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Dedication to the Asylum Experience


This page was made to honor one of the greatest haunts in Illinois, the Asylum Experience (Berwyn, IL). Unfortunately the Asylum closed its doors for good after the 1999 Halloween season.

The Asylum was a century old building that held sixteen unusual and unique scenes that spanned three stories and over 8,000 square feet. Each environment offered the quality and detail of a Hollywood movie, featuring custom soundtracks and animated vignettes. Some of the spectacular scenes were: Granny's Attic, The Bug, The Animated Graveyard, The Dentist, Buried Alive, The Coal Mine, Frankenstein's Laboratory and MANY others. I particularly liked the animated graveyard. Names on the tombstones like Ben Drinken, Ann Driven, Otto Crash, Juan Tomani and others provided a humorous, yet serious message of the effects of drinking and driving. Another one of my favorites was the Frankenstein's Monster Scene. There was a lot of detail in this scene. There was an elaborate array of laboratory equipment including a HUGE Jacob's Ladder, test tubes, power panels with flashing lights, knobs and switches, a brain inside a jar of bubbling liquid, etc. The finale of the scene came in a dizzying combination of lightning and smoke. Frankenstein's Monster came to life and stood up, as the metal grate everyone was standing on vibrated violently! It was enough to make anyone watching the scene run for cover! Outside of the Asylum, a classic 1959 Cadillac hearse was displayed to entice victims to enter this century old fortress. The entire show was a class act and I'm glad I had the opportunity to see it.

I have fond memories of going to the Asylum every year. In fact, many years I went several times. It was one of the few local haunts where you could always count on seeing a good show. I was never disappointed. The place was always packed and there was a long line, but I never seemed to mind. Seeing the show was always worth the wait!


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...and special thanks to Kenneth Budka, of the Asylum Experience, for supplying the following pictures:



I dedicate this page to all those who have fond memories of the Asylum Experience!

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