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All 2009 Visitor Reviews Submitted by scolberg

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Event Reviewed: Dream Reapers Haunted House (Melrose Park, Illinois)
Reviewed by: scolberg   (Event Visited: Before Oct. 1st @ 9:30 pm)
Review Posted: 10/09/09
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Low | Atmosphere: Good
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Visibility/Location: Visibility and location were good. It was in a pretty conspicuous location with signs and lights to draw your attention. Parking was ample, but of we were also there the first day they opened, so it wasn't too busy.

Wait Entertainment: They only had a couple of people walking around the line, but the fact that it was the first day of haunted house season has to be considered. My frined and I admired the elaborate paintings on the wall and the posters of some of the characters they had up. The music was good but not too loud, so conversing was still easy. A dead hockey player harassed my friend and I for a little bit when we bought our tickets and followed us into the line, but overall the characters weren't as quick-witted as other places I've been to. They resorted to using bedroom humor a lot with us (two 20-something girls), which isn't as scary as it is sleazy. They seemed a little underenthused.

Length of Event: 10-15 minutes.

Actor Performance: They did an ok job. For the first day of working they were pretty enthusiastic, but it seemed like they still had some "warming up" to do before they could really have fun with the patrons. They weren't as over-the-top as other places I'd been.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: As far as I know it was good. I don't think we ran into the group ahead of us, but I was in the back of the group, so I couldn't tell.

Appropriate Ages: 10 and up.

Props / Special FX: Some of the rooms they had were really cool. At one point, there was an entire hallway lined with human sculls from top-to-bottom. Also, there was a really cool mirror/strobe maze that was somewhat disorienting but not to the point of being nauseating.

Costumes / Make-up: Excellent. I really loved the makeup jobs. The blood/wounds were realistic, and the detail was good, even down to the scuffs and tears in the hockey player's clothing.

Summary: My friend and I were in the back of the group, so we didn't get much attention as far as things popping out at us. We figured we'd be followed by some ghouls cause that's usually what happenes to the people in the back of the line, but the creatures only followed us to the end of their room/area, if they followed us at all, which was disappointing. Also, there were a couple of times we stumbled upon characters who were chit-chatting with one another, which kind of ruined the scare factor. There was one point when we stumbled upon someone standing in a corner talking on their cell phone. I'm 5'8, and quite of few of the actors were shorter than me, which made them not quite as scary. During our wait in line beforehand, my friend and I admired the posters of the "main characters" on the wall, and we were especially psyched about the crazy-looking rodeo clown, because we love scary clowns. As it turned out, we didn't see him at all until we came out of the haunted house and saw him and some other freaky-looking characters mingling with security guards, which was disappointing. Basically, all the scariest-looking people weren't even in the haunted house when we went through. I'd hate to be too hard on this place, since it was their first day being open this season. At the same time, it is one of the top-rated haunted houses in the area, and I watched youtube videos from previous years where the actors were a lot more enthusiastic, so I think it's fair to say I expected quite a lot more than we got as far as actors being over-the-top, in your face, and relentless.





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