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Halloween Prop Menu : Fog Chiller #2

Fog Chiller #2

Here is another view on how to create a Fog Chiller. A Fog Chiller allows you to make fog that stays close to ground level. The problem with fog machines is that the fog coming out of them is hot. Since heat rises, so does the fog. A Fog Chiller cools down the fog coming out so it stays close to the ground.
  1. Buy your supplies: You will need to have these items:
    • Fog Machine and fog fluid.
    • 48 Qt. Cooler
    • 4 inch hole saw and drill
    • (2) 4 inch 90s and a length of 4 inch ventilation duct.
    • (2) small pieces of wire screen and (2) 4 inch hose clamps
    • 5 foot length of 4 inch diameter flexible vinyl dryer hose.
    • Silicone Sealant
    • Length of flexible 4 inch diameter metal dryer hose.
    • Misc. tools and hardware.

  2. Cut Holes in Cooler: You will need to cut two holes in the cooler, one in each end (see pictures below). The holes don't have to be perfectly placed, but I chose to measure out the exact center of each end (it just looks nicer). With your drill and 4 inch hole saw, cut both holes.

  3. Put in the Duct: For the outlet hole you will need to cut a straight piece of duct about 6 inches long. It should be inserted into one of the holes, centered so that there is an equal amount of duct sticking out of the outside and inside of the cooler. For the other hole where the fog will enter the cooler, you will have to construct that differently. Connect the two 90 degree pieces of duct together so it makes a 'U-shaped' piece. Cut another straight piece of duct about six inches long and connect it to one of the 90 degree pieces. Once connected, insert the end of the straight piece into the cooler so that about two inches sticks out on the inside. See picture 1 below. You will need to buy a reducer that will adapt your 4 inch duct to the smaller size of the outlet of your fog machine.

  4. Silicone Sealant: Fill any gaps between the duct and the cooler (on the inside AND outside) to make a good seal.

  5. Metal Flexible Dryer Hose: Bend the metal piece of flexible dryer hose into an "S" shape and connect it to the metal duct pieces on the inside of the cooler with hose clamps.  (see picture 2 below).

  6. Finishing Up: Now you are about done. Put a few bags worth of  ice inside the cooler (I used 4 ten lb. bags), completely covering the metal dryer hose (see picture 3 below).  Connect a piece of vinyl flexible dryer hose to the outside of the outlet duct, put the fog machine on top of the cooler and connect it to the duct and fog away!

Note: This new  fog chiller design has greater fog output that the first fog chiller design shown on this website.

Fog Chiller


"S" Shaped Metal Hose


Filled with Ice


Chiller in Action


Fog Stays Low




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