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All Visitor Reviews
All 2007 Visitor Reviews Submitted by haunt_master

Disclaimer: Reviews on this page were supplied by an outside source. The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff of Haunted Illinois does not endorse, support, represent, or guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness, or reliability of these reviews.
Event Reviewed: Dungeon Of Terror (Mazon, Illinois)
Reviewed by: haunt_master   (Event Visited: 10/26/07 @ 7:30 pm)
Review Posted: 10/27/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very Low | Atmosphere: Fair
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Visibility/Location: Mapquest was not much help here. I plugged in the given address and discovered that this small town of 900 people do not have their roads well marked. Luckily, the town is so small, it was easy to stumble across the haunt, which is located down"town".

Wait Entertainment: This place had some of the best wait entertainment actors that I have seen. They are very interactive, especially the clown and the chainsaw guy. I witnessed the clown chasing cars down the street, and the sticking his head inside people's cars. It was really funny. The wait entertainment was more amusing, than scary though.

Length of Event: 10 minutes tops. I am thinking people who rated before me 20-25 minutes probably included their time waiting in line, which I did not.

Actor Performance: Unfortunately, actors inside the haunt were no where near as good as the ones outside. Many of the actors were small children who jumped out at you and "booed". Other actors were high schoolers who were not very intimidating. These older actors were very passive and unexciting compared to the outside wait entertainment. There also appeared to be an actor shortage, as there were not many working. The ones I saw kind of looked more like they were relaxing, watching you go by, than trying to jump out to scare you.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: It appears they try to space groups out, because there is a long space in between groups. However, groups move so slow through the attraction, that you run into the group ahead of you fairly quickily. In addition, the group behind me ran into my group. It was very disappointing to watch all the scares happen to the first group ahead of me.

Appropriate Ages: Probably 6 and older. Inside was not that scary.

Props / Special FX: Props and special effects are not very high-tech here. It is a small town haunted house so what do you expect? Based on the many reviews, I had expected a lot more, actually. A majority of this attraction is pitch black, so obviously there are no props or SPX during these parts to judge.

Costumes / Make-up: A little less than average, I would rate theirs. Typical clown, typical chainsaw guy, even little children in Scream masks.

Summary: This attraction has the most visitor reviews in Illinois. Overall, some of the best reviews on this site have been given to this house. Maybe it is because of the Staff member who lets you in says "go to and give us a good rating!" I'm serious, he says that before he lets groups in. Well, here I am, only I am giving this place an honest review, which is not a "good" rating.  
To the people that say this is the best haunted house they have been to this season? Where did you go that was worse? If it wasn't for the wait entertainment, this would have been the weakest haunted house I been to this season. I have been to almost a dozen.  
It is a small town haunt, so I wouldn't have expected much, especially for a modest 6 dollar price tag. However, the inflated reviews of "very high scare" and "10's" aroused my curiosity. I'm not saying this place is horrible, but I am saying to go in with realistic expectations of a haunt in a town of 900 people. It is nice to see a small community working together to make a haunted attraction. I would rate them high for their effort. However, if you are a haunted attraction veteran looking for true "very high scare levels," you may not want to stop here. This place is definately more geared to small children and familes. Also, there is a couple minutes of walking in complete pitch black, so if you are scared of that, you may like this one. It's actually pitch black, unlike another "pitch black" maze I know that is advertised this year.

Event Reviewed: Henry Street Horrors (Pontiac, Illinois)
Reviewed by: haunt_master   (Event Visited: 10/26/07 @ 8:45 pm)
Review Posted: 10/27/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Medium | Atmosphere: Fair
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Visibility/Location: First of all, if you use the map given on this site, it takes you to some place in New Mexico, so obviously that is an error. However, I used the text directions given, and they worked somehow (even though hardly any actual road names are given). The advertisers for this attraction may want to be more careful in giving directions so people can actually FIND the haunt (and not end up in another part of the country!)  
Also, the location is quite horrible and hard to see. Be looking for 4-H park (not a haunted attraction) and that will help you find it. The roads are all sandy and gravely, which made it a giant mud pit. My car lost traction and about got stuck in certain spots, driving around the parking area.

Wait Entertainment: Haunted House: They had an actor in a straight jacket who was pretty good at his job. I hardly saw him broke character. He seemed pretty crazy. He was pretty good at interacting with the crowd. Also, they had rock music and a small tv playing rock videos. 
Maze: No entertainment because I got right in with no wait.

Length of Event: House: 8 minutes 
Maze: 15 minutes

Actor Performance: A mix of actor talent here. Some were really great, like "BAD SANTA" only he was more funny, than scary. I laughed quite a few times in this attraction, and sometimes I wasn't supposed to be laughing. Some actors tried wayyyy too hard and were more laugh-worthy than scare-worthy.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Since you have a guide in the House, there is no chance of running into antoher group really. Although, having a guide does greatly diminish the scare factor. 
Maze: Very dead and rainy night, so did not run into anyone else (because no one else was there I think).

Appropriate Ages: House: 10 and above 
Maze: any (it's not scary)

Props / Special FX: Props and SPX were quite lacking. Not a lot of eye candy here.

Costumes / Make-up: I'd rate them average. I saw some pretty unique costumes, like the scary gimp with crutches and the straight-jacket guy. Other people looked more like they were dressed up to go to a rock concert. Some guy's costume primarily consisted of a "Punisher" t-shirt. Not that scary... and didn't really fit in with a haunted theme.

Summary: Any haunted house with a guide totally ruins the scariness for me. I am a strong believer in the fact that exploring your way through the house is a great part of the fun. Having a guide might be practical for the house owners, especially if there are expensive props used. However, this place didn't have to worry about expensive props or SPX, so I am not sure why they still used a guide. I believe a part of it is that walls and construction inside was not very sturdy. It would be easy to accidently push over plywood wall or rip a plastic wall/door. I do not think a great deal of care was taken in building it. The maze construction is similar too. I about pushed over walls sometimes because they were so similar to some of the hidden exits in the maze.  
I really did enjoy the maze, it was an actual maze. Not a linear route in the dark. Parts were black, other parts well lit. However, there are multiple ways to get through and dead ends. It was fun. However, not many actors were in the maze. I counted 4. The scare level was low for this place, but at least it was a fun challenge trying to complete the maze. The last hidden exit is pretty sneaky!

Event Reviewed: Spider Hill (Chillicothe, Illinois)
Reviewed by: haunt_master   (Event Visited: 10/20/07 @ 7:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/21/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Medium | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: Used mapquest, and kept my eyes pealed for a sign that said Three Sister's Park. Found it, but it could be easy to miss, since when I pulled in, they didn't have a sign lit up or much marking the location from the road. Parking is free!

Wait Entertainment: There were actors working the crowds for all the lines except the hayride line. One Jason had a chainsaw he would use to sneak up behind people and scare them. You could buy drinks or food to snack on while you wait in line.

Length of Event: House: 8 minutes 
Trail: 15 minutes 
Hayride: 15 minutes (but half of it you are riding around by the parking lot areas, with no props or haunted theme).

Actor Performance: House: Lacking actors and mediocre performances. 
Trail: AWESOME actors, and quite a few of them. WOW, A++ for some of the actors on this trail. I had a clown come running and jump over my head almost it seemed. Also, freddy really scared me by touching me with his claws and putting his claw right by my eyeball. He kept me at bay with those claws, I thought he was really gonna poke my eye out. The only actor who did a mediocre job was this one who tried to stare me down, and I said "I think he likes me!" and he broke character and smiled and started giggling.  
Hayride: i saw 2 actors, and they both did a horrible job. One vampire just stood still drinking a water bottle, and didnt even try to scare the wagon.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Unfortunately, spider hill did not do good in this category. They just let people on the trail and in the house without spacing them out very well. I ran into the group ahead of me 1 minute into the haunted trial. In the haunted house, they didn't even have groups, they just kept letting people file in. There was like 15-20 people in a room at any given time. It was the worst patron flow I have ever seen in a haunted house, which is unfortunate considering the scare level would have really been brought up a notch if they spaced groups well.

Appropriate Ages: House: 10 and above 
Trail: 12 and above 
Hayride: Any age

Props / Special FX: THe longest vortex I seen in a haunted house was here. They also had the cool smooshed in walls you have to crawl thru. Nice job with certain elements of the house.  
Not too many props on the trail, but they made up for it with a lot of actors who knew their stuff. They had several unique animatronics here that I have not seen in other places.  
Hayride: I saw speakers on the trees every 15 feet. That appeared to be what they spent their money on because the other props and sfx were not good at all. This is the weakest hayride I have been on, and wow, I been on a lot of weak ones. They could have added a lot to it to make it better. I guess they focused more on the house and the trail. The hayride is good tho because it is appropriate for any age almost. So, great for familes, but not great for fear enthusiasts.

Costumes / Make-up: A wide variety. There were the typical jason and freddy characters. However, there were some awesomely unique costumes I have not seen before. There was a clown that appeared to be walking on his hands, and a 9 foot tall werewolf. Some of the younger actors had simple costumes or makeup which didnt really match some of the older actors too well.

Summary: If you come here, skip the hayride and just visit the house and the trail. These are well worth it. Unfortunately, I feel that I was swindled by false advertisement. The only reason I came was because of the balloon ride everyone was hyping up. However, they said they couldn't do the balloon b/c of the wind? It didn't seem that windy. But, okay, I understand safety reasons. Tell the ticket people not to advertise the balloon ride when the balloon isnt even going to happen. I wouldn't have bought the $20 band if I knew the balloon ride was cancelled. 
Besides that tho, my details on the 3 houses should help you decide if it is your "flavor" or not.

Event Reviewed: Creatures Crypt Haunted House (Bloomington, Illinois)
Reviewed by: haunt_master   (Event Visited: 10/18/07 @ 8:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/21/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Low | Atmosphere: Fair
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Visibility/Location: Well, I used mapquest and it did not help me find this place. I tried to follow the directions given, but still had to ask directions at a gas station how to get there. This is the only haunted house I have had a problem finding this year.

Wait Entertainment: I went there on a dead night, so wait entertainment was minimal. There was a TV playing trailers for movies about to come out.

Length of Event: 10 minutes.

Actor Performance: There was a decent number of actors, but many were middle school or grade schoolers. Child actors are typically not scary, and they were not in this case. The adult actors had a mediocre energy level. Seemed like the biggest scare tactic was to scream in your ear right when you walk by. My ringing ears did not find that to be scary, but annoying.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Considering you and your group are forced to hang onto the guide's rope the entire time, there's no chance that you will run ahead into another group. The guide keeps it at the right pace. Unfortunately, the price they pay for decent patron flow, really diminished any scary atmosphere.

Appropriate Ages: 8 and older.

Props / Special FX: I really did like some of the unique props and decor they used. I think they put a lot of time into their scenary.

Costumes / Make-up: I wasn't too impressed with costumes or makeup. Was a little too basic and common for my tastes. I did not see any unique touches or artistry that wowed me.

Summary: This is supposedly the last year for Creature's Crypt, and that is probably a good thing. I say this because everything was setup almost identical to last year. The same scenes and characters, almost the exact same linear format. And of course, the guide that no one wants, and the rope that no one wants to hang onto. I haven't heard one person who likes having a guide--- part of a haunted house experience is to have it feel like you (and your group) are walking thru a haunted house alone, trying to find your way out. A guide ruins the element of figuring out which way to go, and the surpises that can come out of that. I, and many people, told Creature's Crypt this. However, visitor's suggestions and satisfaction did not alter their guide format. Oh well, guess no one will be going next year anyway.

Event Reviewed: Clinton's Terror on Washington Street (Clinton, Illinois)
Reviewed by: haunt_master   (Event Visited: 10/19/07 @ 7:15 pm)
Review Posted: 10/20/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very Low | Atmosphere: Fair
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Visibility/Location: Use mapquest and head towards the barricades... can't miss it. However, this is not mentioned online that I saw, but it cost me 3 dollars to park. There was no parking near the building, and some guy drinking a beer in front of his house was charing people 3 dollars to park near the event.

Wait Entertainment: There was one monitor set up that had a camera from somewhere inside the house. However, a staff member stood in front of the tv monitor, blocking anyone's view, while he chatted to someone else. I heard screams come from the TV now and then.

Length of Event: 7 minutes.

Actor Performance: The actors had a very low energy level. Maybe it is because there were a lot of chldren working there (either that or incredibly short people). The children actors sometimes seemed more scared of my group then we were of them. Also, the grand finale chainsaw guys just started their chainsaws up, and didn't even more around. Just looked at you when you went by from their corner in the room. Would have been cooler if they pretended to come get you, or jump out or something... 
Overall, there weren't enough actors in this haunt. I went thru a lot of rooms where no one was working.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Decent in this area. Didn't run into another group. However, I was one of the first groups in so maybe that's why.

Appropriate Ages: ALL. I saw lots of grade schoolers in line. Some kids had to be no older than 5 or 6.

Props / Special FX: Well, there was a spot you crawled thru a tunnel. that was cool. But, no spx or cool animetronics. There were some decent stationary props. However, the environment was not constructed very well. Some parts looked to be a little thrown together.

Costumes / Make-up: Rubber masks and even a Freddy. nothing too unique or thrilling.

Summary: I liked the price for this one a lot. I also liked that there was no guides. Other than that, the bang for the buck was low (even though it was 7.50 to get in). I wished the attraction was longer, maybe a longer maze section? The maze part lasted about 10 feet. This haunted house was definately geared for families, not people looking to run out screaming. It was more like a museum of stationary props, than a haunted house. Get some more actors!

Event Reviewed: Jonamac Orchard Corn Maze (Malta, Illinois)
Reviewed by: haunt_master   (Event Visited: 10/13/07 @ 9:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/17/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very Low | Atmosphere: Poor
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Visibility/Location: If you use mapquest, you won't have any problems. It is not very lit up though, so keep your eyes peeled.

Wait Entertainment: Nothing good. The form of wait entertainment was a Sheryl Crow CD BLASTING. I guess this could be good entertainment if you like her. However, not only do I not like her music, I did not find it fit the atmosphere at all. A scary halloween CD would have set the mood a lot better. From the music, I felt like I was waiting to get into a redneck bar, not a haunted corn maze.

Length of Event: 15 minutes, but I walk fast so maybe it will take another person longer.

Actor Performance: There were not many actors, and the ones they had were kind of boring. This is a warning, even though the rules CLAIM the actors will not touch you, THEY DO. If I was a vindicitve person, I could definately sue this haunted house. I understand occaisonal accidents that can happen, but intentional touching is OUT OF LINE in my opinion, if the rules state they won't touch you. See my summary for more details.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Not good. They just let people flock into the corn maze, and figured that it would be big enough to contain them all. Unfortunately, I kept running into people who were lost in the maze. The paths are not that wide, so it is hard to let people squeeze by without getting knocked into. I got bumped aside quite rudely more times than I care to remember. 
Also, the ticket girl let this family cut in front of me even though I was there first (and she noticed me to). I guess she was too intimidated to put the rude, gung-ho dad in his place.

Appropriate Ages: Just about anyone. It is more of a corn maze in the dark than a "haunted" corn maze.

Props / Special FX: There were not many props or special effects. I guess it is hard to generate electricity in the middle of a corn maze. But anyway, there were no special lights, or animatronics either. The only SPX, I guess it could be called, was somebody hiding in the corn field shooting a rifle, which about made me go deaf since I was right by him when he did it. I mean a real rifle, not something fake that doesn't make much noise. I just hope those were blanks!

Costumes / Make-up: Since it was dark, I couldn't really see the actors costumes or make up too well. I could tell a lot were wearing jeans though. I guess they didn't want to get their costume dirty in the corn maze. Would have been cooler if they had people in full costumes or robes. The only full costume I saw was a guy dressed as a GORILLA. I'm not sure what theme that was supposed to fit into. However, seeing a gorilla in a corn maze is about as scary as seeing Jaws in the desert.

Summary: All things considered, I was not impressed with this event. 
What bothered me the most, was that there were two actors who touched me. One actor actually JUMPED on me from a post and injured my ankle. I twisted my ankle from the sudden weight on me and fell down. Did he apologize? Of course not! I even yelled in pain "Don't touch me!" And he just climbed back up his post to scare the next patron. I could not believe this, considering the big long list of rules displayed outside the maze, plus the typical staff speech "Do not touch them, and they won't touch you."  
I found a security team member (a Corn Cop) and politely explained to him what an actor did in the maze. I thought maybe they'd like to give him some more training or something to prevent a future catastrophe. He just looked at me like I was making it up that he jumped on me. "Are you sure he touched you?" he asked me. He didn't even apologize either; he just said they aren't supposed to so... 
Well, I realized I was not going to get anywhere with such apathetic staff, so I decided to warn future patrons what to expect on here.  
Even if I wasn't hurt by an actor, I would still give this haunt a low scare rating. It had a lot of potential, being a dark corn maze, but was probably made more for children and familes. However, since some actors touch patrons, potentially in a harmful way, I wouldn't risk letting my child into this haunt, if I had one.

Event Reviewed: Trail OF Fright! (Belvidere, Illinois)
Reviewed by: haunt_master   (Event Visited: 10/06/07 @ 9:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/07/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very Low | Atmosphere: Poor
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Visibility/Location: Easy enough to find, just follow mapquest if your not familiar with the area. They have a few halloween lights out front to attract your attention. Unfortnately, there are only about 15 parking spots available in the small grass lot. This created major backup on the narrow dirt/gravel road when multiple cars were trying to find a non-existent parking space. This led to two solutions: double park and block somebody else in OR spend 10 minutes trying to find a way to turn around with an army of cars behind you. I guess to the people who had parking this could almost count as wait entertainment, with the honking horns and angry yells creating a halloween symphony of frustration.  
The sad thing is, there was plenty of field space, but it was all fenced off and there was no parking attendent to help you.

Wait Entertainment: No entertainment, just a concession stand that offered the bare essentials (but were sold out of several things).

Length of Event: 20 minutes MAX. The 45-50 minute ride promised actually includes a 30 minute wait for the tractor to come back around (since they only use one).

Actor Performance: Out of EVERY haunted attraction I have been too (and this is numerous) these actors were the poorest I have ever seen. They were middle school children who were more interested in talking to the girls in the hayride (2 actors took off their masks, one was a guy with a Jason mask). These guys totally broke character and started trying to get these girls' numbers on the hayride. The whole hayride I had to listen to the actors flirt with the customers and talk about school. One actor touched a girl he didn't know on the hayride and she was definately bothered by it. She talked the ENTIRE hayride, including the walk back to the cars, that she was going to get her dad to sue Trail of Terror b/c the actor touched her in an inappropriate way.  
The only truly scary performance was the grim reaper who snuck around blowing an air horn right in people's ears. This is dangerous and can cause permenant hearing damage. I was scared I might go deaf by participating in this hay ride. 
I guess they were having an actor shortage because the few actors I saw were recycled. One actor even proudly told the wagon, wait till you see my next mask around the corner! It will be me, but I will have a different mask on okay?" Thanks for telling us? I was told 15 actors were working, but I Think this included all of the staff members because I only saw 5 different actors.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Yet another area that seriously needs improvement. I was one of the first people to buy a ticket for the next hay ride. I was told there would be a 5 minute wait (really it was 15 minutes). When the staff told the crowd that we were in luck, everyone would fit on the next one, we all followed him a 1/4 mile trek to the waiting hay wagon. There, high school and middle school children, and even an elderly grandmother bogarded their way to the front and fought to get on the ride. As you can guess, there was no room for me or my two friends, last to get on. Instead of acknowledging his mistake, we were left to figure it out for ourselves that there was no room. The loading staff member said, "well we can fit 30 and there's only 25 so..." People were already practically sitting on each other's laps, and I wasn't going to be another sardine in the can, so I said "we'll just wait for the next one." Suit yourself, kind of attitude and we were led all the way back to the waiting area. There we waited 30 minutes for that ride to end so we could be in the NEXT one. Again, people were crammed like sardines, but "luckily" I was able to get a spot.

Appropriate Ages: ALL in terms of scariness... the scare factor is so low, it was more like a romantic moonlit hayride than anything else... especially for the actors hitting on (and touching?) the customers.

Props / Special FX: Possibly the saddest factor of this attraction where the props. There were zero SFX. The props were LITERALLY some of the same ones I bought at Walmart over the years. I have the same ones in my apartment, hanging in the window. The light up ghost, pumpkin, and orange window lights... buy them all for less then the price of a single admission! The hanging light up skeleton and "flying" ghost on a rope... yes all at walmart. I was looking forward to seeing some unique props/sfx on this hayride, but what I saw was a mirror image of my apartment decorations.

Costumes / Make-up: Out of the 5 actors I saw, 2 were dressed in normal everday clothing. One girl was wearing a tank top and capris. Her job was to chase after the wagon. Since she was dressed like other girls on the wagon, I thought she fell off the wagon or something. I was surprised to find out she was supposed to be an actor scaring us. The other actors had rubber masks and t-shirts and jeans on. No elaborate makeup or unique masks...

Summary: In summary, it was very low-budget and thrown together at the last minute sort of atmosphere. I LOVE haunted houses and attractions so much, it pains me to give such a low rating for this place. However, I need to be honest to people that read these reviews. The bang for your buck is extremely low. I have been on so many other hay rides that have done such a better job.  
The part where you get off the hayride and go thru the linear corn trail is dangerous. Everyone ran ahead and I got left behind with my friends. There was no tail staff member to make sure no one straggled. You were on your own if you didnt run over all the holes and bumps to keep up. I about twisted my ankle a few times. The trail is very dark and not very smooth. I am surprised no one got hurt that just took off and ran through it. This is one example of how the actors were in a rush to get you out of there to get the wagon re-loaded with the next batch of customers. I will NOT be coming back.

Event Reviewed: Trail of Screams (Rockford, Illinois)
Reviewed by: haunt_master   (Event Visited: 10/06/07 @ 10:30 pm)
Review Posted: 10/07/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very Low | Atmosphere: Poor
Click here to find out more about these rating scales...

Visibility/Location: VERY hard to find. I am from the Rockford area and used mapquest and still spent forever trying to find it. You cannot see the attraction from the road and there was no light to help it stand out. Once you pulled in down this little driveway, you see a little sign acknowledging the presence of this attraction. It's at the YMCA camp if that helps you?

Wait Entertainment: None, except the guy that takes your ticket (when you finally get to the very front of the line) was dressed up.  
Speaking of which, I was one of the LAST people to get to buy a ticket. It wasn't even 11pm yet when they announced to people coming in they weren't selling any more tickets. People kept pouring in and were denied a ticket. I was very surprised by this because the sign when you come down the drive said from 7-12. If they wanted to close at 11, they should have said so on the sign. It was strange though, when I left the sign said they were open from 7-1. So, I am not sure if they were just trying attract attention, even though they were not selling tickets anymore. Some staff member would just be like come back tomorrow, we're done selling tickets. And people would be like, um your sign? Staff: Sorry fellas, come back another day!

Length of Event: 15 minutes, but our host was pratically running and expected us to keep up with him. I'm sure if you were walking the attraction would have been longer, but they were in a rush to get us out of there.

Actor Performance: The actors seemed spent and tired. I saw actors talking to each other hanging out, then when they saw the next group running up, they'd hurry up and run to their places. Everyone saw where they were "hiding" and this was unprofessional. However, the most unprofessional thing was when one actor came up to me "Hello Blondie," and put his dirty arm around my shoulders. I have NO idea who this guy thought he was, but I am a firm believer in "Do not touch the actors, and they will not touch you." That is supposed to be the rule at this attraction, but apparently it's followed loosely on the actors end.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: HORRIBLE! I already mentioned we had to run so the group behind us didn't RUN into us. Well, b/c we ran we kept running into the group ahead of us. Their guide was making them jog too. Running in the dark is not very safe, in my opinion. Especially on these dirty bumpy trails. So, the flow went RUN- wait a minute- RUN- wait a minute, etc. At the beginning, when we were still behind the group ahead of us, actors were just fooling around and not ready until we were on their heels almost.  

Appropriate Ages: ALL, if they can run to keep up with the host. I saw a dad carrying a small child and jogging just to keep up with the guide who kept yelling "COMON, LET'S GO. KEEP UP!" I felt like he was my coach training me for the Boston Marathon.

Props / Special FX: You run a dirty muddy path from hut to hut. In each hut someone jumps out at you. I saw a few strobelights, but that was the main SFX.

Costumes / Make-up: Not as good as last year. People stuck to rubber masks this year. Many people were just wearing jeans and t-shirts with no halloween wardrobe to match their mask.

Summary: While I was waiting in line for the 2 hours that I did, I heard people ahead of me ask customers leaving, "WAS IT WORTH IT?" I did not hear one "yes". Everyone looked disappointed (and out of breath). I went last year to this attraction and had a decent time, the quality is WAYYY down. I think they may have been having some sort of technical difficulties, OR maybe everyone just wanted to go home. I'm not sure, but it was clear that actors and staff did not really put much care into planning patron flow. It was a giant rush to get people in and out, and no time to look around and enjoy the sights. Low bang for the buck this year, and I will not be a returning customer.

Event Reviewed: The Chamber Of Horrors (Paris, Illinois)
Reviewed by: haunt_master   (Event Visited: Before Oct. 1st @ 10:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/02/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very High | Atmosphere: Very Good
Click here to find out more about these rating scales...

Visibility/Location: This was located in downtown Paris and was pretty easy to find. There was no BIG sign, but they had a weird flashing light in the window that caught my attention to its location. Mapquest gave good directions.

Wait Entertainment: Wait entertainment was lacking. Fortunately, there was hardly a wait at all. There were a lot of annoying children in the waiting area, that I think were the kids of the people running the haunt.

Length of Event: 15 minutes.

Actor Performance: Good! Actors were energetic and really in character. I wish there were a few more actors though. The ones there though were pretty wild and clever at trying to scare you.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Decent job, plus almost no wait time. We only ran into another group during the pitch black maze.

Appropriate Ages: 10 and above.

Props / Special FX: Not bad. There are a couple of spooky surprises that are put together effectively. The real scary part of the haunt is the maze. They had some good "scary" techno/rock halloween music playing.

Costumes / Make-up: I saw some uniquely horrifying costumes. Some really fit into a theme well (such as the clown room). All of the actors were horrifingly costumed.

Summary: This was a WONDERFUL HAUNT for 6 dollars. This haunt had the biggest bang for its buck that I ever been to. I've seen similar haunts in the chicagoland area that charge three times as much. This place is a gem with great actors and a TRULY pitch black maze. Many places advertise it, not many come through. This maze you literally couldn't see your hand in front of your face! It was pretty scary because you never knew what or who you'd run into. I accidently hit someone when I was trying to feel for a wall so be careful in there!  
Also, I liked how the entire attraction was indoors (including a good sized wait area). This would be a good haunt to visit when the weather gets colder. For a low-priced haunt, this place is definately not one to miss. It was worth my two hour drive to attend this attraction.

Event Reviewed: Ashmore Estates - Undertakers Laboratories - A Haunted Event (Ashmore, Illinois)
Reviewed by: haunt_master   (Event Visited: Before Oct. 1st @ 9:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/02/07
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: This attraction is a little in the middle of nowhere, but it is worth the drive. It is on a country road that is gravel, and not very well marked. However, mapquest gave good directions for getting there.

Wait Entertainment: I got right in with no wait, so there was little time to experience any wait entertainment. However, they did have a nice bonfire going outside. It looked like there was waiting space inside too.

Length of Event: 10 minutes.

Actor Performance: Excellent! Everyone stayed in character and were very enthusiastic about their parts. The actors really go out of their way to scare you! And there are quite a few of them! One even spotted me from the parking lot and yelled taunts down at me from inside the house!

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: I only ran into another group briefly at the end once. Other then that, the staff did a good job keeping people spaced out. It was not very busy when I went, so I am not sure what happens when the place is crowded. However, it seemed as if I had the whole place to myself when I went through.

Appropriate Ages: Probably 12 and above. Maybe a little younger if they are brave!

Props / Special FX: Pretty cool atmosphere for what they have to work with. The building is old and creepy. I hear it is a real haunted house! There are some creative twists and turns and surprises in this house that I won't ruin for you.

Costumes / Make-up: I saw some pretty good costumes and make-up jobs. Some were very detailed and original. There were also a couple "classic" characters like Michael Myers and a chainsaw guy.

Summary: This haunted house is a good deal for the price (especially coupon price). The ticket staff was very friendly and welcoming. I travel all over the Midwest to haunted houses and I think this one beat some of the "fancy" chicago ones. This one wasn't so crowded that you kept running into people! THe only problem I had with this attraction was there were a couple safety issues I noticed in the house. There are stairs that are not lit up well at all or are hard to see. It would be easy for someone to trip on and get hurt! Aside from that, this was a lot of fun and worth every penny. I hope the actors keep up their high-energy performance the whole season!!!





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