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2014 Transworld Halloween Attraction
& Haunt Show Review

Transworld 2014 Halloween and Attractions Show - Haunt Show - St. Louis MO Missouri
On the weekend of March 21st, 2014, the staff of attended Transworld’s Halloween & Attractions Show - Featuring the Haunt Show.

There were a few celebrities in attendance, including PJ Soles, Michael Bailey Smith, Jonathon Breck and Sean Whalen. They all appeared at the Atrox / Disturbia booth, at various times during the convention. Unfortunately we were unable to see any of them, due to time constraints. Our main focus was promoting the vendors on the show floor.

Speaking of vendors… the footprint of the vendor area was HUGE! I checked online before the show and according to the Transworld website, there were more than 250 companies exhibiting there. We did our best to cover as much as possible and let me tell you, it was a challenge. While visiting the vendor booths, here is what we saw.

Overall, the sales floor was dominated by vendors catering to haunted attraction owners. Yes, there were companies there with general Halloween products, but not as many as I had seen in previous years. It was hard to tell if there were fewer of them or if they just weren’t as noticeable this year because of the overwhelming number of haunt companies displaying their goods and services.

Ever since Zombie Safari Paintball came onto the scene, zombie paintball attractions have become increasingly more popular. Following that trend, it seems like more and more vendors were jumping on the bandwagon… or should I say hay wagon? This year, there were several vendors supplying paintball products. They came to the show with modified flatbed trailers, fitted with bench seating & rows of paintball guns attached to the siderails. They were also selling zombie masks with integrated goggles, armored costumes, paintball guns and various paintball accessories.

There was also a plethora of mask vendors at the show, some old and some new. While checking out the vendor booths, we saw the following companies with some great masks: 1313 FX Fright Zone, 13th Ward FX, Altered Flesh FX, CFX Masks, Grim Stitch Factory, Immortal Masks, Night Terror Productions… and the list goes on.

Some of the other vendors that really stood out at the show are as follows: Gore Galore, Creepy Collection, Brainchow Studios, Fables Studios, Nevermore Productions, Scarefactory, Screamline Studios & Poison Props. There were so many great vendors at the show, there is no way we could list them all. All of the companies mentioned above, along with MANY more, are featured on the (8) pages of “Show Floor Pictures” in this review. In this section, the pictures are labeled with vendor names and hyperlinks to their websites, so you can see more about what these companies have to offer.

Along with the vendor pictures, we have posted pictures of the Interactive Haunt, Haunt Industry friends, the "Price is Fright" party and other after-hours activities. With all of that combined, we have shared more than 575 pictures!

I hope you enjoy the review!

Happy Haunting,

Adam Drendel
Webmaster of

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