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All Visitor Reviews
2011 Visitor Reviews of
Auburn Haunted House (Auburn, Illinois)

Disclaimer: Reviews on this page were supplied by an outside source. The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff of Haunted Illinois does not endorse, support, represent, or guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness, or reliability of these reviews.
30 out of 46 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: Jashuh   (Event Visited: 10/15/11 @ 7:15 pm)
Review Posted: 10/17/11
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: Located in the little remote town of Auburn, head toward the uptown and two haunted house attractions are looking at you - doesn't get better or easier to find ! No sign highway markers !

Wait Entertainment: No wait entertainment here, large fire pit and lots of good food and drinks. Try the taco's - good very good.

Length of Event: 15 minutes and maybe a little more .

Actor Performance: All the characters were perfect, this is one of the best character performances around - Everyone done a great job! The clowns were the best I have seen this year and by far, maybe some of the best ever ! I am saying that this years performance is the best ever - the corner nurse in the before stairs room was great, GOT ME for the first time in years ! (first rate)

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: The flow started out good, but we had a problem after the clown room - the coffin room with multiple door options totally failed - we waited to clear the bottle neck and still the timing failed.. Even the guy who came out of the wrong coffin was off mark on this, it was a total failure here and sad too - the coffin man in the room was great but what could he do after this was messed up !

Appropriate Ages: I would say at least 10 years here, this is one of the better attractions in the state and they do have some in your face and fear factor in this haunted attraction - one of the best I have seen in years . Small children shouldn't try out this house!

Props / Special FX: Lots of great props here and yes a nice touch of automation - the half cut old man rocking on the walker, loved it and it caught me off guard for my big scare - worked great! The haunted basement cat-combs done a great job and keep us guessing until we found the exit. Lots of good effects, with some light fx effects .

Costumes / Make-up: The costumes and make-up was perfect, this is one of the best jobs I have seen at make-up ! You will not find a better job with these characters picture perfect here!

Summary: We view a lot of haunted events and this one I expect to be good, but this year it was great. I liked the new haunted rooms with cabinets moving and trash cans flying. It gives a great new theme to this event. The entire house was great with the return of the haunted wine celler and the new clown rooms. The only weak point here was the exit - we need something here with a lot more punch effect, you simple exit the event without no fear or threat - maybe several chainsaws here might be nice or a large creature experiment gone wrong - something ! We are looking forward to this event next year and keep up the great job and remarkable performances !

18 out of 30 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: jgraham   (Event Visited: 10/22/11 @ 7:00 pm)
Review Posted: 10/26/11
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: excellent visibility, old mansion that is the masonic lodge just off the town square, provides the perfect location, with a very organized flow

Wait Entertainment: The wait entertainment included two nice camp fires, a concession stand, actors on microphone that kept the groups organized and flowing up to the door. The methods to keep the groups running smoothly seemed very organized and simple. The mc was entertaining as he had to announce a walk of shame from time to time.

Length of Event: about 20 minutes, seemed like a very long time, very impressed with all the different rooms and actors, about 15 different rooms!

Actor Performance: The actors performances were top notch. From the first room that started the scare off slow with an explanation about an incident that had my whole group looking all over the room, watching every door and hanging on every word from the narrator, to each and every room with a different feel and surprise.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: We had heard the line gets backed up if you dont go early, so we went early, got there around opening time and there were 18 groups of four or five already in line. Our wait was not bad at all, about a half hour to an hour.

Appropriate Ages: Ten and up, saw several walks of shame for the little guys who were just too scared!

Props / Special FX: The props were great, had a little bit of everything, with about fifteen different rooms the themes ranged from a creepy kids room with dolls and a young actor to the clown room at the end with an excellent mix of scare and gore.

Costumes / Make-up: The time and effort these actors put in to thier roles and make-up is to be commended. We were very impressed.

Summary: I must admit I am not a normal fan of haunted houses. I only went because two family members are involved. I knew alot of work went into preperation but I had no idea how organized, scary, and fun it would end up being.  
Signs guiding customers in from the highway were very helpful.  
Walking up to the house for the first time I was impressed with the old mansion itself. The old house was taylor made to be a haunt. My wife and I arrived early and we are glad we did. We got our tickets from the little pull behind camper trailer that has been turned into a ticket booth. The whole area around the house had an electric feel with excitement in the air. There were two outside fire pits with nice fires going and hay bales for seating all around. There were portable bathrooms and the street was blocked on both ends with people walking all about. A trailer provided snacks and walking tacos. After purchasing tickets and getting assigned a group we milled about enjoying the atmospere and people watching. The rest of our group arrived and we were called to the line and signed a waiver.  
The first room was exciting, with an actor explaining an office scene where the person had gone mad. We were all on pins and needles looking around at all the doors and ceiling expecting a jolt any second, we were moved in to a second room where the possessed person made his entry. The transitions went smoothly from room to room (about 15 in all) with the actors being ready in each room. The detail was fantastic and almost too much to take in. On top of enjoying all the different props that caught your attention at every corner there was the startles and scares from the actors that were done up in movie quality makeup and design. The clown room was my favorite and had us doubling back over the same path we had started down in the beginning and had us all turned around. My wife got a little panicked in the final room but it was something we laughed about all night afterward. We had a great time and will definately return next year!

18 out of 31 people thought this review was helpful.
Reviewed by: newbooreview   (Event Visited: 10/14/11 @ 10:30 pm)
Review Posted: 10/17/11
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: Super easy to find off of Interstate 55 and Route 104 through Auburn. Great signage and flashing lights made it easy to find as well!

Wait Entertainment: Very good characters roaming around interacting with people in line and throughout the street/staging area in front of the attraction. A couple of hearses were present with actors and "rituals" around them as well.

Length of Event: About 20 minutes. Depends how easily you're able to navigate through several of the mazes in the attraction...

Actor Performance: Very, VERY strong. Unpredictable. They definitely stay in character and are not hesitant to get up close. Only a couple of kids working. Definitely VERY strong actors inside the House not just working the queue line.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Great! We did run in to another group in the maze area - but it was alright! Our group also got divided up and we found our way out about 10 minutes before the rest of our group!

Appropriate Ages: Above 10 years of age? Depends. I went through with my son 9, who has worked Haunted attractions for several years - by the second room he was totally scared. So much so, that I feel that some of the actors may have modified their "act". He did make it through, but PLEASE really consider for young children. As an actor, I hate when parents drag kids through screaming and crying.

Props / Special FX: Attention to detail throughout the house was really outstanding. Excellent combination of pneumatic devices and house decorations/props were outstanding as well! One of the other areas that would really enhance the experience would be more music throughout the house.

Costumes / Make-up: Costumes and makeup appeared to be good. However, sometimes the lighting was poor in certain areas of the house and you couldn't see the details of the character's costumes/makeup. I don't know if this is controlled by infrared or manually - but lighting should be adjusted just a bit; I know this is a tight-rope walk - but just a little more light in certain areas will enhance the overall experience!

Summary: Opening Night for Auburn Haunted House and this was our first visit to this great attraction; I cannot say enough great things about the job that the Auburn folks do with their house. I am very involved with another local haunt and it's nice to be able to sneak away and see what others are doing. I am not easily impressed, nor am I blowing smoke and sunshine at anyone - this is truly and outstanding attraction. 
Special acting kudos specifically to: the paranormal detective, the hoarder woman, and the clowns. We also really liked the meat bag room and the mazes (the closeness of walls and tactile elements really added to this attraction)! Cheers to all involved! Well done! We'll be back!





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