Haunt Show.

Several horror celebrities were scheduled to appear, including Gunnar Hansen, Butch Patrick, Dee Wallace and Ivonna Cadaver. Glenn Hetrick from SyFy’s popular television show Face-Off was also there, along with several former Face-Off contestants.

It would have been nice to meet more of the celebrities, but we just didn’t have the time. According to the official Transworld website, there were approximately 250 vendors, so we had a lot of ground to cover. This year, the entire show floor experience was much better than it had been the past couple of years. A wide variety of vendors came to the show with some great new products.

Our favorite vendor at Transworld this year had to be Gore Galore. Their booth was located near the show floor entrance, so as soon as attendees walked in, they were greeted by all sorts of Gore Galore creatures. They had a massive booth space filled with a plethora of new products. One of the most prominent props was the “Mullusk”, a large actor-operated prop that lunged out and chomped at people, as they walked by. The “Cannibal Kitchen” series featured the “Gore Grinder”, “Leg of Pam”, “Fried Eggs & Sam”, and many similar props that would fit in perfectly in a gory kitchen or backwoods shack setting. Another prop that really stood out was “Honkers”, which was a large UV glowing clown head. A couple of other favorites were the “Giant Rat Head” and the post-apocalyptic “Panzer” costume. Gore Galore really outdid themselves this year!

The Creepy Collection also had an impressive collection of products. My personal favorite was the faceless ballerina and I also liked their wide variety of gory circus props. There were a lot of new creepy clowns and several “Kandy Clown Heads”, which were decapitated heads stuffed inside bags of cotton candy.

Ghostride Productions also had a large booth space, with a lot of great new props. The ones that stood out the most where their “Flatbacks”. These props were bloody corpses lying flat on their backs, that appeared to have been attacked with axes and other weapons. The highly detailed paintwork made them very realistic. Ghostride also had some creepy doll heads, as well as a series of chainsaw victims and many other new offerings.

As usual, Scarefactory dominated the Dark Zone with many larger-than-life props. Walking into the Dark Zone, one thing that immediately caught my eye was the 19’ tall x 38’ wide inflatable zombie torso. My favorite Scarefactory product was the “Zombie Swarm Doors”. As you walked by, 12 zombies broke down a set of double-doors and reached out at you. The “Ceiling Slayer” was also really cool. The slayer was a huge creature that ripped the ceiling off of a room and reached down inside with its sharp claws and snapping jaws. Scarefactory also had a wide variety of animated skeletons and pop-out props.

Another company that made an impact in the Dark Zone was Poison Props. They brought a lot of new animatronics to the show. One that really stood out was the “Clown Slinger”. The clown was hidden around a corner and when activated, it pivoted out, shaking and swinging its arms. I really didn’t see that one coming! Another prop that I really liked was the “Drop Panel Werewolf”. Hidden behind a boarded-up wall was a werewolf that growled and lunged forward at you, when the panel dropped. The “Evil Child Cabinet” was pretty creepy. When it was triggered, cabinet doors flew open and a creepy girl holding a bloody knife jumped down in front of you. They brought several other animations to the show, including a few that attacked patrons from up above.

Along with the companies that we are all used to seeing at Transworld, it was encouraging to see several new vendors exhibiting on the show floor this year. You can see pictures of all of the companies mentioned here, and more, in the “Show Floor Pictures” section of this review. Also included in the review are pictures taken in the Interactive Haunted House, as well as at various after-hours events. I hope you enjoy this Transworld write-up!  

Happy Haunting,

Adam Drendel
Webmaster of

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