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2010 Visitor Reviews of
"Best in St. Charles" Gallery of Ghoulish Home Tour (St. Charles, Illinois)

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5 out of 7 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: oldhaunter   (Event Visited: 10/09/10 @ 8:30 pm)
Review Posted: 10/25/10
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: High | Atmosphere: Good
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Visibility/Location: On a busy highway, with signs at teh road. You can see teh flashing lights from the road also.

Wait Entertainment: There are a few characters that keep the crowd entertained, but you better watch out, one of them may just carry you off into the dark.

Length of Event: about 20 minutes

Actor Performance: Most of the characters were good and freaked people out in the group I was with. Characters were cast with thier size and additude in mind.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Good spacing in the house. Usually run through with groups of 6-10 depending on many are in your party or the party ahead or behind you. We didn't see anyone ahead of us or behind us...

Appropriate Ages: most ages, smaller kids, probably not.

Props / Special FX: There are some good FX....vortex tunnel, red and white stripped maze, the camper room, the cage maze, the hanging morgue

Costumes / Make-up: make up was very good, from the characters out front to the last character.

Summary: The location is great. Plenty of parking and easy to get in and out of. They set the scene as you get your ticket and get in line. You have 2 ticket options, one is regular price and the other is a "speed pass" for an additional $5, which is the best bet. There are a couple well played characters that keep you entertained before you get into the actual house. Their make up and costumes are done very well, along with their attitudes. The clown really had some people covering thier faces in fear. A cross between Beetlejuice and the clown from Steven King's IT. As you enter the maze of the house, through the outhouse, you enter into darkness, you encounter several ghouls throughout the maze, just waiting for the perfect time to pounce on your guard being down and scare you. The beginning maze could have a room added to make it more entertaining and break up the length a bit. There is a hallway that I thought was great and had to touch the props to make sure they weren't real. The hanging morgue hallway. Really a nice effect in the closeness of the hallway, having to pass in and among the hanging bodies. Passing through that area to the camper area was also a good prop/character room. If you like TV, then don't get caught watching the TVs in this room! The two characters in this room are just waiting to find you! Body parts and bones, along with the demented family are all placed well. Another great FX I enjoyed was the smoky cage room. The characters in that room are lurking and blending in well their surroundings very well, not knowing when hey will find you. Traveling further in, you find a side show to keep you entertained. Did you pick teh right door and make it out or did the stripped maze get you running in circles and not find the way out? The character in that area was also cast and dressed perfectly. Gotta look closely for him. Loved the jaw dropping guys make-up and position. Had to do a double take on him, wondering if he was real or a prop. Overall a good haunted house with effects in the right place and timing of monsters/characters. A couple of things to improve on or think about for some areas, the bridge area has a perfect place for more horror and maybe a startler room at the beginning to get thier senses on edge. Also maybe a concession stand too.

4 out of 11 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: taby   (Event Visited: 10/23/10 @ 9:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/24/10
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: Waterloo Sportsman Club Haunted Trail

Wait Entertainment: We really didn't get to see cause thier was no wait.

Length of Event: right around 1 hour

Actor Performance: The people were dressed up as a lot of different charcters like Leather Face and a vibrateing floor it was awsome.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: There was 6 of us in a group and we were able to walk right thru.

Appropriate Ages: Yes deffinitly for ages 10 and up.

Props / Special FX: i loved the vibrateing floor and the bridge that felt like is moveing from side to side and the bubbles that was filled with smoke.There was alot more i just don't remember.

Costumes / Make-up: Everybody had such wonderful costumes we enjoyed everthing we really liked the person who was dressed up in the costume with the spiked hair and electrobes in front of his stomach.

Summary: Every haunted house is good. We really liked the Waterloo Haunted Trail because it was outside and to us it made it more spookier.It is a good place to take kids because they have what they call lastg ride u are put in a casket and it moves and while you are in there they video tape it for you.When you are done going thru the maze that you go thru in the dark they bring you back up to the top where you started at on hayride.We liked it so much i told my husband that we have to make it a family tradition to go there every year.





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