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2010 Visitor Reviews of
Disturbia Torment of Fears (Addison, Illinois)

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11 out of 22 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: babyripken   (Event Visited: 10/17/10 @ 8:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/19/10
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: Right off of Lake Street very easy to find.

Wait Entertainment: One guy scaring people, but I really enjoyed the second waiting area, which was a large room with spider webs hanging down all over the place, with an awesome light show going through the webs,

Length of Event: 30 minutes

Actor Performance: Really good, especially chainsaw guy chasing you out the exit

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: With the maze like aspect of the house you end up running in to different people.

Summary: This house starts out with one of the most scary aspects of a house I have been to so far this year. They seperate you from the rest of your group, by doing what I call the "Birth Canal," which is the giant air bags on either side that you have to squeeze through to get to the other side. Then, after that, there is another set of them that is one the longest versions of this than I have ever seen, which leads in to a maze of them that gets very confusing, and I have to say freaked me out a little, especially went you get a group of you together in a small area. Most of the rest of the house becomes your standard house, but it gives you choices on which parts of the houses to go through to get out. I feel that the second half of the house was built for the "pitch black" house that they are doing on Halloween night, because it wasn't that scary, but seemed to be a great maze in the dark.

9 out of 19 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: BiffyP   (Event Visited: 10/23/10 @ 8:30 pm)
Review Posted: 10/24/10
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: I live in the area, so I knew exactly where it was located. But, for anyone else, it would be easy to pass it and not know you have missed as the signage is hard to see at night.

Wait Entertainment: There were a couple of actors that would go through the line and entrance and scare people. There we also screens showing horror clips. Also, the main line is inside of the attraction, so you can hear the screams of the people inside.

Length of Event: The actual attraction took about 10 minutes to walk through, and felt a little short.

Actor Performance: Save for the one or two actors, most maintained their roles and were very reactive to us, and often did not repeat the same exact things they were saying to other groups.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: They did a good job of metering the flow. They had several staging areas in the beginning that helped to ensure proper spacing. We only ran into another group at the very end when we were not quite sure where the exit was.

Props / Special FX: What props and special effects they had were good, but nothing overly remarkable.

Costumes / Make-up: The costumes and makeup were good, and added to the characters.

Summary: Overall, it was a good haunted attraction. Some of the scenes definitely caught me off guard and did not follow the same formulaic order and design that a lot of haunted houses have. I especially enjoyed how the structured the start of the attraction so that you would most likely not run into other groups, and also the "attention" that comes with it. For the length it was a little expensive. It could have been another 5 minutes longer, especially to compensate for the wait time. But overall it was definitely well-run and provided a good time.





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