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All Visitor Reviews
2007 Visitor Reviews of
Trail OF Fright! (Belvidere, Illinois)

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Reviewed by: haunt_master   (Event Visited: 10/06/07 @ 9:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/07/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very Low | Atmosphere: Poor
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Visibility/Location: Easy enough to find, just follow mapquest if your not familiar with the area. They have a few halloween lights out front to attract your attention. Unfortnately, there are only about 15 parking spots available in the small grass lot. This created major backup on the narrow dirt/gravel road when multiple cars were trying to find a non-existent parking space. This led to two solutions: double park and block somebody else in OR spend 10 minutes trying to find a way to turn around with an army of cars behind you. I guess to the people who had parking this could almost count as wait entertainment, with the honking horns and angry yells creating a halloween symphony of frustration.  
The sad thing is, there was plenty of field space, but it was all fenced off and there was no parking attendent to help you.

Wait Entertainment: No entertainment, just a concession stand that offered the bare essentials (but were sold out of several things).

Length of Event: 20 minutes MAX. The 45-50 minute ride promised actually includes a 30 minute wait for the tractor to come back around (since they only use one).

Actor Performance: Out of EVERY haunted attraction I have been too (and this is numerous) these actors were the poorest I have ever seen. They were middle school children who were more interested in talking to the girls in the hayride (2 actors took off their masks, one was a guy with a Jason mask). These guys totally broke character and started trying to get these girls' numbers on the hayride. The whole hayride I had to listen to the actors flirt with the customers and talk about school. One actor touched a girl he didn't know on the hayride and she was definately bothered by it. She talked the ENTIRE hayride, including the walk back to the cars, that she was going to get her dad to sue Trail of Terror b/c the actor touched her in an inappropriate way.  
The only truly scary performance was the grim reaper who snuck around blowing an air horn right in people's ears. This is dangerous and can cause permenant hearing damage. I was scared I might go deaf by participating in this hay ride. 
I guess they were having an actor shortage because the few actors I saw were recycled. One actor even proudly told the wagon, wait till you see my next mask around the corner! It will be me, but I will have a different mask on okay?" Thanks for telling us? I was told 15 actors were working, but I Think this included all of the staff members because I only saw 5 different actors.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Yet another area that seriously needs improvement. I was one of the first people to buy a ticket for the next hay ride. I was told there would be a 5 minute wait (really it was 15 minutes). When the staff told the crowd that we were in luck, everyone would fit on the next one, we all followed him a 1/4 mile trek to the waiting hay wagon. There, high school and middle school children, and even an elderly grandmother bogarded their way to the front and fought to get on the ride. As you can guess, there was no room for me or my two friends, last to get on. Instead of acknowledging his mistake, we were left to figure it out for ourselves that there was no room. The loading staff member said, "well we can fit 30 and there's only 25 so..." People were already practically sitting on each other's laps, and I wasn't going to be another sardine in the can, so I said "we'll just wait for the next one." Suit yourself, kind of attitude and we were led all the way back to the waiting area. There we waited 30 minutes for that ride to end so we could be in the NEXT one. Again, people were crammed like sardines, but "luckily" I was able to get a spot.

Appropriate Ages: ALL in terms of scariness... the scare factor is so low, it was more like a romantic moonlit hayride than anything else... especially for the actors hitting on (and touching?) the customers.

Props / Special FX: Possibly the saddest factor of this attraction where the props. There were zero SFX. The props were LITERALLY some of the same ones I bought at Walmart over the years. I have the same ones in my apartment, hanging in the window. The light up ghost, pumpkin, and orange window lights... buy them all for less then the price of a single admission! The hanging light up skeleton and "flying" ghost on a rope... yes all at walmart. I was looking forward to seeing some unique props/sfx on this hayride, but what I saw was a mirror image of my apartment decorations.

Costumes / Make-up: Out of the 5 actors I saw, 2 were dressed in normal everday clothing. One girl was wearing a tank top and capris. Her job was to chase after the wagon. Since she was dressed like other girls on the wagon, I thought she fell off the wagon or something. I was surprised to find out she was supposed to be an actor scaring us. The other actors had rubber masks and t-shirts and jeans on. No elaborate makeup or unique masks...

Summary: In summary, it was very low-budget and thrown together at the last minute sort of atmosphere. I LOVE haunted houses and attractions so much, it pains me to give such a low rating for this place. However, I need to be honest to people that read these reviews. The bang for your buck is extremely low. I have been on so many other hay rides that have done such a better job.  
The part where you get off the hayride and go thru the linear corn trail is dangerous. Everyone ran ahead and I got left behind with my friends. There was no tail staff member to make sure no one straggled. You were on your own if you didnt run over all the holes and bumps to keep up. I about twisted my ankle a few times. The trail is very dark and not very smooth. I am surprised no one got hurt that just took off and ran through it. This is one example of how the actors were in a rush to get you out of there to get the wagon re-loaded with the next batch of customers. I will NOT be coming back.





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