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All 2009 Visitor Reviews Submitted by ciszews3

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Event Reviewed: Eleventh Hour Haunted Houses (Elk Grove Village, Illinois)
Reviewed by: ciszews3   (Event Visited: 10/11/09 @ 8:45 pm)
Review Posted: 10/15/09
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: Good visibility from street! Located on Devon Ave. just west of Arlington Hts. Rd. It could use some erie lights to highlight the sign out front.

Wait Entertainment: There were a good number of actors for the line entertainment. A kinda married couple were doing an act and flirting with the crowd and rolling around in a wheelchair..Inventive act and spooky/funny! Also a british chica was collecting tickets and making fun of the crowd..good stuff! Each haunt had an actor or two entertaining you while you waited in line. There was also a Catacombs, the next haunt after 11th Hour, actor that creeped the crowd out while taking tickets with another creepy/scary dude with a top-hat coming at people throwing a garbage can and a chain-link fence on the ground while he/it chased you!! Great job!

Length of Event: Each haunt was different. Here's the breakdown: Corn Maze took about 5 min, depending if you are directionally challenged! Ha!, 11th HOUR took about 10 min, Catacombs took about 12 min and Intensity about 12 min! So, total time 39-40 mins! Great for the price!

Actor Performance: It varies from each haunt! 11th Hour was more acting but still creepy! The next 2 haunts were more 'in your face' pop-outs! The catacombs were creepy and our group enjoyed the cool scenes! Intensity was very dark and made everyone uneasy not knowing were the actors were at! There was a live metal/thrash band here last year, I believe they were called, IFORANI since I asked last year, and the box office told me that they are playing INSIDE THE HAUNT INTENSITY THIS FRI AND SAT THE 16TH / 17TH! They did this very cool and I and my group are coming back this weekend to see it!! Super cool to see a band inside a haunted unexpected and creepy!!

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Never an issue here! If our group did slow down a bit, there were actors there to entertain us! Great job!

Appropriate Ages: I would say 10 and up! If you do have a someone that is under 10 yrs, the 11th HOUR HAUNT is more acting that scare tactics and there is food, pumpkins and a rock climbing wall.......

Props / Special FX: The first 2 haunts had great special effects from very detailed in 11th Hour to a more creepy crypt with lots of erie lighting w/skeletons and a big monster guy in the next haunt..Catacombs!

Costumes / Make-up: The actors in make-up were super cool and had a ghoulish look! Some actors did have masks and were just as creeeeeepy! There was some actor what looked like on stilts that was grunting and walking around and chasing that was really creeeeeepy b/c he was all dressed up in corn stalks and a seaweed kinda costume which was crayz!!

Summary: Great all around job! From actors sniffing you to scaring you up close! Well worth the trip!! Actors really gave a good show and the haunt had something for all ages! Entertainment factor is very high and our group enjoyed coming out and will be back this weekend for the live band!!





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