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Halloween Prop Menu : Living Head on a Table

Living Head on a Table Illusion

This is truly amazing. Picture this: Haunted house customers walk by a round table with a head as a centerpiece! As they start to walk by, its eyes snap open and the head growls at the audience. Upon closer inspection, the onlookers can't see anything under the table either. I saw this one at a haunted house once and just about flipped!

This illusion is created by two mirrors. As the audience passes, they look under the table. But they don't see the rest of the man hiding under the table, they see the reflection of the walls surrounding the table (see illustration). The reason for this is the two mirrors attached to three of the legs of the table. In order for this illusion to work, the mirrors have to extend from the bottom of the tabletop all the way to the floor and have to be wide enough to go completely from leg to leg without any gap in between them and the legs. The ghoul is to sit under the table (hidden from view behind the mirrors), with his head through the hole in the table. To hide the rest of the hole in the table, a platter can be specially cut to fit around the neck of the ghoul or something else could be used to hide the hole (use your imagination). It is important that the walls surrounding the table be painted black (or you can use black sheets). That will make it nearly impossible for anyone to see this is just an illusion.

A variation of this effect would be to have a person's torso, instead of just the head, sticking out of the top of the table (see picture below).  

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