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2011 Visitor Reviews of
QC Factory of Fear (Moline, Illinois)

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Reviewed by: smokey   (Event Visited: 10/30/11 @ 8:45 pm)
Review Posted: 10/31/11
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: Very High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: Possibly the easiest to find in the Quad Cities. Right off of the street. Well lit signage. Very creepy looking building.

Wait Entertainment: Wait Entertainment was great! Although there were only a couple of groups in front of us, they were being heavily harassed by two very creepy clowns. The use of spider web and lighting is excellent in the waiting area of the Factory.

Length of Event: Our group went through the haunt in roughly 35 minutes.

Actor Performance: Actor Performance was great! Unlike most haunts where you seem to be able to easily sneak up on an actor and catch them off guard, this was not the case at the Factory. All actors appeared to be in their spots and on their A-Game! From the clowns at the front door to the creepy girl in the last room and the chainsaws at the end, they all did great!

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: Patron flow was great! We must have hit a very good night because again unlike most haunts, we never saw the group in front of or us or behind us the whole time, nor did we have an clue as to their whereabouts.

Appropriate Ages: This is what I would consider an all ages appropriate haunt. The isn't much in the way of gore (aside from the bloody display in the butcher shop) and all actors kept their scares to a shock type scare. Not horribly scary as far as what they are saying or doing but would probably scare small children.

Props / Special FX: There are tons of cameras and air driven props in this haunt! This is the only haunt where I haven't noticed any horribly timed activation of animated props. All props fired at just the right moment and kept our group on our toes waiting for what would jump or pop out at us next!

Costumes / Make-up: There were some Spirit Halloween type clown costumes, a man in a orange shirt with some great prosthetics on his face wielding a machete, a butcher clown, a zombie nurse, and some kids with face paint. There wasn't much of the typical bad Halloween masks that you see in most haunts.

Summary: This year was by far the best experience I've ever had at the Factory of Fear. This haunt is full of strobe light, tight spaces, fog, great scares, MAZES, creepy laughs and lots and lots of screams! Rooms include but are not limited to a cemetery, sewer type room, 2 crawlspaces (both pretty short and easily passable), a great butcher shop, multiple mazes, an electric fence area, a very loud encounter with a truck, a room that's somewhat hard to find your way out of, a "Jason" room, a very unique coffin display in which a girl appears to be floating in the middle of the room (you have to see it to understand it) lots of SHOCK scares, multiple drop downs and pop outs where spooks are RIGHT IN YOUR FACE, a jail cell, an electric chair room, and did I mention mazes? Aside from lacking decorations in a few rooms, this is a haunt that was assembled very well. Be ready for an actor to pop out at you when you don't expect it at all! There aren't many indications that there will be a scare in some of the places that they are in this haunt. There are a lot of tight squeezes and dead ends but I personally think it really enhanced the experience. If you are afraid of the dark this place is for you! There are places in this building that you can't see the person in front of you. I wouldn't be surprised if an actor could and would sneak right into your group in some places in this place. I would say it was worth every dime we spent to get in and we will gladly return to this haunt next year! Good job and thank you to everyone who scared us at the Factory of Fear!





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