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All 2011 Visitor Reviews Submitted by insanefan

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Event Reviewed: Clinton's Terror on Washington Street Haunted House (Clinton, Illinois)
Reviewed by: insanefan   (Event Visited: 10/14/11 @ 8:15 pm)
Review Posted: 10/17/11
Overall Score:
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Scare Factor: High | Atmosphere: Very Good
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Visibility/Location: Very visible once you find Washington Street.

Wait Entertainment: This year Clintons Terror on Washing street eliminated their Line and got a digital board on the builing so you knew when it was your groups turn to go in the house. Very good idea. There was a man on the porch calling out your groups number in case you werent watching the board. Their is plenty to do outside at this event this year. A very entertaining place and is defently stepping up there we are an "event" status.

Length of Event: We spent nearly an hour at the house thie year. There were a few things to check out outiside of the house this year and an incredible monster walking around outisde on stilts. Very cool.

Actor Performance: The Actors inside this event know their roles very well. They are very effective and right on key with there roles.

Patron Flow Inside Attraction: The flow inside this house is very good. Did not run into another group unlike last year.

Appropriate Ages: No. I would say you have to be 12 and above to fully enjoy this event.

Props / Special FX: Many Props and Special FX were added this year. Things flying up and you and moving by electronics are very entertaing and give the house a since of intelligance.

Costumes / Make-up: Costumes and make up are well suited for every room and every part inside this house.

Summary: My family and I really enjoyed our hour trip to Clinton this year. The house changed for a large part this year and seemed to have alot of thought and work put into it. On the negative side, the beginning room is very high-tech, but not in the least bit scary. A begining room in a haunted house should give you the eariest feeling ever and make you excited and nervous to enter the rest of the house. Talking heads kind of give you a "oh no, this could turn out lame" type of feeling. A begining room should really make you go "wow" this is going to rock! Im not sure what the room was supposed to be but there were skulls everywhere with two of them talking. The two talking skulls had huge eye balls and voices almost exactly the same. I was a hugely dissapointed with the first room, but the rest of the house changed my attitude quickly. Very impressive this year! Keep up the good, hard work! No more cheesy talking heads. Please?





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