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2013 Transworld Review: The Price is Fright

The “Price Is Fright”, sponsored by Netherworld Haunted House and produced by Zombie Army Productions, was a game show party at Transworld that was named after a popular television game show. The event featured a professional DJ / light show, cash bar, free food and a t-shirt toss. Also, throughout the evening there were various activities scheduled including a Showcase Showdown, Vanna Frite contest and a t-shirt contest.

The Showcase Showdown tested haunters’ knowledge of product prices in the Haunt Industry. Multiple contestants bid on collections of haunt props. To win the prizes, they had to compete in games of skill and chance, with extra advantages being given to player who guessed the closest price on the showcase, without going over.

There was a bit of a surpise with the outcome of the Haunted House t-shirt contest. Prior to the party, numerous haunted attractions had submitted their event t-shirts, giving them a chance to win a trade show prize. Ironically, the person who submitted the winning entry forgot to supply their contact information! What are the chances of that happening?

For the Vanna Frite contest, contestants came to the party, dressed in their best Game Show “Lovely Assistant” outfits. A panel of judges chose one lucky ghoul to be the official Price is Fright Spokesmodel.

While everything seemed to go as planned, I do have some constructive criticism. With all of those bodies in an enclosed space, it got pretty warm, so some extra air conditioning would have made guests more comfortable. Also, there wasn't anywhere for people to sit. There were plenty of tables, but for some reason, no chairs???

Overall, though, it was a great event and it was definitely a lot of fun. I was pleasantly surprised to see the large turnout, especially since this was a first year event. I can’t wait to see what the Zombie Army puts together for next year!

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