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2011 Visitor Reviews of
Gilson Haunted House (Gilson, Illinois)

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12 out of 23 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: farmer18   (Event Visited: 10/29/11 @ 7:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/30/11
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: Very good it gave us the chills looking at the building.Signs helped us find it but all we really had to do was follow traffic. Parking was tricky but they are limited to the land available. Law Enforcement helped direct traffic and crowd control.

Wait Entertainment: They had old, black & white movies playing outside. You could hear the music inside the haunted school (it was a little loud.)refreshments were available at 2 locations. Port-a-potties too. Gift shop was a nice added feature.

Length of Event: We liked it,about 30-45 minutes long. It all depends upon how much time you spend in the maze.

Actor Performance: Pretty cool especialy the chainsaw part. In some rooms acting was minimal yet it best suited the environment. People in dark clothing blended into corners and stood there quietly. When we approached they bit down on a lighting affect to freak us out. This small act of entertainment suprised us. Hardly any talking on the part of the actors. They followed . . . they motioned . . . they might growl. It was a quiet terror!!!

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: It was good.we didn't run into anybody until the maze. Yes, the staff directed traffic extremely well. We were led to a certain point then dropped off. The only time we saw other civilians was at the maze. The staff also made sure to just tell a monster if we were in distress and we would be immediately helped.

Appropriate Ages: From 10 to adult.but they do offer a non scary day for small children. We were surprised the line was dominated by adults. Of course, teenagers probably visited later in the evening. We are already making plans to return in a much larger group next year.

Props / Special FX: Overall I think it was awsome!they have good sections everywhere. The spinning black hole was THE BEST!!! The maze was completely dark -- we could only navigate by feel!! Also, we were extremely impressed by the 3D paint on the walls. The glasses we wore made it pop right out. I would have liked to spent more time there reading the words and admiring the painting of the skulls.

Costumes / Make-up: Pretty good I think it was good.the body parts looked real. Again, the costumes were well-suited to the areas where they were placed. In complete darkness the costumes were minimal but nothing more was needed. The gillie suited monsters were fantastic and not detectable until they walked out from the walls.

Summary: It is a good investment in my opinion. I haven't been to a haunted house in many years and the Gilson Haunted House exceeded all my expectations of what a haunted house should be based on my teenage memories. We were told the Boy Scout troops and their parents begin working on the haunted house mid-August. (They work year-round designing it!) It's obvious they spend a lot of time constructing the maze and various rooms. Everything is well-built. It really is a fantastic night of scaring, illusions, and special effects.  
My son liked the character who emerged from total darkness then turned a flashlight on under his chin to illuminate his face. This made him jump.  
We also enjoyed the outhouse with the slamming door. And, some of us enjoyed the slight rain coming from the gentleman in the pot!! 

15 out of 29 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: Jashuh   (Event Visited: 10/22/11 @ 10:15 pm)
Review Posted: 10/23/11
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: Located in the old school house in Gilson Illinois, nice road sign but not lighted. Small little town so it isn't too hard to find.

Wait Entertainment: Lots of clowns and a few monsters walking the large crowd lines. Also; projected movie on the side of the building - rocking door out-house with old monster inside shooting his stream... Very good entertainment here!

Length of Event: The waiting lines are usually long, so there is some time there. The event took us about 15 minutes maybe a little more, and the maze can extend this time by several minutes more if you have trouble, we got through the maze without too much trouble, but it has challenges.

Actor Performance: The actors done a great job, everyone enjoyed themselves and it shows.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Everything flowed great and guided well into the first half, but during the rocking room and the spinning room things slow down, and the maze also has the ability to bottle neck the crowds. Overall; with the crowd size tonight being high we still got through the event without any real trouble.

Appropriate Ages: I would say 8 years or older, no real high impact scares, but good sets and good cast - very well done.

Props / Special FX: Lots of great standard props, with some added automation, the spinning and rocking rooms, the 3d tunnel (double length) and some added effects here and there.. Very nice and yes it's nice to see the crank ghost back again.

Costumes / Make-up: Most of the event is masks, little make-up here. These are well done costumes and masks, enjoyable because the characters do a great job.

Summary: We attend this event every year and this year they upped the game, this year was the best experience we have ever had. The large crowd gets bigger every year and the quality of this house is proof that this group is doing the great job at scares. The wait line was enjoyable with the various actors and surrounding to keep you entertained. The house went through smoothly and everything went as triggered - no trouble with the maze and lots to see ! This year this group hit the mark and was very good, looking forward to next year already .

15 out of 34 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: WattsThat   (Event Visited: 10/14/11 @ 7:30 pm)
Review Posted: 10/15/11
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: It is a little out in the country, but the drive seemed a small price to pay for the length and quality of this haunted house.

Wait Entertainment: The music was of the good ole heavy rock & roll variety, which was a nice change from the typical creaking, moaning, chains rattling on a loop for the entire hour you have to stay in line. The entertainers enjoyed that I was easy to get to jump and often swung by to creep me out. I loved the waiting room display that was like a creepy altar. Overall, it was a very good distraction for hour hour long wait.

Length of Event: It took us right about half an hour to get completely through, but that's only because my husband has an uncanny mental mapping ability and was able to guide us out of the maze relatively quickly while everyone else stayed lost!

Actor Performance: Some rooms were better than others, but overall it was a good showing.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: The patron flow was pretty good, but we did get bottle necked a few times and had to wait to get a little space between ourselves and the group ahead of us, but I have yet to be in a haunted house that didn't have the same issue.

Appropriate Ages: I'd say probably about 12 and up

Props / Special FX: I LOVED the 3D blacklight murals and the spinning tunnel with the 3D blacklight spots. That was something I'd never seen before that was amazing. The elevator room and spinning floor rooms were pretty cool too. Oh...and the pillow room was something that really killed me because it was triggering my claustrophobia.

Costumes / Make-up: They were adequate to good...Honestly I didn't stare too hard at the ones inside, but the ones outside were mostly good. A few of the masks were eh, but the rest were pretty awesome.

Summary: Overall, I would say that this was one of the best haunted houses I've ever visited, especially for the price. Then to find out it's run by a Boy Scout pack made me even more impressed. This is definitely worth the drive into the country to visit! If you do come, be sure to bring your strong stomach and your sense of direction because between the black lights/3D rooms, the strobes, and the blackout maze, you are definitely going to need them. I definitely plan to return again in the future and would highly recommend this haunted house to any of my friends!

8 out of 21 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: gmlsc   (Event Visited: 10/15/11 @ 10:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/23/11
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Medium | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: Finding Gilson is pretty easy coming out of Knoxville and there is good signage to lead you to the haunted school.

Wait Entertainment: There was outside followers but not too scary except the short one with the long hair did kinda creep me out a bit. This has turned into such a big deal in Gilson that there is now a food stand on the lot that was way too lit up but was filling a niche.

Length of Event: I think it took approx 30 minutes. Just depends how long you are lost in the maze.

Actor Performance: Performers were good and I never seen them go out of character.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Flow was good once we got inside. waited 2 hours to get in.

Appropriate Ages: Id say 11 and up.

Props / Special FX: Not a whole lot of scary props but the vortex is awesome and I liked the elevator.

Costumes / Make-up: Some wore masks and some went a little further with makeup.

Summary: We have been going to this for several years and have noticed that they have gotten away from really scary factor and into more of a haunted fun house. They do have an awesome maze that is completely black and hard to get out of.The room after the maze was good and characters were creepy. The tour guides were good and played a good part.Black light rooms and spinning room was good.Overall a great haunted house for a reasonable price and worth going to, just would like it to get back to being scarier.





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