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All Visitor Reviews
2008 Visitor Reviews of
Hotel Massacre (West Chicago, Illinois)

Disclaimer: Reviews on this page were supplied by an outside source. The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff of Haunted Illinois does not endorse, support, represent, or guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness, or reliability of these reviews.
Reviewed by: mistress   (Event Visited: 10/24/08 @ 11:30 pm)
Review Posted: 10/29/08
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: Very easy to find. Located in the back of Boogie Nights parking lot - huge lighted sign out in front.

Wait Entertainment: We were with the last group to go in for the night...there was no wait. There was one actor working our small crowd as we bought our tickets. The tent that we would have waited in did not have any scenery built in - which would have made a boring wait if we had to.

Length of Event: about 15 minutes

Actor Performance: Very Good! This haunt included actors who role played and who scared...both sets of actors did a good job. 

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: I was a little disappointed. We were the last crowd of the night, and instead of splitting the 2 groups up, we were instead brought inside as one large group of 10.

Appropriate Ages: 10 and up

Props / Special FX: Basic. But worked very well for what they were doing in this haunt. All the rooms were very detailed. The fountain at the entrance was spectacular and I loved the bathroom - complete with working shower (of blood), which was unique and the bedroom with the victim.

Costumes / Make-up: Possibly too basic. The actor who "greeted" you was only wearing green makeup and a cape..not enough to set the mood for being scared.  
The role playing actors were made up enough to be believable, but the actors who scared needed more. Most actors only wore a minimum of face paint, which should be improved so you get the full effect of the haunt.

Summary: I think for a first year haunt they did an excellent job and I am looking forward to what they have in store next year...with a little more building on the good ideas they have already, I think this could be made into something great. 
I loved the story of the hotel and how they set the tone for you once you walked into the lobby.  
There is a lot of great detail that went into many of these rooms. The bathroom was a great touch and so was the fountain at the main entrance.  
There are 16 rooms in all, and they are all separated nicely by using a small tunnel or inflatable walkway or some small twists and turns. They do not rely on heavy dark corridors like some of the other haunts I've been to this year...which was great to see. 
This haunt had 2 types of actors that role playing, which told you the story of the room you walked into and another set that scared the crowd. Both sets of actors did very well, but I loved how the actors were well hidden and popped out from nowhere. Very unpredictable. The only improvement that they needed was some extra detailing to costumes and makeup as to make the actors more convincing. 
Although we got there late, I did wish that we were broken up into 2 smaller groups..our group was put with another who were loud and obnoxious and we did not get the full effect of the rooms we went into.  
I would suggest making smaller groups so that each group can go through and experience the same scare that the front of the crowd was able to. 
I would recommend checking out this haunt - the are many good ideas and the room setups are excellent.  
I do think the price tag of $20.00 was a little hard to swallow, but they did throw in admission to boogie nights and some free games of bowling, which helped..  

Reviewed by: rosehill   (Event Visited: 10/18/08 @ 7:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/21/08
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Low | Atmosphere: Good
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Visibility/Location: Very good. The house is on a main road. Large signs and lights help you find your way.

Wait Entertainment: None. There was an inflatable that entertained me for about 10 seconds, but it got old fast.

Length of Event: 15 minutes+

Actor Performance: Average. Some were better than others. Some seemed really in character while others were just sort of there.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Flowed well with a few bunch-ups. However, it's hard to judge as we were amoung the first few patrons to go in.

Appropriate Ages: 10+

Props / Special FX: I thought they overused those hologram portraits. Other than that, it was pretty well. They stuck to the "hotel" theme.

Costumes / Make-up: Average.

Summary: Many houses can't seem to stick to their theme. Hotel Massacre kept the hotel bit going throughout (which was impressive). I feel this house is a bit over priced. Other than that, I have no complaints. I was entertained.

Reviewed by: hauntmonkey   (Event Visited: 10/18/08 @ 8:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/20/08
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Medium | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: Visibility from the street was great. There were several banners that were displayed on the property that drew me in. There were also a lot of white tents in the parking lot so that also helped.

Wait Entertainment: There was music playing from a blow up display as well as music playing from a sound system. The cluster of music conflicted and created a lot of noise that was hard to listen to.

Length of Event: 20 minutes or so. The event seemed to last a while but at the same time, it didn't. It is one of those things where it seems you are in there for a long time but the reality is that you aren't.

Actor Performance: The actors really made an effort and did their best. The bellhop, the actors in the bedroom scene and the actors in the checkered room were superb. I have to say that they actually gave me a few startles. The rest of the actors just didn't seem into it very much. They seemed tired and bored. They also seemed VERY rushed to finish their scripts and I think this made them uncomfortable as well. Seeing as how most of them ranged from about 12 to late teenage, I could see why this house was lacking scare factor.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Fairly quick regarding the long line outside. My impression that I got was that it was a long line, so they speed up the flow inside the house. Good idea in some cases but as far as a house with script, keep it at one pace no matter how long the outside line is. The more time the actors have to complete their individual acts, the less uncomfortable they are and the more fun they will have while working.

Appropriate Ages: 13 and up. There are some graphic images depicted in this haunted house that I would not recommend for young children.

Props / Special FX: Absolutely amazing. The amount of time that was put into creating each scene was clearly understandable. The lobby, the graveyard, the bar, the bedroom, the bathroom, and other various scenes were decorated with such fine detail, it was hard to pay attention to the people I was with. I wanted to take in more of it because there was just so much eye candy but once again, our group was pretty much rushed due to the line outside.

Costumes / Make-up: Was OK on some actors. The bellhop, both Bloody Marys as well as others were done up nicely. Others seemed like their make up was rushed.

Summary: Detail, detail and more detail... That is where this house really shines. Their areas were phenomenal. The lobby was so realistic it was amazing. It had pictures on the walls, scenery, a chandelier and a surprise or two that I will leave unsaid. It was also very dark and claustrophobic. The bar was very realistic in appearance and highly detailed. Inside the bedroom, the walls were wallpapered as well as a queen size bed, a realistic fireplace and a dresser. The bathroom was another area that was outstanding. I really enjoyed the real working blood shower, the blood all over the place and the actor who was dressed to look like a butcher. In the clown room, they were literally bouncing off the walls. A couple of the other high-intensity areas were the lobby and the bedroom area. They really seemed to know their roles and stayed in character the whole time.  
The Hotel Massacre Crew's attention to detail is amazing. They obviously put a lot of work into their haunted house and it shows. Definitely make a visit if you have the time. I can't wait to come back for the New Kids On The Block evening!

Reviewed by: hauntlovers   (Event Visited: 10/11/08 @ 9:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/14/08
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Low | Atmosphere: Good
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Visibility/Location: The visibility of the location from the street was good. There were two signs as well as a Frankenstein's monster waving you in. Apart from the actual location, there is advertising everywhere as well as both highways 88 and 355.

Wait Entertainment: The wait entertainment was O.K. There was music playing on a sound system accompanied by a blow-up figurine playing music. There was also a second form of entertainment that was funny but I will leave you to see that one for yourself.

Length of Event: 10 minutes

Actor Performance: One excellent. The rest, horrible. The only one that I found that did their job right was the checker room (a classic) where the clown, unexpectedly I must say, came flying out of nowhere and started hopping around the group.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Great, for our group. Surprising though with all of the script going on. Great job in this area.

Appropriate Ages: 12 and up. Some graphic scenes are used and it is recommended for parents not to bring your four-year old.

Props / Special FX: Was excellent. The event was sponsored by spirit halloween stores so you know the props were sweet. There is another company I couldn't make out that also provided some of the body parts that were scattered about the attraction. Each room was very well detailed.

Costumes / Make-up: Not that great. The make-up looked like it was slapped on and wearing off of most of the actors. May I call for sweat and water resistant make up next time? And latex effects, especially for the theme of this haunted house, is a lot better than air-brush effects.

Summary: Overall, I would recommend this house if you want to be entertained, not scared. The name is Hotel Massacre and it did not live up to it's name. Better name it Hotel script-a-thon. Some of the rooms had absolutely no where to place an element of surprise. So I can see how script is needed, however, this house was absolutely killed with too much talking. Add more creepy and scary, possibly a few.... massacres??? First place actor goes to the clown in the checkers room who really put in the effort. He scared my wife because she is scared of clowns. So a quick summary of what to improve on if I owned the house: 
1. Get grown-up actors, not kids. 
2. Lose the script completely and pop out at people. 
3. Lose the "hanging room". 
4. Make the event longer.

Reviewed by: Angelina   (Event Visited: 10/10/08 @ 7:15 pm)
Review Posted: 10/11/08
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Low | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: The location of this event can easily been seen from the street. The signage on where to park and where to enter wasn't very good. The haunted house shares a parking lot with a night club and a bowling alley. Make sure you park in the back cause that's where the entrance is.

Wait Entertainment: None. The people walking around were only security and vendors selling candy. You wait in line in a tent and don't get to see any decorations until you make it up front. There was music playing from a blowup machine but no entertainment.

Length of Event: It was a pretty long event. I would say I was in there for a good 20-30 minutes which was very surprising.

Actor Performance: Overall the actors did a pretty good job. Most of the time they stayed in character. The bellhop at the beginning gets the award for best performance. He really made the event interesting. The strobe light room was awesome and so were the actors.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Nobody was there so it was fine with the exception of the fact that I was always with a different group.

Appropriate Ages: If I had a kid I would have taken them, but there were some graphic scenes so it depends.

Summary: This may turn out to be a long summary. Sorry for those that want to read this. 
I felt at times this haunted house was very unorganized. This may have been because it was opening night and within the hour it opened, but I would think this is when they should of had their best performance. Throughout the haunted house security was walking all around which made the experience terrible. At times I could hear them talking to each other and heard them utter the F-word a view times (not good for family event). Speaking of overhearing things, I also heard the actors say "Get into place," therefore not allowing me to be scared because I knew something was coming.  
I don't feel that there was a real scare factor to this haunted house. Every room, much like every haunted house, had a scene that was being told. The actors did a real good job at acting out the scenes, but they weren't scary. It was just them acting and telling what they did to their victims. I give the actors an A+ they did a great job at staying in character, but they weren't scary and at one point disturbing (I'm not sure if the girl switched up her acting because we were old, but she insinuated that her father molested her--somewhat disturbing for a little kid). 
The props in the haunted house were pretty good. Since the event was hosted by "Spirit" most of the props could be seen at the Spirit Store. There was actually a lot of light shining in the haunted house. If they could dim the lights somehow it would make it better.  
I had two favorite scenes at this haunted house. It was the opening scene with bellhop and when he tells you to go to your room and walk through something (I'm not going to give it away but completely unexpected and AWESOME. The strobe light clown room was amazing.  
I can see why the event cost $20 dollars because they used a lot of decorations throughout the house,the actors were pretty good, and the haunted house is very long; but if you are looking for a haunted house that scares you (chain saws, fog machines, people popping out at you a lot, screaming)I wouldn't recommend this haunted house. But if you are looking for family event where it's almost like watching a movie this would be the event for you. Overall I don't think the house was worth cost of admission. 
I know this may seem like a negative review, but I really need to congratulate the actors. I don't think the blame should be put on them what-so-ever. I'm hoping this review was only like this because it was opening night. A lower price, more organized, dimmed lights, would make this haunted house better.





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