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All Visitor Reviews
2011 Visitor Reviews of
Evil Intentions Haunted House (Elgin, Illinois)

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21 out of 33 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: frankenkj   (Event Visited: 10/16/11 @ 7:30 pm)
Review Posted: 10/17/11
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Medium | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: The haunt was easy to find via google maps. There was a small popup tent with a sign out in front, and a parking lot across the street with halogen work lights illuminating the lot.

Wait Entertainment: Once you get your tickets and enter the 'real' line, there are a few few actors walking around and a video looping showing the 'history' of the haunt and it's location.

Length of Event: The haunt took our group of 4 about 15 minutes to complete.

Actor Performance: The first half of the haunt had actors who seemed almost lackluster in their performance - most of the actors in the first half relied on props/noisemakers/stalking for their scares. 
I think the actors in the second half really made the event worthwhile. The 'wheel chair girl' and the little girls towards the end who wanted to be 'friends' were really good at their bits and seemed really into the spirit of the haunt.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Groups were allowed into the haunt based on the number in your group. Our group had 4 people in it and it seemed to be a good number of people in the group.  
About 3/4 of the way through the haunt, a group of 2 caught up to our group and joined us for the remainder of the haunt. I don't think we were taking an usually long amount of time, so I can only assume the 2 ran through the haunt until we stopped them.

Appropriate Ages: Some areas of the haunt were rather graphic, and the actors at times were in-your-face trying to intimidate you. I'd say ages 14+

Props / Special FX: Props were used throughout - standard haunt items ( chainsaws/blades/noisemakers/pneumatics) were used. There were a few videos on display in some of the rooms, and the lighting/mood of some of the rooms was done really well.

Costumes / Make-up: Costumes and make up were nicely done, but there were a number of actors in static masks ( masks that didn't move when the actors spoke ).

Summary: We originally had gone to the haunt Saturday night ( 10-15 ) around the middle of the night got in line. We waited approx 45 minutes before we got to the ticket counter, at which point we asked how long it was to the actual haunt. The wait was well over an hour and a half so we left and came back on Sunday night. I'm not complaining here on the long waits - that was to be expected as we get closer to Halloween, we just didn't have enough time to wait that long.  
Sunday night ( 10-16 ) we arrived at 7 and there was a line already in place. It took about 20 minutes to get our tickets, then around another 10-15 minutes to get to the haunt entrance.  
The entrance to the haunt was done really nicely - you watch a short video of a group entering the haunt with expected haunt results, then you are rushed into the haunt itself. The first half consisted of winding hallways/rooms that was nicely laid out, but lacking in any real scares. Maybe it was due to it being a Sunday and they were short staffed, but most of the rooms in the first half of the haunt had props in place, but no actors to use them.  
Things improved in the second half of the haunt. Without giving too much away, the second half starts around the morgue area and there's a nice shock in the morgue by an actor. Leaving the morgue, you go through a 'tunnel' that's approx 4.5' high and winds through the dark. I'm 6'2" and kept banging my head on low hanging objects every so often in the tunnel, but it was a nice touch. 
Just for sheer creepy factory, the best room in the haunt was in the basement. You go down a flight of stairs and enter a dimly lit hall way leading to a series of tiled rooms. The effects and lighting in the area, as well as the great creepy feeling of just being in the that part of the building itself really sold that room.  
In one room an actor breaks up your group and allows 2 at a time ( it's easier for the ghouls to eat smaller portions ) to enter a maze. The maze was really well done with what looked like pallets as the walls which allowed you to kinda-not really look through them and did a great job of confusing you.  
There's a hallway with cages and little girls that was done really well. In this area I think the little actors did a great job - scares by actors, I think this was one of the better places in the haunt.  
Aside from the lack of actors at the start, my only real complaint is that the haunt ends rather abruptly. You exit a maze and go down a fully lit stairwell out onto the street - everyone in my group was kinda like 'Ok... it just ended?'  
The haunt location itself, used to be a casket factory, so knowing that going in certainly adds to the creepy factor. The interior of the building ( not the sets or anything created for the haunt ) was really neat and gave off this great creepy vibe that stayed with you the entire haunt. It's just one of those buildings that you look at from the street and go 'yea, that's a haunted building.'  
Overall it was a decent haunted house. Had we stayed on Saturday, I think the performances of the actors might have been better and the rooms might have actual performers in them, but on our trip, the second half of the haunt made up for the first. If you go, try and get there early in the night as the line moves slowly and the wait can be a long one.

12 out of 28 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: Hagerhogan   (Event Visited: 10/22/11 @ 9:45 pm)
Review Posted: 10/23/11
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Low | Atmosphere: Fair
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Visibility/Location: It isn't a haunt that you will come across by accident. We didn't see any signs until we were pulling into the parking lot.

Wait Entertainment: They only had two characters in the line. One clown and a guy with a chainsaw. The exhaust from the chainsaw was so bad you had to cover your face cuz' he would hang in the same place so long. But overall

Length of Event: 15-20m

Actor Performance: There seemed to be a shortage of actors. There we ALOT of places where you were just in a room or area and there were no characters. This happened more than once and was VERY noticeable. The masks/make up was pretty fundamental. Nothing special in the character department.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: There was no side attraction, and we were diappointed that there was no "story line" they put you through a door and you are in the haunt. No story line, no pre-haunt entertainment except a video that was running on a wall in the waiting area that told you it was an old casket factory that was believed to be haunted... The screamo music wasn't awful but got tedious and annoying cuz' it was on a short loop.

Appropriate Ages: 10+

Props / Special FX: There were some great props at this haunt but every one of them left us wanting more. The coffin hallway was REALLY well done but could have been taken to the next level so easily with sensory additions like something hanging from the ceiling, or lower lighting with a strobe or spot lights. The outside section was AWESOME but nothing haunted about it, something needed to be added here. Over all we felt this haunt had TOO MUCH LIGHT INSIDE.

Costumes / Make-up: We were sadly disappointed in the masks/characters. There was one or two characters in the whole haunt that we thought had good costumes/make up. Not good odds.

Summary: Overall, if this wasn't an established haunt, we would say it was off to a "good start". They have some great infrastructure and a great facility but they need to enhance the sensory input from the haunt. Less lighting, more "grossness" dangling from the ceilings, etc. The wheelchair room was our favorite but we though could have been enhanced by flash lighting so you wouldn't see her moving so much... Overall we would compare this to a Jaycee's quality haunt in a top notch facility... We are looking forward to some changes for next year and are planning on going back if we hear they lost power :-D

8 out of 23 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: nikkisweet   (Event Visited: 10/23/11 @ 9:30 pm)
Review Posted: 10/24/11
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: It was very easy to find, but it's tucked away in a neighborhood. They have a tent up and a very brightly lit sign for parking.

Wait Entertainment: There was not much wait entertainment, they had a clown walking around, but he wasn't interacting much. The music they played was awesome, heavy rock. The wait entertainment wasn't very important since the line was short, but the music gets you amped up before you enter the haunted house.

Length of Event: It was at least 20 minutes, it took a good amount of time to get through it.

Actor Performance: The actors were beyond amazing! Everyone stayed in character and were very scary.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: That's what I like so much about this haunted house, they let a group through and then don't let another group through for a while. 
The group before us caught up to us but I just think that was because they were rushing through it and/or trying to catch up to us. 
Before going into the Haunted the guy behind us was staring at me, then tapped me and asked me how many of us there were and if they could go with us. I said no haha.

Appropriate Ages: 13 +

Props / Special FX: There weren't too many props/special effects. There were your basic strobes & rooms that were decorated but it's the actors that really make this haunted house.

Costumes / Make-up: The costumes and makeup were great! Nice and creepy!

Summary: When first entering the haunted house you watch a really cool video and then get scared as soon as you walk in. A lot of the rooms in the beginning have only props and no actors, which is good in a way because you are always expecting something and more scared that nothing happened.  
The further you get into the haunted house, the more actors you run into. A lot of the actors were hidden well and followed you and scared you multiple times because you never knew where they would come from.  
It's probably the best setting/location of any haunted house I've ever been to. It would already look creepy even if they hadn't decorated it at all. At some point you have to bend over to get through a low tunnel, go down a full case of stairs, up other stairs, even outside and at some point they make you go in pairs for a little while. 
So the second half of the haunted house gets really intense, and there's as many as 3/4 actors in a room with you. They take a lot of time with you to make sure you get scared. A guy with a gas mask was screaming in my face and was so close to me that his mask was touching my face, I didn't mind though. He followed me all the way through the rest of the house and even followed me outside and screamed at me some more, then chased me a bit down the sidewalk. 
It was hands down the best haunted house I've ever been to, the actors are amazing, and I screamed a lot, as well as laughed for screaming :)  





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