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All 2010 Visitor Reviews Submitted by shallowglass

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Event Reviewed: Auburn Haunted House (Auburn, Illinois)
Reviewed by: shallowglass   (Event Visited: 10/23/10 @ 10:30 pm)
Review Posted: 10/24/10
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very High | Atmosphere: Good
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Visibility/Location: Auburn, IL is a pretty small town so it's hard to get lost there. If you use Google maps and follow their directions, you can easily find this haunted house.

Wait Entertainment: Unfortunately there is a long wait to get into this haunted house unless you get there super early to get your tickets. They do have a good system in place though so you don't have to stand in line to wait. When you buy your tickets, they assign you a group number. When they call your group number over the loud speaker, you head up to the entrance. This allows you to enjoy the bonfire and concession stand or use the porta-potty without having to worry about losing your place in line. I would have liked to see more spooky characters roaming around outside.

Length of Event: I think it took about 15 minutes for my group to go through the haunted house once we entered the front door.

Actor Performance: The actors in this haunted house are spectacular. It seems like they've rehearsed for this event and done their homework when it comes to portraying their characters. Each character and their costumes are unique. They don't use cookie cutter characters or costumes.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: The flow inside the haunted house was good. I don't remember for sure, but I think there were about a dozen different rooms/scenes that we went through. Each concept flowed into the next. As far as other patrons, we never ran into any other groups.

Appropriate Ages: I don't have children so I don't know how to rate age appropriateness. I would guess that maybe age 10-12 and up would be to handle this haunted house. I don't think haunted house is appropriate for small children due to the graphic nature of the blood and gore depicted, however there is nothing of a sexual nature and the costumes are all modest. The majority of the rooms have a very realistic theme and presence which could be a little disturbing to young children.

Props / Special FX: The props in this haunted house are top of the line. You can tell they put hard work into this haunted house. The details of the rooms do a good job of helping along the theme/storyline of the haunted house. It appears that these props are all custom made rather than store bought or out of the box. That makes me appreciate the haunted house all that much more.

Costumes / Make-up: The costumes and makeup are excellent as well. I don't remember seeing a single mask in the haunted house. It appears as all the makeup and special effects were done by a makeup artist. The scars, scratches, scrapes, wounds are all so realistic. And the characters that are supposed to be dead...well they look dead. As far as costumes it looks like they made their costumes from scratch. I didn't see any costumes that looked like they had been store bought.

Summary: Overall this is a great haunted house. The group of people who work both inside and outside seem dedicated to what they are doing. Their enthusiasm makes all the difference in the world.  
Some of the things that stood out to me were the wine racks, the life sized outhouse, and the nurse's electric chair. The hillbilly girl and her victim who was forked down to the table were pretty cool too. Not sure how they did that special effect though. I also liked the room with the gorilla looking creature. I love trees and nature and this room seemed totally realistic of a bayou swamp. The trees even felt real to the touch.  
The things that I didn't like about this haunted house were some of the tight spaces. I'm claustrophobic so that really got to me. I didn't like to have to duck and walk low. The wait to get in also sucked, but it was worth it.  
The cost of this haunted house is $7 which is think is a deal. There's not too many entertainment options out there for under $10.  
Oh, as a plus for some, this haunted house doesn't use strobe lights. This was great for me as well because I get sick around flashing lights like that.  





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