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All Visitor Reviews
2007 Visitor Reviews of
Eleventh Hour (Elk Grove Village, Illinois)

Disclaimer: Reviews on this page were supplied by an outside source. The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff of Haunted Illinois does not endorse, support, represent, or guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness, or reliability of these reviews.
Reviewed by: coralreefpet   (Event Visited: 10/14/07 @ 10:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/23/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: We got the wrong directions going their but its on 2 main roads and you just need to look for a sign and tree nursery.

Wait Entertainment: Their was one person walking around but only waited about 20 mins and it was very resonable.

Length of Event: Dependes how fast you can get out. Took about 30 -45 minutes.

Actor Performance: The actors were very good in character but their needed more people i think i saw the same guy in maybe 5 parts of the house. and maybe 15 monsters all together.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Never ran into anyother groups except for the maze and i wouldnt be surpise if any group did that maze was very difficult to get out of.

Appropriate Ages: 13 and higher. They do come in your face and say the freakest things.

Props / Special FX: The Maze was outstanding I wouldnt get out without the whole group touching the wall and leading us. THey needed more characters though because i found myself asking are their any more actors in some parts.

Costumes / Make-up: Lots of make-up more than maskss. But some were very freaky and very good in character wise.

Summary: Worth the 17 dollars if you go a 2nd time you get 2 dollars of if you have the ticket. The Maze and the house was very fun. Only thing they need to improve is more actors in the maze and house

Reviewed by: prep   (Event Visited: 10/19/07 @ 9:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/22/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: The location was a bit hard to find with mapquest, however I grew up in Elmhurst, so as soon as it let us to the wrong direction, I knew where to take us. There was a huge line outside so it was pretty hard to miss.

Wait Entertainment: Was excellent when we arrived closer to the box office. There was a man and a woman who posed as husband and wife (and might entirely be, I mean what do i know), they had a HYSTERICAL routine/act that was making everyone in the line laugh. I won't go into too many details as I would like to leave most of the experience left unsaid for those of you who haven't come yet.

Length of Event: 45 min - 1 hour

Actor Performance: Was top notch. Every actor knew their lines, knew what they had to do and performed exactly according to the room they were in. Everyone from the study, to the attic, to the boiler room to the cemetary was right on cue. When we finally got to the 3d maze, it only got better. There were 'ghouls' really popping out at you in 3d and the monsters in chain link were even more disorienting. When we got in the pitch black house, the actors were unbelievable (in a good way). They did a much better job than last year. NO MUD!!! They will get you from around every corner, when you least expect it and even send you in the wrong direction a couple times. I remember we got turned around at one point and ended up back at the end of chainlink! The entire peformance from the Eleventh Hour crew was really stepped up from last year.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Was not as good. We ran into a lot of groups in chainlink and pitch black but I guess that is the point of mazes. But when you think of how big the line was outside, the patron flow was pretty good.

Appropriate Ages: 10+ Definitely not recommended for the faint of heart or children.

Props / Special FX: Were amazing! The details of every room were amazing. The realistic fireplace and deerhead in the study and the moldy and old clothes in the closet. The best room was the attic with various suitcases and trunks as well as a crib. After we crossed a bridge overlooking the cemetary, we came across a very realistic and detailed hanging head scene. My best regards go out to whomever created that scene...pure eye candy!!!

Costumes / Make-up: Were appropriate for the rooms but could have been done up a little more nicely. Don't get me wrong, they were certainly scary and perfect for each room, however, it just seemed like the make up was slapped on.

Summary: All in all, the Eleventh Hour crew did spectacular. Really about 5 steps up from last year. The Eleventh Hour house was intense, chainlink was intense and pitch black was intense. I personally would lose 3D just because it didn't really fit in with the theme of Eleventh Hour but who am I to make decisions on someone else's house. Props go out to the actors in pitch black, chainface in chainlink, the man and woman in the front line, the boiler room, the cellar, the attic and the study. Wonderful house, I will definitely be back next year!

Reviewed by: ericatom1   (Event Visited: 10/20/07 @ 8:45 pm)
Review Posted: 10/21/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Low | Atmosphere: Average
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Visibility/Location: it was pretty easy to find

Wait Entertainment: there was none whatsoever

Length of Event: about 40 mins

Actor Performance: the performance was mediocre-and I'm talking about the acting part. as for scary, they just were not

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: great until we got to the maze part. everyone ran into each other because it was entirely too long. this was the only reason the house lasted so long

Appropriate Ages: 7+

Props / Special FX: the first half of the house had excellent scenes and lots of things to look at

Costumes / Make-up: not much in the way of costumes and the make-up was ok.

Summary: All in all this house was a real disappointment. At 17.00 the fact the I wished i would have spent my money on almost anything else is not a good sign. The first half of this house was awesome, and the scenes were very detailed. the maze was cool until about 50 people caught up to us. we got shoved through the rest of the house which consisted of dark halls and that's it. there were not enough actors at all. I'm usually not this brutal when it comes to haunted houses. i usually like them all and I try to realize that a lot of work goes into them, but this was just not good.

Reviewed by: Dfrost   (Event Visited: 10/13/07 @ 8:45 pm)
Review Posted: 10/16/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Medium | Atmosphere: Good
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Visibility/Location: It was easy to find. great dark location with signs out on the road and trees all around.

Wait Entertainment: Nothing at all. bummer

Length of Event: Almost an hour which was great.

Actor Performance: The acting style at this haunted house is weird. i don't like the way they talk to you in the trailers. i want to be scared not told stories. not enough startles and not enough actors.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Very Good but bumped into people in the mazes.

Appropriate Ages: There were not enbough acotrs so younger kids could probably handle it.

Props / Special FX: This was highly improved this year. The last 2 years this house seemed unfinished, but not this year. scenes in trailers appeared to be fixed up better than in pst years. Great use of fog, strobes, sound, atmosphere. They had a couple new areas in the house that look great, a really long dark maze, improved chain maze, and the moving floor. they could use some more high-end props but what they had this season was wayyy bettr than they've had in several years.

Costumes / Make-up: Not great makeup jobs, needs some work!

Summary: I've been going to 11th Hour for a few years, and anyone can see they've had some bad years latelyt. Even though its a bitover priced and everyone is right- there's not enough actors, this is the best year for 11th hour in a long time by far. I enjoyed it which is more than i could say for last year!! it seemed like they put in plenty of effort this time. Lower the price a little bit and get 10 more startle actors and this place could compete as a top haunted house.

Reviewed by: SJSlesnick   (Event Visited: 10/13/07 @ 9:30 pm)
Review Posted: 10/16/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very Low | Atmosphere: Poor
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Visibility/Location: We had mapquested the location just to get a rough idea of where it was located and there were a few signs on the street pointing us in the right direction. It was pretty easy to find.

Wait Entertainment: There was absolutely no wait entertainment, which was incredibly disappointing. This location has the best atmosphere for actors to pop out while you're waiting in line - which we did for about an hour and a half - and there was nothing to do. No entertainment whatsoever. Total bore.

Length of Event: It took us about an hour to get through the house because we got stuck in a maze (that has a hidden door that you can hardly open, so it makes no sense and that's the only thing that keeps this attraction "long")

Actor Performance: Well, for the limited amount of actors they had (which was incredibly limited) they were pretty bad. The costumes and characters hardly had makeup that was remotely believable - looked like a child had painted their faces and they were talking like they were walking off the street. When we first walked in the house the actor asks you to scream - which is a total prop he uses so that the people outside can hear you and think that the house might actually be scary as they wait outside to go in (he even admits to this as he tries to get you to scream).

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: They were spacing out the groups in the beginning real well, but the second you hit the mazes, everyone is just bumping into each other.

Appropriate Ages: I would say 8+ - I'm a total girl and get scared incredibly easy, but I walked through this house without holding anyone's hands and there were NO scare factors whatsoever.

Props / Special FX: They used these thick smoke machines which smelled incredibly bad and they were the only thing you could notice as you walked through the house. The strobe lights in the fence maze was a bit much as you're stuck in there for a long time and they do nothing but make you sick.

Costumes / Make-up: HORRIBLE! I really felt like they didn't even try. The makeup looked like one of those $1.50 store bought packages and there were no masks or crazy costumes to scare anyone whatsoever.

Summary: I have to tell you, I was incredibly disappointed with this haunted house. At $17.00 per person, my boyfriend and I were highly looking forward to this attraction. We waited in line for over an hour and listened to other customers complain about their lack of fun as they left - which we should have taken as a sign. I've never paid this much at a haunted house before so we thought it had to be good and compared to so many more that we have been to, it was so bad. And I really wish it hadn't been! They lacked a lot of actors (they even had "now hiring" posters posted). They had a lot of mazes, but mostly just long walkways and there were no actors to scare us whatsoever. It was incredibly disappointing. We kept waiting and hoping that someone would pop out from somewhere, just once, but even my boyfriend had to look behind a window and yell "anyone going to scare us?" before someone popped out 2 minutes too late. They were highly understaffed, had no scare factor and definitely not worth the $17 admission price. $8 at most!

Reviewed by: ebe2023   (Event Visited: 10/12/07 @ 9:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/13/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Medium | Atmosphere: Good
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Visibility/Location: If you are familiar with the area is guess it will be easy to find. I did mapquest coming from Chicago and it sends you the wrong direction when making a turn from arlingtion onto devon. Went back to the intersection and happened to notice a sign they had for the house on one of the poles near the gas station. Just be carefull to look for the signs and you will be ok. (Signs could be a bit more visible though)

Wait Entertainment: No actors or music playing outside but the ticket both may give a few people a laugh or two. Ill let those that attend figure out why.

Length of Event: Took about 30-40 minutes to walk through the entire thing.

Actor Performance: The actors all know there roles very well and do a pretty good job at them. The only negative thing i will say is that the house is a bit short staffed and needs a few more actors.(this would easily intensify the scare factor.)

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Flow in this house is great you may run into a group lost in one of the mazes but the actors will find a way to seperate everyone.

Appropriate Ages: 13+

Props / Special FX: I have seen better props at other houses but that does not make a difference they do a good job with what they have here. Special Effects are done pretty well and compliment each of the rooms/mazes.

Costumes / Make-up: Costumes and make up looked pretty good nothing negative that stuck out to me.

Summary: I had attended this house about 3years ago and attended because of the reviews given on this site this year. There is a major difference in most sections and it is sure to be worth what you pay. Way better than 3years ago the only area that is in need of actors is the 3D section.(Improve that area and the scare factor would easily be above the rest)

Reviewed by: maddr   (Event Visited: 10/06/07 @ 9:45 pm)
Review Posted: 10/12/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: Not to hard to find. Once you are on Devon you'll find Berthold's Garden Center....

Wait Entertainment: No one that night, but the line was quick.

Length of Event: At least 45 minutes

Actor Performance:  
The actor performance was exceptional. Everyone was really into what they were doing...and the glowing guy in the maze was insane!!!

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Great, never ran into a group and we were lost in that maze for what seemed like hours.

Appropriate Ages: 10 and up.

Props / Special FX: The house had a great facade on it and the event flowed really well. It was amazing how long it was. I don't remember 11th Hour being that long. I actually really like the chain reaction maze. It could have used more zombie actors in it... but it has a great live Dawn of the Dead zombie chase feeling to it.....

Costumes / Make-up: The makeup and costumes were excellent. The actors were all really well done up and looked good. I loved the glowing guy, he was just awesome and the guy with the ripped up face was freaky. 

Summary: I really like 11th Hour this year. Compared to a lot of events its a LONG haunt one to go through. I really did not expect the event to take as long as it did to go through. Most of them are 10 - 15 minutes anymore. I was even using my cell in Pitch Black and it still took forever to find my way through the maze. 11th Hour was really a surprise for me this year. The actors looked good, it had a classic house feel to the front, and I love the zombie chase feel of the chain link maze. Just a great haunted house....

Reviewed by: chainlink   (Event Visited: 10/06/07 @ 9:15 pm)
Review Posted: 10/08/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: Location was better then last year right off a busy road on 434 devon ave at bertholds garden center

Wait Entertainment: there wasnt really wait entertainemnt barely people

Length of Event: 45 min to an hour the house was long excpecially when u get lost in the mazes

Actor Performance: eleventhg hour crew did excellent in this category. the actors were ethusiastic and awsoem the kitchen and boiler room actors awsoem and very ethusiastic and the actor at the end of the cemetery entering the tunnel in a jumpsuit very ethusiasti and scary poped out and pitch blask actor excellent excpecially how they get are names and h--e--double-hockey-sticks (censored) threw out the pitch black maze very creep

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: great not many people so didnt run into any group

Appropriate Ages: not recommended for ages under the age of 12

Props / Special FX: props and special effect this year was excellent very realistic the front of the house looked like a reall liek old cabin and hous ein the wooods much better setup then last year

Costumes / Make-up: costumes and make up where excellent very realistic and perfest for there room setups. the girl in the toy room with the blood undereyes very great makeup and kitchen cheif scary looking and one again the guy in the jumpsuit black hat and cut up face very excellent make up

Summary: overall excellent house. i go to eleventh hour haunted house every year and this year i think will be there best year yet great location great scares just awsoem house this year i jumped most of the house and i dont get scared very easily this hous ewhile deffently rank this year and i recommened this house to everyone

Reviewed by: LordofGotham   (Event Visited: 10/07/07 @ 8:45 pm)
Review Posted: 10/08/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Medium | Atmosphere: Good
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Visibility/Location: Not hard to find, but the entrance/parking area is not well lit.

Wait Entertainment: Didn't observe any. There were only 5-6 people ahead of me.

Length of Event: Took about 45 min. to go through the whole attraction.

Actor Performance: Very good. The only trouble was that the robes and make- up couldn't hide the fact that some were as young or younger than most patrons: teenagers.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: My group didn't want to move very fast- we didn't encounter another group.

Appropriate Ages: Might be tiring or difficult for little ones- 13 and up.

Props / Special FX: Well decorated sets, mostly depending on construction and paint for effect- not spfx heavy, but some clever entrances/doorways. 3-D effect was spoiled by blacklights illuminating patrons rather than tight focus on the walls/art. The glare/spill caused a haze effect on the 3-D glasses making it hard to see anything-shade your eyes.

Costumes / Make-up: Actors in the "house" section were very nicely done up in character. Throughout the maze areas it was hard to see actors as more than just a shadowy figure. Monster hands helped a little, but this is where the youth of the performer hurt the illusion.

Summary: This house is at least as good as many Jaycee haunts I've been through, construction/safety about the same as I've seen elsewhere. Because this show is set up in a garden center instead of a dedicated storefront space, it is a little rougher, and parts go outside with muddy/wet gravel underfoot. Does this enhance the graveyard? You decide. Eleventh Hour could benefit from more actors to bring the boarding house/tragedy story alive. There was a consistent use of sound/music in the show, lighting and fog was used to good effect. The performances were good, but there were too few. More built in sfx/illusions might be in line for the $17 admission. The size may require a higher rent, but the price reduces the bang for the buck. Similar haunts operate for $10 or less in this same market. Other haunts below this price point offer more intense shows with more dazzle. Eleventh Hour is trying, but the bar is higher and they need to really break out to win a following. More action in the 3-D maze and showing more of the house's story are places to start, with a bigger and more diverse crew. The alternative would be to concentrate on the family audience without changing the show, and drop the admission to bring them in.

Reviewed by: hauntlovers   (Event Visited: 10/07/07 @ 8:30 pm)
Review Posted: 10/08/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: The location is 434 East Devon Ave in Elk Grove Village. There was an absence of signage at any close intersections, however there was plenty of lit signage AT the actual location and lights to illuminate the front of the house. The visibility like i said was very good, it is hard to miss as Bertholds has a blinking arrow sign mentioning that the haunted house is "here".

Wait Entertainment: There was no wait entertainment that I saw. But then again, there wasn't really much of a wait!

Length of Event: 30 - 45 minutes. All 4 houses took a long time to walk through.

Actor Performance: The actors were amazing, everyone was right on cue and no one broke character. I was surprised by the eleventh hour crew this year. They definitely stepped it up from last year. There are some actors I would like to point out this year. First is the actor in the tunnel after the cemetary with a jumpsuit who was perfect. I must applaud the actors in Pitch Black. They were insane! Finally, the actor in the kitchen was just unbelievable. I won't go into too many details.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: We got mixed up with a couple of groups in the chain maze but overall, very good.

Appropriate Ages: I wouldn't recommend that anyone younger than 9 go through.

Props / Special FX: Very well layed out and thought filled. I loved the attic and the fog filled boiler room.

Costumes / Make-up: Everyone was perfect in this category as well. I especially liked the guy in the tunnel after the cemetary, he has a ripped face.

Summary: Every little thing from the amazing detail in the attic and boiler room to the realistic pitch black maze to the entire crew of eleventh hour made this attraction worth while! I will definitely come back.





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