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All Visitor Reviews
All 2007 Visitor Reviews Submitted by TravisFF88

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Event Reviewed: Dream Reapers Haunted House (Melrose Park, Illinois)
Reviewed by: TravisFF88   (Event Visited: 10/14/07 @ 8:45 pm)
Review Posted: 10/15/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very Low | Atmosphere: Average
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Visibility/Location: Had big blow up things and loud music.

Wait Entertainment: Had a weird drooling monster thing and a guy in a wheel chair.Pretty much sums it up.

Length of Event: 10-15 min max....depending how you walk....

Actor Performance: This was what killed this haunt I personaly thought.I saw prolly 80% of the actor's before they were suposed to "Scare" (I use this word Real loosly) I dont know if they were short staffed or what but I thought there actors were rather poor.There best two actors in the haunt were the guy in the wheel chair (argued with some of my group) and the guy in the Elevator.....Some actors we almost annoying (the "Dollys" that said the same line over and over "do you like my dolly",there poor display of a clown room (all they did was honk bicycle horns at me and shoot some smelly stuff..).... the girl in the hill billy room didnt have the right scream at all.It was almost like a oh look out theres a guy there then she stoped screaming her warning and let the guy beat her ....? If she would have Screamed while being beaten and maybe Cryed I think it would have made the scene better.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: We didnt run into any groups so that was good !

Appropriate Ages: 7+ due to some gore....

Props / Special FX: This is where you can tell they put there money.They had Alot of animotronics and just alot of "eye candy". But they had almost No ceilings on any of there rooms.At one point I could see some of the "behind the scene stuff" for example in one room I could see there vortex spining through I guess a door way of sorts.

Costumes / Make-up: I saw only One mask and that was there actor out front everyone else had make-up that was ok at best.The typical white painted faces and fake blood all over everything.

Summary: I personaly thought that this haunt was rather poor.They used some of the oldest things in the book to get there scares with loud bangs and jumping out of places.There actors were a Very poor display and some were down right just annoying.I also use the term Haunt VERY loosly due to it being more of a "Fun House" with there spinning vortex's and there blow up halls...ect. 
In Sort I thought this haunt was not very scare at all for being ranked No.1 In the State on this site last season and No. 13 in the NATION! on anouther site as well.I personaly felt I could have saved the 18 dollars (15 for the ticket and 3 dollars to park not even counting gas spent on the hour and half drive to this attraction)Also felt this to be a poor display from all the "Hype" about this haunt and was rather disapointed among the rest of my group.





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