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All Visitor Reviews
All 2007 Visitor Reviews Submitted by LordofGotham

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Event Reviewed: Eleventh Hour (Elk Grove Village, Illinois)
Reviewed by: LordofGotham   (Event Visited: 10/07/07 @ 8:45 pm)
Review Posted: 10/08/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Medium | Atmosphere: Good
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Visibility/Location: Not hard to find, but the entrance/parking area is not well lit.

Wait Entertainment: Didn't observe any. There were only 5-6 people ahead of me.

Length of Event: Took about 45 min. to go through the whole attraction.

Actor Performance: Very good. The only trouble was that the robes and make- up couldn't hide the fact that some were as young or younger than most patrons: teenagers.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: My group didn't want to move very fast- we didn't encounter another group.

Appropriate Ages: Might be tiring or difficult for little ones- 13 and up.

Props / Special FX: Well decorated sets, mostly depending on construction and paint for effect- not spfx heavy, but some clever entrances/doorways. 3-D effect was spoiled by blacklights illuminating patrons rather than tight focus on the walls/art. The glare/spill caused a haze effect on the 3-D glasses making it hard to see anything-shade your eyes.

Costumes / Make-up: Actors in the "house" section were very nicely done up in character. Throughout the maze areas it was hard to see actors as more than just a shadowy figure. Monster hands helped a little, but this is where the youth of the performer hurt the illusion.

Summary: This house is at least as good as many Jaycee haunts I've been through, construction/safety about the same as I've seen elsewhere. Because this show is set up in a garden center instead of a dedicated storefront space, it is a little rougher, and parts go outside with muddy/wet gravel underfoot. Does this enhance the graveyard? You decide. Eleventh Hour could benefit from more actors to bring the boarding house/tragedy story alive. There was a consistent use of sound/music in the show, lighting and fog was used to good effect. The performances were good, but there were too few. More built in sfx/illusions might be in line for the $17 admission. The size may require a higher rent, but the price reduces the bang for the buck. Similar haunts operate for $10 or less in this same market. Other haunts below this price point offer more intense shows with more dazzle. Eleventh Hour is trying, but the bar is higher and they need to really break out to win a following. More action in the 3-D maze and showing more of the house's story are places to start, with a bigger and more diverse crew. The alternative would be to concentrate on the family audience without changing the show, and drop the admission to bring them in.

Event Reviewed: X-treme Hauntings Haunted House (Fox Lake, Illinois)
Reviewed by: LordofGotham   (Event Visited: Before Oct. 1st @ 9:15 pm)
Review Posted: 10/02/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: There are lit signs by the road you might see too late to turn in from the south, but don't worry. Sayton Rd is easy enough to find (both ends of it connect to Rte 12). The side of the building facing Rand/12 is dark, but there are plenty of people out there to guide you in to the parking area. You enter the haunt from the rear of the building (not sure, but I think they might've had the box office in front last year)

Wait Entertainment: There is food and music outside, but as there wasn't a line, I didn't spot any actors out front.

Length of Event: I didn't time myself, but it seemed to go pretty quick. I didn't rush as I was alone, but I was having such a good time it was over all too soon. They left me wanting more!

Actor Performance: This crew did their homework. Everybody stayed in character and were very interactive and "personal". It's easier to concentrate on a single patron, but I could tell everyone I talked to had a concept for their character, which each actor used the entire time I was in their room. The performances were high energy and in your face (or just over your shoulder in the dark!).

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: I didn't get to see large groups going through (hey, it's only opening weekend), but the actors had good control of their spaces. Since I was there by myself, they did make the most of my disorientation at times. Well paced, they let me get the full effect of each area, but kept me moving along.

Appropriate Ages: Some kids love to scream and beg to go again, and others break down and cry at the sight of a costumed character. Know your child's tolerance and choose accordingly. This house is loud and some scenes are gory. If you don't want your kid to see "cadavers" and "murders", pick something less intense. I'd say teens and up for this one.

Props / Special FX: The house is well built with each room nicely detailed and great use of the space. You are never dropped out of the experience start to finish. Their "Hellevator" is terrific, great motion and sound. The hanging clown bodies might have a surprise for you as well! I particularly enjoyed the strobe/fogged maze- disorienting space with character interaction. X-treme has put a ton of work into a well finished house.

Costumes / Make-up: Every ghoul/monster had a full costume and make-up or mask- excellently done. This crew was ready to rock. From creepy to gory, nothing was left out in these original characters.

Summary: This show is a good one, while not as big as some places it still delivers. The execution is professional and tight. Energy is through the roof and the effort pays off. If this is a sample of how prepared haunters are for this season, it's going to be great.





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