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All 2010 Visitor Reviews Submitted by darklaff31

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Event Reviewed: Terror on the Square (Petersburg, Illinois)
Reviewed by: darklaff31   (Event Visited: 10/16/10 @ 10:15 pm)
Review Posted: 10/21/10
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: Not hard to find. On the square in downtown Petersburg. You can either park there on the square or at a nearby establishment.

Wait Entertainment: None to speak of. We waited appx. 2 hrs. as the line was wrapped around the block; but nobody was complaining as it was a perfect evening for the wait. There are passes you can buy that take you to the front of the line. There was also a "coffin ride" you can go on but not recommended for the claustrophobic.

Length of Event: About 15 min. not counting the wait at the register desk.

Actor Performance: Most impressive, especially how the actors were able to start with a guided tour and let it dissolve into a "you're on your own" situation. There are many set pieces that require seamless interaction between the actors & props/fx. There was a smooth, unbroken flow that the actors carried from room to room. This created an eerie momentum that intensified during the tour's progression. The graveyard actors were exceptionally intimidating.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Never ran into other groups. Occasionally heard a bang or scream, but never saw other patrons. There was no "safe spot" in the line as the actors kept everybody swirling. You may enter a room in the middle of the group, but you may find yourself last in line, alone with the ghouls.

Appropriate Ages: Could be too intense for the 10 and under set, depending on their constitution. The group I was in had a 10 yr. old who never went in and a 12 yr old sister who barely made it through.

Props / Special FX: Stunning! This is what makes me come back. Every square inch of each room is filled with such detail. Layers of skeletons in the walls, props & equipment from real funeral homes, even effective use of sound make this (can I say?) a beautiful haunt to look at. That's leaving out the illusions, which are, by far, the coolest I've ever seen. Faces appear from nowhere, ghosts dance in & out of mirrors and the crematorium is a masterpiece. I never saw any seams, wires or projection lamps. A lot of thought went into presenting these illusions in a professional light. Those involved should be proud of themselves.

Costumes / Make-up: A consistent tattered ghoul theme, with period dress to accomadate the old funeral home setting. Subtle and effective.

Summary: I am a repeat visitor. Every time I come here, I raise the bar of my expectations: we're given a professional-quality production and the cast & crew keep topping themselves. I envy those who are going through for the first time. My group found ourselves hanging back in the store, talking with other patrons about what we experienced. It's fun to be scared. If you like intense scares with a minimum of blood/gore and an eye for some incredible art direction, you shouldn't leave disappointed. My group wasn't: we're talking about going back again.





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